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Without further ado, Felix dialed Malak and waited few seconds.


Hello, Sir Felix. Malak answered with a respectful tone.

Unlike the first time when they met, she had been completely bought out by Felix and now had a massive amount of respect, loyalty, and trust.

After all, months had gone by and in them, she read and saw what Felix was all about.

Is that the boss Let me talk to him! Erik\'s energetic voice resounded from the other side.

Back off!

Stop shoving my face! I just wanna say hi!

Is that my bastard grandson! Robert\'s annoyed voice interjected in the call as well.

Upon noticing that all of them were grouped up, Felix chuckled and requested, Malak put the call on speaker.

Obeying his orders, Malak did so and Erik immediately shouted in excitement, F*cking hell boss! You killed it in the game!

It was alright. Felix said, knowing that he indeed didn\'t play it too perfectly.

In his eyes, the moment he wins a game without relying on Asna\'s energy, that\'s when he would truly be proud of his wins.

What has gotten into you to be humble Robert said with a doubtful tone, You rascal took everyone by surprise with your poison manipulation, lightning element, and freakish strength.

I thought you will be over the moon.

I have matured gramps. Felix said with a solemn tone, making Asna and the primogenitors roll their eyes at him.

Matured Heh, I will be a fool to belie...Tsk, who is calling me now Let\'s catch up later son, got work to do! Robert said one last time before saying his goodbyes rushly and logging back in the UVR.

He was a busy man with a company and a pizzeria restaurant chain that turned to be successful in the Alexender Kingdom\'s UVR territory.

Since he knew that Felix wasn\'t going to answer his questions about the things he saw in his promotion game, Robert didn\'t bother wasting time mentioning the matter.

He knew that some secrets best remain secrets.

Alas, Erik wasn\'t that wise to feel the same as he didn\'t hesitate to ask in excitement, Boss, how did you get poison manipulation Do I have a chance to get a wind manipulation as well


Malak didn\'t hesitate to smack him in his head while scolding him, Stop making it difficult for him.

It\'s obvious that it was done by the Phantom Organization and he is bound by contract to not speak about those matters!

Sorry, got heated. Erik apologized with a foolish tone while rubbing his reddened baldy scalp.

Don\'t mind it. Felix said calmly, I called you to check on your integration and also to deliver some good news.

Oh Malak raised an eyebrow in intrigue and informed, Well, I am currently at peak 5th stage of replacement.

I have reached it a month ago and stopped just like you asked us.

Same! Erik said.

That\'s good. Felix nodded his head in satisfaction.

Then, he smiled asked them, What do you think about using a mythical bloodline as your tier 7

Malak and Erik stiffened immediately after hearing so.

Only their eyeballs managed to move slightly to glance at their partner, wanting to double-check if they heard him right.

When they saw each other\'s reaction, they knew that he truly mentioned the term mythical bloodline!

Bos, boss, you aren\'t messing with us, right Right Erik stuttered as he spoke, Those bloodlines are sought after by every bloodliner in the galaxy...Some famous and rich players even posted on their social media account that they are willing to buy one for 60 billion SC!

Even Malak, who was known for being serious and composed, reacted excessively.

Who could blame her Obtaining a mythical bloodline was currently the dream for every bloodliner...Well, the secondary dream after Felix had just shown to everyone that humans were capable of using elemental manipulation.

Alright, don\'t ask me, I am just delivering news from the higher-ups in my Organization. Felix lied through his teeth calmly, They wanted to add some members for ancient ruins explorations and I recommended both of you to be part of it.

If you agreed, you will officially be part of the Organization and rewarded mythical bloodline for each of you.

For real!

They really agreed

Both Malak and Erik were left astonished and also feverish by the news.

They always wanted to be part of the Organization after seeing all the great things it did to Felix.

From his eyes, mythical bloodlines, elemental manipulation, and more!

They wanted them to have them as well but it didn\'t feel right to ask Felix outright to recommend them since he was their superior with a strict contract on them.

By joining another Organization, the contract terms might conflict with the one signed with Felix.

For example, the Organization might need them to keep everything they hear or see a secret.

But, Felix\'s contract with them forces them to spill out any information he wanted from them.

This conflict in terms will get discovered by the Queen early on and deny them from signing the Organization\'s contract even if they wanted!

If only they knew that Felix was the Organization, they wouldn\'t be having those thoughts.

Too bad, Felix had no intentions of disclosing to anyone that the Organization was a sham lest he gets himself shot in the foot.

Even to Malak and Erik who had a strict contract signed between them.

By making the Organization take charge in those matters, it would also be much easier to pin up anything bad that might happen on it.

So You down to explore ruins Felix asked with a solemn tone, It\'s not going to be easy at all as you would be dealing with pirates, enemies of the Organization, my enemies, competitors who lucked out on the ruins, and most importantly, the serious dangers inside the ruins themselves.

While Malak\'s expression got grim instantly after hearing so, Erik\'s enthusiasm didn\'t get affected even slightly.

Upon seeing him showing no respect to the dangers of the universe, Malak slapped him in the back of his head, making him wince in pain.

Your happy-go-lucky attitude isn\'t going to work in the universe.

My crew got killed and the rest enslaved by pirates who intercepted us when we reached the ruins.

That happened while we had our guards fully up.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to remember that hellish experience that she had gone through.

Separation from family, dead friends and clanmates, and most importantly, ending up a slave.

All of this happened due to ruins exploration going wrong.

(At least she didn\'t receive the same treatment as Felix)

The Organization knows that ruins explorations aren\'t a joke. Felix said calmly, That\'s why they are going to give you the mythical bloodlines first to help you reach 75%...Even though it\'s just 75%, you will be more powerful than peak 6th stage bloodliners.

Haha! Even if it\'s just 50%, I am willing to go for it! Erik beamed.

The more reasonable Malak had to ask with a frown, Why 75% exactly Is it because we will need two bottles

Yes, the organization can\'t be giving you each 2 bottles since they aren\'t mass manufactured yet. Felix continued his bull**ing casually.

In reality, he didn\'t trust them enough to bring them inside the primogenitors\' world by making them reach 99% and awake them.

Plus, he also didn\'t dare go for it since he had no idea how will The Roc and Phoenix react after they get awakened.

For the Roc, there might something to be done since Jörmungandr was his close friend.

But for phoenix

That\'s a whole different matter.

Who knows if she would flip at Malak and him after waking her from her long slumber

After all, she was still alive and happily asleep above a random star in the infinite cosmos.

So even for Malak and Erik, going above 75% was too risky.

A heads up, if you picked this route, you may not ever have a chance to enter the origin realm. Felix inquired, Are you okey with that

Both of them shrugged their shoulders at once and said, No problem whatsoever.

Their reaction didn\'t weird out Felix at all as he understood that Origin Realm wasn\'t accessible to anyone who reached peak 6th stage.

There were many requirements and they needed to be met perfectly.

Otherwise, only death awaits anyone who goes for it.

Now, that we settled this, I will email you the Organization\'s modified contract. Felix bragged shamelessly, I have pulled some strings to modify it to fit our situation better.

Asna and the primogenitors had already heard enough bull** for today to react anymore.

Thank you boss! We won\'t embarrass you!

I know that Malak won\'t, but you Highly doubtful. Felix said, chuckling.

Erik could only rub his nose with an abashed expression, knowing that he would probably cause trouble.

Sir Felix, how about elder Robert Malak asked with a worried tone, We have managed to fend off multiple attempts on him and I doubt that they will decrease after your enemies realize our absence.

Felix nodded his head in acknowledgment and said, That\'s why I need you to hire many strong servants.

Two of them for his protection and the others will accompany you as your squadmates in your explorations.

I see.

Malak, I want you to take care of this today. Felix said, I will be sending you the capital.

Make sure to choose well.

I will check on them later.

I will get it done. Malak said with a solemn tone.

How about me boss Erik complained, I am getting bored here doing nothing but hearing Elder Robert complain about the UVR\'s tough food market.

\'Uhmm, well I do need help to buy those tier 5 bloodlines, I can\'t waste half a day running from a store to another.\' Felix pondered for a second before nodding his head.

You don\'t mind doing anything

Anything, as long as it\'s fun!

Alright, after you sign the Organization contract, I will let them know that you don\'t mind being an errand boy. Felix said.

Errand boy Erik repeated with a stunned expression, feeling like he just got cheated.

Think it through. Felix looked at the hour and said, I will leave you guys now.

You can expect the email to arrive in an hour or two.

After he heard their goodbyes, he hung up and started on the contract draft right away.

End it quick, so we can restart the training from where we left. Jörmungandr scolded, Your use of poison manipulation is an embarrassment.

You didn\'t say that when I made a creation of you from poison. Felix mumbled to himself.

Did I hear something Jörmungandr narrowed his eyes at Felix, giving him the special death stare that never fails to send chills down Felix\'s spine.

Cough, nothing.

That\'s what I thought.

Get off his back. Lady Sphinx scolded Jörmungandr, managing to warm Felix\'s heart.

Alas, she soon chilled it with a threat, Final exams are in 20 days and you better make it to the top three in the first semester lest you end up in my lab again.

I have yet to even take my nap. Felix\'s got a bit teary after remembering the final exams and other things he still needs to take off.

He barely had a chance to take a breather after the game!


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