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Upon sensing the wind smacking him in the face, Vanlord\'s gut told him that things weren\'t going to end well for him in the next second!

Vanlord didn\'t hesitate twice to shout in his mind, \'Surrender coupon!\'

Knowing that the coupon gets used only in critical situations, the Queen instantly activated it without asking for confirmation.

THUD!! Crack! Crack!

In the end, Felix\'s body was the only thing that smashed the floor after Vanlord had turned into light particles!

\'F***ckk!\' Felix cried in agony while clutching both of his knees after he forced himself to fall on his legs when he realized that Vanlord was gone!

He wasn\'t groaning for no reason as his legs had been bent in a weird shape while his knee bones were fully exposed in the open!

The sight couldn\'t be more gruesome!

Oh no! Landlord must have miscalculated Vanlord\'s use of the surrender coupon! Luna exclaimed with a sadistic smile even though her tone appeared like she was worried.

She felt great pleasure seeing others get hurt and the fact that Felix\'s legs were broken sparked great joy in her heart...Just like Asna who was laughing her ass off at Felix\'s pain.

The same couldn\'t be said about Olivia, Robert, his fans, and the rest of the people who cared for Felix.

They knew that suffering such injury only meant that he needed to disqualify himself or get killed in the next cycle!

However, just as those thoughts took hold of their minds, they were shocked to see a greenish mist being released from his body just to get absorbed back by the pores on his legs!

At the start, they had no idea what he was up to but a few seconds later, cracking noises began resounding in the area.

When those noises were gone, Felix\'s legs could be seen perfectly fine!

If it wasn\'t for his torn apart pants and bloody patch, no one would believe that they were broken!

Isn\'t that the same ability that he used to heal himself in his first games

I do believe so!

Does he still have it or is this the doing of his poison manipulation I am honestly too confused by everything going on in this game.

Rowdy chatter broke out between Felix\'s teammates.

All of them without exception were showing bewildered expression.

Who could blame them Their questions kept building up from the start of the game to this point in time without anyone managing to answer one.

Unlike them, Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, and the rest of the primogenitors were discussing the matter casually.

It\'s good that you have taught him how to heal himself before sending him in the games. Aspidochelone said, smiling.

I didn\'t teach him, I merely gave him a hint. Jörmungandr shook his head and said, The kid found the method on his own.

Though, it is still just a lesser version of poison revitalization.

Not bad. Aspidochelone praised.

Aspidochelone didn\'t know when exactly did Felix receive limited manipulation but he understood that overcoming the hurdle of elemental immunity to affect one\'s body needs intelligence, wits, creativity, and repetitiveness!

Each element had its own way to heal the user.

Some difficult while some were quite easy to pull off.

Felix had managed to find a way months ago during the Jörmungandr\'s seven days challenge.

The method was actually simple but finding out about it posed a real challenge to Felix.

That\'s because the method required him to merge inducements and create a poison that wasn\'t harmful to the body at all!

Jörmungandr\'s hint was merely telling him that the key is in merging inducements.

The difficult part was done by Felix.

Thankfully, Felix managed to find the right merged inducement with his enhanced cognitive skills after spending 48 hours in trial and error.

He called that inducement the Agitator.

That\'s because it was created to agitate the healing properties of the body.

If his tissues were injured, this inducement agitates the cells to regenerate thousands of times faster than the average recovery speed.

As for the bones It hastens the process by making the blood clot form faster around the fractured area.

Then, the agitated cells would take it from there by doing the same thing just much faster.

Hence, Felix wasn\'t actually using the same poison revitalization that he had before since that one was capable of healing him based on the potency of the poison!

Which was the total opposite of the Agitator inducement since it was made from less potent inducements that were merged perfectly to counter each other\'s harmful effects.

By doing so, Felix\'s poison immunity wouldn\'t kick in and block the agitator inducement since there was absolutely no harm whatsoever.

Although it\'s just a lesser version, it gets the job done. Lady Sphinx said casually while looking at Felix who was massaging his legs.

\'Damn, I really didn\'t expect him to be decisive enough to use the surrender coupon the moment he regained his consciousness.\'

Felix firmly believed that Vanlord would try to use his blood manipulation or even force out a full transformation to buff himself up during that free half-second window.

He was fully prepared to block those attempts by simply activating his electric field.

But, it seemed like Vanlord wasn\'t that greedy to take such a ballsy move at survival when he had the option to just surrender and try again.

If only his crystallized armor wasn\'t tough to crack and regenerating itself automatically, Felix would have busted his head mid-air and get it over with.

\'Whatever, it\'s just a loss of 400 GP...Speaking about points.\' Felix jumped on his feet after losing numbness on his legs.

Then, he looked around him and spotted two golden keys.

He quickly grabbed them and requested the Queen to liquefy them into points.

\'4000 GP had been added to your account.\' Queen informed.

Felix nodded his head in appreciation and went to sit on the armchair.

After getting comfortable and relaxing his tensed shoulders, a wave of exhaustion had assaulted him out of nowhere.

\'Oh, I spent almost all of my energy on this last attempt.\' Felix thought after feeling that his poison and lightning energy were completely wiped out.

Only that 10% sand energy was left behind.

Utilizing elements with a bigger body was not a joke.

Upon spotting his tiredness, Manananggal laughed, He must be out of energy now.

I bet he doesn\'t have even 20% to support him.

Well, Blood Merchant isn\'t doing any better. Saurous said while eyeing Blood Merchant who seemed to be struggling in his battle against Anisa Life from the fishermen\'s race.

It was quite unlucky for him to land against her...But, I believe that he would take care of her while still having more than 40% in his tank to spare. Manananggal said.

Don\'t forget there is still another battle to be held then the last 1v1 that would decide who is the last key keeper. Wendigo mentioned, Since only 5 players are going to move to the next cycle, one player will have a free pass straight to the last cycle.

I know. Manananggal tapped his finger on his elbow and said, The winner in the final battle will be the one who utilized his energy efficiently during the previous fights.

The primogenitors in the assembly also felt this way.

Only Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx were completely relaxed about the situation since they knew that Asna had already brought Felix to full energy again during their short conversation!

\'Having little Asna in the games is truly an unfair advantage.\' Jörmungandr said to Lady Sphinx telepathically while chuckling.

\'He better takes advantage of it before little Asna drinks the soul-splitting potion six months later.\' Lady Sphinx said with a little smirk.

The moment Lady Sphinx had made the deal with Asna to help her connect to the UVR, her clone never stopped trying to find ways to modify the potion\'s recipe.

So far, there were major improvements.

If this pace kept going, it wouldn\'t be far from her predicted timestamp!

This entailed that Felix literally had only three more games before he completely loses out on utilizing Asna\'s help in the games!

In a short while...The alarm went off in the apartment complex, informing the last remaining players that the night cycle had been concluded.

Ouch, those are some heavy injuries they got there. Luna commented while showing the five remaining players on the screen.

Only Felix and Blood Merchant weren\'t exhibiting any tiredness signs or had heavy injuries like the others.

Hell, one of them had an entire limb and ear missing, adding to the heavy internal injuries.

This was completely normal since all of those players weren\'t easy to slay as they would make sure to struggle to the last breath, making it impossible for their opponents to emergy safely.

Felix\'s battles were on a completely different equation!

The moment those three players see that Blood Merchant and Landlord are still healthy, they will most likely give up on the promotion. Luna predicted.


Disclaimer: I will be taking tomorrow a day off to deal with some private matters.

Instead of not releasing anything and failing the win-win event, I will be releasing 1 chapter tomorrow and another chapter after it.

After those two days, the schedule will return to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience and good day [3


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