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Meanwhile, in the newest shuffled apartment, Felix was hiding ten meters above the door.

He had no intentions of repeating the same mistake as last time by hiding on the door\'s sides.

Though, this method had a shortcoming.

That was the sizzling noise of lighting that it makes when attaching and detaching from the wall.

Just like the previous times, he left a colorless poison in front of the door just in case a retard decided to enter without protection.

\'Since the apartment in another dimension, he wouldn\'t hear the noise outside.\' Felix decided, \'Hence, I need to strike the moment his foot touches the floor and hope it works ou...\'


Felix stopped thinking and paid close attention to the door that had been pushed gently.

When it stopped, Felix spotted a classy brown shoe land on the floor.

Without an ounce of hesitation, Felix swung both of his arms at the door, sending from above those lighting arcs!

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When his fans saw this, they sighed in dejected.

They had seen in Vanlord\'s highlights how he used this strategy to bait off potential ambushes.

Just as they expected, blood had seeped from his shoe and transformed instantly into a small dome!


The lightning ended up striking the dome, making it vibrate slightly after coursing through all of it.

The blood dome wasn\'t stationary but growing bigger and actually moving forward, making it obvious that Vanlord had stepped inside.

But Felix didn\'t care about that for now as he was able to notice tiny sharp heads emerging on the surface of the doom!

Most of them were pointing upward.

\'Damn it!\'

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Felix immediately bent his legs and propelled himself forward!

Phew phew...!

Good thing he did it quickly as a split second later, the place he was at got bombarded by hundreds of pointy sharp bloodish daggers!

Still mid-air, Felix threw another lightning arc at the wall again and pulled himself.

When his feet touched the wall, he swiftly climbed to the glass ceiling and hung upside down.

However, his focused eyes never left the blood dome.

\'Is he Vanlord or Blood Merchant\'

The reason he went to the ceiling was to give himself some safety space while using his x-ray vision and check on his target\'s bone structure.

Felix knew that if one of them was smart and careful, they would definitely keep this sense of unknown about their identity even in fights to confuse their opponents.

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Yet, it turned out that his prediction was off the mark as Vanlord had exposed himself by his own will!

My, my, my... Vanlord lifted his head and started clapping his hands in a slow manner.

Who would have thought that I will find you here after giving you a death sentence Vanlord said with a dignified expression, not showing a single hint of shock even though his thoughts were in complete disarray.

Vampires were trained since young to keep always a composed and elegant demeanor since their other transformation wasn\'t so pretty, making them resemble savages.

It was a way to counter the stereotype claims that vampires were bloodthirsty monsters...Which they honestly were, but it didn\'t sound pleasing to hear others call them that.

\'This lowly creature had been hiding all along.\' Vanlord scoffed in his mind, \'He probably didn\'t hunt down his 1st target and survived through the 2nd round by not getting found out.\'

\'Though, there is quite a small chance that he successfully hunted his 1st target...Yes, he must have received heavy wounds, making him stay in his apartment for the 2nd cycle to heal himself up...He survived through it by not getting located.\'


Vanlord\'s mind was working so fast, he was coming up with a hypothesis after the other to understand the situation better.

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Not a single hypothesis had Felix winning both battles since he firmly believes that was a preposterous idea.

Who could blame him He was still in the dark about Felix\'s newfound strength and poison manipulation!

\'Whatever it is, currently he must have either low energy, hidden injury, or a stacked debuff...Heh, this situation is actually much better than I anticipated.

I can force him to sign the slavery contract then disqualify myself with him to take care of the bounty...Promotion games can come and go but a fat 70 billion bounty is a one-time deal.\'

Vanlord wanted to lick his lips dearly at the thought of earning that amount at once.

But the teaching of nobility was ingrained in his soul to show such an unsavory action.

Are you going to get down or should I come to you Vanlord smiled politely.

Make me. Still hung upside down, Felix crossed his arms with a cocky smirk.

He knew that Vanlord could fly quite easily to him but he still didn\'t want to move as it was part of his plan.

The moment he realized that his opponent wasn\'t Blood Merchant, he lost interest in wasting time with him.

Human, let me teach you some manners. Vanlord eyed Felix coldly while bending his back down slightly.

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The classy black suit had its back completely ripped open, exposing two newly grow dark and featherless wings, which resembled bat\'s ones!

After they emerged, Vanlord\'s fangs got longer and started to protrude from his closed shut mouth!

Vanlord had decided to stop at a semi-transformation. Luna facepalmed, If only he knows what that abnormal freak is capable of, he wouldn\'t dare get closer to him without fully transforming.

This was one of the reasons why Felix refused to let anyone leave the apartment after seeing his strength or leave it on his own.

It allowed him to get looked down on by those players against their will due to their absolute confidence in their strength!

Vanlord was slightly different since he actually didn\'t go straight to Felix but created an armor out of the blood that protected his entire body!

Even his wings had been coated with blood.

Yet, this wasn\'t all!

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The blood on his body had been hardened, making him appear like a crystallized humanoid-shaped gem!

Only the blood on his wings had remained the same.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The wings might be lacking feathers but their speed was still horrifyingly fast, helping Vanlord cross half the distance in less than a second!


Felix didn\'t wait for Vanlord to reach him as he had released a massive creamy white cloud around him while deactivating his electric pull.

That resulted in him falling towards Vanlord while still hidden within the misty cloud!

\'Fool! I can see your blood tissues from miles!\' Vanlord sneered while his vision was feeding him the exact shape of Felix made completely out of red lines!

This was an inherent ability that all vampires obtain during birth.

The only difference between the owners would be the range and its effectiveness from one to another.

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\'Blood Scythe!\'

Vanlord didn\'t hesitate to manifest his main weapon, wanting to slice a huge chunk of flesh off Felix so it would be much easier to \'convince\' him to sign the slavery contract.

Naturally, the bloodish scythe was fully crystallized, making it as hard as steel!

Poof Poof!

Abruptly, two pitch-black bombs emerged from the white cloud and smacked Vanlord\'s chest!

Alas, they merely melted the surface of the armor before getting renewed again automatically!

The only reason for this armor was to counter Felix\'s poison.

Vanlord had done his homework and prepared well to face off against Felix and make sure to secure the bounty!

Hence, when he saw that Felix\'s body was growing faster than his mind could process, he immediately tried to make a run for it!

That\'s right!

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He wanted to retreat since based on the information he gathered, he knew that Felix couldn\'t stay as a giant forever due to energy consumption.

The smartest and most logical decision in his eyes was simply to avoid him until he gets forced to deactivate it!

You ain\'t going anywhere! Felix\'s booming voice echoed in Vanlord\'s ears akin to thunder right as he was about to change directions!

It wasn\'t so easy to make a sudden sharp turn when he was going at his fastest acceleration! This was part of Felix\'s baiting strategy!

If Felix couldn\'t reach him then he needs to give Vanlord a juicy opportunity to approach no his own!


A thick purplish lightning arc was the only thing that reflected in Vanlord\'s red pupil after he glanced behind him!

The arc was even bigger than an actual lightning strike!

Since there was barely even 10 meters before Felix and Vanlord in mid-air, the arc appeared as it had instantly chained itself to Vanlord on the screen!

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Crystallized blood armor or not, Vanlord couldn\'t escape getting zapped by millions of volts from the arc, making his eyes roll at the back of his head while twitching ceaselessly!


Felix\'s giant body finally ended up colliding with Vanlord! With his lightning immunity, he barely felt a tickle from hugging the twitching Vanlord.

\'Did he pass out already there is foam coming out of his lips.\' Asna asked speechlessly.

Sure enough, Felix noticed from within the crystallized blood that Vanlord was spewing foam while his eyes were showing only white.

Without playing around, Felix caught Vanlord by his head and brought him below his body, forcing him to take the brunt of the collision! Then, he shrunk his body to lower his weight and avoid a fatal wound!

Dropping from 50 meters in the air was not a joke even for him!

15 meters...10 meters...5 meters!

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Just as the viewers opened their eyes widely, wanting to see the blood splashing everywhere, Vanlord\'s pupil had regained some color.

He had regained his consciousness while still being zapped!


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