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The reason Felix created that greenish poison cloud was to check how much weaker his control and potency had turned out after he received a 10% debuff to his strongest suit.

In his case, it was obviously his poison manipulation.

\'If I had only poison manipulation in my arsenal, I would probably be worrying right now.\' Felix smirked devilishly while his hands had fully been encased in purplish lightning charges, \'Too bad, my lightning abilities aren\'t too shabby on their own.\'

Meanwhile, at the topmost floor, Hell\'s Crow could be seen sprinting on the corridors while having all of his tattoos brightened up like they were set in flame.

Behind him were a few more hunters, seeking their targets as well!

In this dark and gloomy atmosphere, Hell\'s Crow is acting like a bright star leading the way for the rest of the hunters...Go! Go! Go! Slaughter them for me! Luna\'s cute appearance was no more as her sinister words sent shivers down some viewers\' spines.

Fallen fairies were truly little devils.

In a few moments, Hell\'s Crow had arrived at Felix\'s apartment.

Instead of entering at once, he tapped his bare feet on the ground twice and hellish crimson flames had emerged from his soles and engulfed his lower body and back.

Yet, it didn\'t stop there as it had shaped up two gorgeous flamboyant wings on his back and a helmet on his head.

He left only his arms and chest for some reason.

Though, he did appear extra cool with such a transformation.

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There it is! Hell\'s Crow signature elemental transformation, Eternal Flames Body Armor! Luna commentated excitedly while zooming the camera on Hell\'s Crow, spotting as much light as possible on him.

The armor is capable of protecting Hell\'s Crow automatically from any attack targeting his chest area! He explicitly trained for years and years to make his subconsciousness utilize his flames like they were his limbs!

Not a bad lad. Cherufe nodded his head in approval, knowing that Hell\'s Crow internal fire manipulation had reached the first step of unconsciousness control.

This was actually one of the hardest steps since it allows the element to move freely on its own just like how humans breathe without thinking about it.

Felix was far from reaching this level even though he had stepped into the 2nd stage of manipulation.

Well, stepping into that stage simply meant that he could now practice external manipulation.

It didn\'t mean that he became a god of internal manipulation.

Not even close! He was still missing too many holes to patch up.

This was the reason why even though there were only two stages of manipulation for other races, there could still be a wide gap in strength between two Elemenatlists in the same stage.

It\'s starting.

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When Luna saw that Hell\'s Crow had brought out his key, she split the camera into two halves.

While one was showing that Hell\'s Crow was trying to enter, the other side was showing Felix leaning against the wall with his eye affixed on the door.

His arms were still engulfed in that weird-looking purplish lightning charges.


Abruptly, Hell\'s Crow jerked the door wide open after unlocking it with his key.

When he saw that no one was in sight, he heightened his vigilance to the max.

\'Which player is my target and where is he hiding\' He pondered while peering within the apartment without placing his foot inside.

\'Is he invisible or leaning against one of those two walls\' He frowned his eyebrows, \'I need to find out but my fire can\'t enter the apartment without my foot being inside.\'

He had multiple methods to scout those blind spots in the apartment.

However, none could be used unless he went inside.

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\'Based on the information I gathered on those players, none of them seemed to possess invisibility.\' Hell\'s Crow reasoned, \'This means my prey is behind one of those walls, waiting to pounce on me.\'

Upon finding the problem, it was easy to find its solution.


Hell\'s Crow didn\'t think twice as he flew forward! The instant his head entered the apartment, he spread his arms to the sides and shouted, INFERNO!


Giant columns of crimson fire had emerged from his palms and engulfed the walls like they were hit by two flamethrowers!

Felix, whose vigilance was never lowered, didn\'t hesitate to point his arm at the upper part of the wall above him!


Before the viewers could even wonder where he was aiming at, a tether-like purplish electric arc had manifested suddenly and hoisted Felix to that chosen destination!

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It happened so fast, it appeared as Felix had just teleported to that spot!

Ohh, isn\'t that Thor\'s electrical pull technique Aspidochelone commentated while scratching his chin in intrigue.

Haha, Aspi remembered it instantly due to being bullied by it tens of times in the old days. Kumiho laughed while covering her mouth.

While the other primogenitors chuckled at his expense, Aspidochelone was wise enough to ignore them and continue watching the ongoing battle.


Felix didn\'t bother to open his mouth and chat with Hell\'s Crow as he took advantage of his opponent\'s inability to get in a defensive posture by firing off the same tether-like electric arc!

Naturally, Hell\'s Crow didn\'t see it only after it reached his body.

Even though his flaming wings had covered his body reflexively, trying to protect him from harm, it merely lessened the damage done since fire and lightning were both energies that couldn\'t block each other\'s path!

Unless one was powerful enough to overpower the other!

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That\'s why Felix dodged the fierce flames from before instead of placing down an electrical field to block it.

He knew that was a death sentence!


A clean strike by Landlord! Luna shouted loudly while watching Hell\'s Crow twitching in his place as purplish lighting charges continued to course on his skin!

\'Need, to, break, away.\' Hell\'s Crow was having difficulty thinking properly when hundreds of thousands of volts were numbing his nerves.

However, before he could attempt to think of a way out of his paralyzed state, Felix made a pulling motion with his finger, causing the tether-like arc to drag Hell\'s Crow towards him!

The lightning arc truly resembled some sort of a whip that refuses to let go of its target once it latches on it!

It simply kept pulling Hell\'s Crow to the wall while at the same time paralyzing him!


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His body ended up getting slammed against the wall and refused to go upward.

Felix didn\'t attempt to pull him any further.

Instead, he did the opposite by pulling himself towards Hell\'s Crow!

Upon sensing the incoming danger, Hell\'s Crow opened his bloodshot eyes with some difficulty and just let his flames go wild without any sophisticated control!


That resulted in a sun getting created as crimson flames had emerged from every inch of his body and expanded upward!!



Felix dropped his attack and extended his hand in a different direction, hoisting himself away from the rising inferno!

When he attached his feet to the wall, he squatted while eyeing the burning sun that seemed like it wouldn\'t get exhausted until eternity.

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Neither Hell\'s Crow nor the lighting arc could be seen anymore.

\'The force he released was too much for my ability to handle.\' Felix thought after he lost connection with the lightning arc.

Hell Crow managed to free himself after paying a large price! This short confrontation is clearly in favor of Landlord! Luna commentated.

Sure enough, Hell Cow was fuming because he knew that he had lost at least 20% of his energy on his escape!

\'I can\'t afford to get caught again.

I am still in the 2nd cycle yet I have only 61% to spare.\' Hell\'s Crow thought with a grim expression.

He understood that to win the championship, energy should be treated like gold.

Otherwise, he would end up reaching the final battle with less than 5% energy.

Without a second delay, Crow\'s Hell had withdrawn his flames back to their original shape of armor.

His flaming wings didn\'t flap to lift him off but started emitting blue flames at their ends like they were jets!

That resulted in him getting propelled high above, almost touching the ceiling in less than two seconds!

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Meanwhile, Felix was still attached to the wall by the lightning arcs.

Both of them didn\'t make a move as they were assessing each other\'s strength from the last confrontation.

\'As expected, he wasn\'t a fool to join the promotion game without having something to back him up.\' Hell\'s Crow thought with a solemn expression, \'I don\'t know if he has other lightning abilities.

The best thing I could do is keep my distance and bombard him with ranged attacks.\'

Felix didn\'t know what Hell Crow was thinking but he could guess that he would try to suppress him from the sky.

It was only a logical decision.

Hence, he started planning ahead to break through that suppression and end this fight with a single strike!


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