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\'Phew, if it wasn\'t for my lightning abilities not working well with my poison, this would have been much easier.\' Felix thought while looking at Baguga\'s hideous and ruined body.

His head was no more, his skin was scorched and his black blood refused to stop spewing from his neck.

\'So much for a merciful death.\' Asna snickered, \'If any kid saw his body, he wouldn\'t sleep for seven days straight.\'

\'I did my best.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders and requested, \'Queen please change my outfit to set 2.\'

The Queen obliged and Felix\'s dirty clothes were swapped to another different clean set.

Seeing that his branded new clothes were on him, Felix showed a thump up in the air and shamelessly made a plug-in, Landlord\'s clothes, only winners have the right to put them on.




His fans, his family members, his teammates, and even the primogenitors were left at loss for words at his antics as they had never seen someone say his brand\'s slogan nearby a cold corpse.

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Yet, his honest expression as he said it made them realize that he didn\'t see anything wrong with it.

How did you find this unhinged boy Kumiho asked speechlessly.

Jörmungandr\'s eyelids twitched as he replied, I would rather not say.

Lady Sphinx also shrugged her shoulders and remained quiet.

It\'s not like she could tell them that it was Felix who found them.

There more pressing questions to deal with. Aspidochelone gave Kumiho a side-glance and asked, Lady Sphinx may I know how did that human possess such high physical strength I am quite intrigued since he clearly wasn\'t using any ability that belonged to either of you.

Indeed, for his kick to smash a giant\'s head by a single hit, it only implies that his strength should be somewhat equal to his target.

Even if we took the 10% strength buff into consideration.

I doubt that it was possible to obtain that kind of physical boost by inheriting one of your abilities.

The other primogenitors also chimed in their own questions as they were truly quite curious about this mystery.

They already figured out that Felix was utilizing Jörmungandr, Lady Sphinx, and even Thor\'s bloodlines after they made extensive research on him.

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It wasn\'t really that hard to find out about it since Felix\'s looks had been similar to those three primogenitors in the past years.

His green hair with purple tips, his triangle-shaped golden pupil, and lastly those tiny holes on his skin.

By knowing this, everything cleared out to them about the source of his unique abilities that weren\'t meant to be possessed by any human.

At the start, all of them were weirded out by the fact that Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr had decided to let him inherit their strongest suit, which was size manipulation and truth eyes.

But then, it clicked in their minds that they were probably preparing the strongest champion to win the games against their own!

However, knowing that his strength was still trashy, making it possible for him to get killed by a single slap from their champions, they still didn\'t feel like he would be a threat in the games.

But after this demonstration

Their underestimation had been completely uprooted!

After all, if he could smash Baguga\'s head, it only implied that his physical strength was way higher than some of their Elementalist or Mentalist champions!

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You really think I will tell you Lady Sphinx showed them a pretty smile and turned her head to the stream, focusing on Felix who was returning to his apartment while spinning a key on his finger.

We will find out eventually. Cherufe said while crossing his molten red arms.

The other primogenitors dove into their own thoughts or started a telepathic conversation to figure out the method used to pump Felix\'s strength to such an abnormal degree.


Meanwhile, Wendigo, Manananggal, and Saurous had all gotten strangely quiet in their own little cozy living room.

There were two streams in front of them, one was showing Blood Merchant, transformed into a hideous bat and sucking Pentzel\'s blood from his neck.

On the other one, it was displaying Felix strolling casually to his apartment.

I believe that we haven\'t been respecting Lady Sphinx\'s intelligence. Wendigo sighed, releasing a dark smoke through his skull.

Manananggal glanced at Felix and said while rubbing his eyebrows, If this is the kid\'s entire strength, my champion might still have a chance to win it...But, I saw that he still has that snake\'s size manipulation...If he combined it with his elements...Sigh.

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Manananggal and his faction members weren\'t delusional to believe that Blood Merchant would demolish Felix easily after witnessing what happened to Baguga.

The fact that Felix could utilize lighting, deadly poison, sand abilities, and now even had strength equivalent to a giant was enough to cripple their confidence in Blood Merchant.

Indeed, your champion is good but he still lacking in refinement and transformation departments, unlike your best champions. Saurous agreed.

He is still young and learning. Manananggal said, If he managed to win this game for me, I will personally nurture him and show him the way of the blood...But if he lost, well...if he didn\'t get killed by Jörmungandr\'s champion, I will get rid of him on my own.

That\'s to be expected. Wendigo said, Useless trash has no place within our circle.

Manananggal rested his chin on his hand and focused back on the game after hearing Luna exclaim out loud, How is this possible! Landlord has actually completed his hunt successful...

He muted her so he wouldn\'t hear her blabbering on Felix\'s replay or the spectators\' noise.

All of them had missed the battle since Blood Merchant\'s fight against Winter Wolf was a true en exhilaration spectatorship.

But after they saw Felix\'s replay and the way he dealt with Baguga, they were left rethinking their original opinion on him.

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As for those close to Felix They were left all in a state of bewilderment since the moment the fight was over as they had no clue what they had just witnessed.

What\'s worse, there was no one to give them answers since everyone was equally f*cking confused!!

Even the Origin Realm bloodliners who decided to give a glance at Felix\'s game due to the Phantom Organisation didn\'t know what\'s going on anymore!

They could excuse Felix from having three mythical bloodlines from different elements.

Hell, they could even excuse that his affinity in them was high enough it was uncanny.

But having a legit elemental manipulation and strength good enough it would put peak 6th stage bloodliners to shame

Like hell they would excuse that!

I going to report this to great elder.

He will know how to carry our plan from thereon. Maganda Chief said with a bitter smile, Felix\'s matter is officially out of our league.

No matter how much Zosia and the rest wanted to retort they knew that he was right.

What Felix had displayed was going to move even the half-dead corpses in their beds.

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Legit elemental manipulation is THE dream of every bloodliner in the galaxy!

Especially the Origin Realm Bloodliners who had their paths cut off from them without a single method to improve any further or gain more years to prolong their lifespan.

Ah, I will inform the grandfather as well. Gabrial sighed, Though, I doubt that would change anything.

The Phantom Organization clearly had its roots spread universal wide.

I am certain that words and promises won\'t do anything to make them expose the method of obtaining elemental manipulation.

Just pass the message along and let them deal with it. Zosia said calmly while watching Felix chilling in his apartment, If they managed to find out the method, we will be the first to take advantage of it.

Elemental manipulation. Princess Bird murmured, I wonder how it would feel to control our element

Don\'t we all... The Chief patted her head and mumbled as well, I am starting to feel like the Phantom Organization\'s grand goal wasn\'t a joke.

Uhm, you mean making the human race one of the ten ruling races Zosia scoffed, Unless they manage to kill off at least six of those ten races, they could forget about ever pulling it off.

The rules placed at the creation of the SGAlliance by the ten ruling races made it impossible for anyone to replace them no matter how high they climbed the ladder. Berry supported her claim.

Forget what I said. The Chief chuckled lightly, It was just a spur of the moment.

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Now, let\'s focus on the game, only 9 players had died and another four are injured pretty badly.

The rest are still in optimal condition just like Felix. He said while rubbing his chin, I am quite anticipated to see how good his poison manipulation and how different than the rest.

I am more interested in his abnormal superstrength. Zosia said with her eyelids twitching, It\'s too abnormal it should be illegal...I doubt that my physical strength is close to his.

Let\'s not exaggerate now. Berry waved his hand and said, Don\'t forget that he merely cracked that giant\'s skull after he made him defenseless.

Berry, it\'s you who is forgetting something. The Chief glanced at Berry and reminded him casually, Did you forget that he is able to amplify his size to 40 meters

Berry felt like his brain was hit by a hammer after memories of Felix\'s 5th game resurfaced in his mind.

Memories showing that Felix could get as big as a f*cking whale if he wanted!

Holy, if he is this strong without using that ability, I don\'t dare to believe what would happen if he got that big. Berry said with a quivering tone, feeling horrified at the image of Felix for the first time!

As I said, he is out of our league and we can only inform the elders to deal with those matters. The Chief said calmly, They are the ones who will put him in his place if we ever had a meeting with him again.


Phew, ladies, and gentlemen, that first cycle was surely full of surprises! Luna said while wiping her sweaty forehead after finally done commentating on Felix\'s replay.

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Then, she pointed her mic at Felix\'s stream and announced, We have found our true wolf in sheep clothing! Let\'s see how many preys will he hunt!

Immediately after her voice resounded in the stadium, the remaining players had all received a notice in their minds, \'The first shuffle will start in five seconds.

Prepare for teleportation.\'


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