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Can, can someone tell me what had just happened

A fan\'s doubtful voice didn\'t travel far as the stadium was heated with noise from the ongoing main battle of Blood Merchant and Pretzel.

Even Luna was fully engrossed in her commentary to bother with other players and their situation.

Hence, this mindboggling sight was seen by only those interested in Felix\'s battle.

Like the primogenitors who were wondering how would Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr\'s champion perform.

Currently, they were all glancing at each other then at Jörmungandr who was smiling faintly while rubbing his purplish goatee.

Beside him was Lady Sphinx who was nodding her head in approval at the end results of Felix\'s battle.

This level of strength is to be expected. Kumiho said lazily, If he can\'t even beat that brute with your peak abilities, I will truly start believing that you guys are trying to prank...Uhmm

Kumiho stopped speaking at once after noticing a slight movement of the scorched body.

At first, it was only the finger slightly trembling but seconds later, Boguga\'s chest was rising and falling silently.

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With his scorched skin and the smoke that was still coming out of his body, he resembled an infuriated bull on the verge of waking up.

I guess that didn\'t pack enough power to break through the giant\'s tough skin. Siren spoke while eyeing Boguga who was slowly but steadily standing up on his feet.

Since he was nude, only having a pair of ripped pants to cover his nether region, all of his beefy muscles were exposed in the open, sending shivers in some viewers\' spine.

\'The Giant\'s tough skin truly deserves its reputation.\' Felix narrowed his eyes at the behemoth before him while taking a few steps back.

He honestly believed that his strategy was going to one-shot him since he had placed him right in the heart of his electrical field, getting him exposed to millions of volts at once.

He didn\'t understimate him at all since that was his 2nd strongest attack in his current arsenal in terms of destructiveness.

Cough Cough!

After Baguga inhaled a large amount of air, he ended up coughing some smoke, making Felix believe that his attack had touched his internal organs.

\'That wasn\'t enough to kill him but he should be hurting with his internal wounds.\' Felix thought while snapping both of his fingers, turning them both into a whirlwind of pitch-black mist.

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Then, he extended his palm and the poisonous mist had surged like a pillar towards Baguga\'s head!

Instead of running away or holding his breath, Baguga unsurprisingly inhaled deeply and roared with bloodshot eyes!



The roar was booming to the point a shockwave had been released, causing the mist to explode during contact and spread in every direction, getting carried by the wind!

Without waiting for Felix to pull another fast one on him, Bagugo pounded his chest like a beast and charged towards him while shouting thunderously!


Just like before, the wind in the apartment had turned against Felix, causing all of his attempts to utilize his poisonous mist to fail!

The poison element sure sounded strong if used in a hidden fashion but against other elements, like fire, wind, water...etc, it gets countered pretty hard!

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The moment Baguga reached Felix, he swung his giant fist from above at Felix\'s head, forcing him to jump out of the way since it was big enough, it could flatten him at once!


The explosive noise produced from the contact with the floor had ensured that his decision was the right one!

Just because Felix\'s body was stronger than before didn\'t mean that he could tank all of the attacks thrown at him.

Especially ones coming from a giant with the same amount of physical strength as him if not more!

However, when Baguga got this close, he made it easier for Felix to start utilizing his poison again!

Thus, he didn\'t hesitate to release his own version of corruption aura by minimizing its size to 5 meters radius and 8 meters in height!


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Although it was smaller, the cloud had engulfed the giant Baguga with Felix, hiding them from the dumbfounded spectators who felt like their brains were too rusty to comprehend this battle.

it wasn\'t because of its complexity but due to the poison abilities that Felix kept using like flowing water!

The primogenitors instantly glanced at Jörmungandr as they had noticed from the very beginning that Felix\'s poisonous abilities were a bit too free in their shape and form, unlike the known bloodline abilities.

\'Did Lady Sphinx really find a method to make a human host a limited manipulation\'

\'Interesting, A human with limited elemental manipulation.\' Aspidochelone rubbed his chin while gazing at Felix, \'Lady Sphinx is really outdoing herself.\'

Upon noticing that some primogenitors were giving her a respectful look, Lady Sphinx got confused at the start before connecting the dots within a split second.

\'It seems like no one is suspecting that the Jörmungandr had gifted his manipulation to that little thief.\'

Lady Sphinx recognized that everyone must have believed that the Jörmungandr would have either died and got revived or he didn\'t die in the first place.

In both scenarios, Felix had absolutely no method of getting in touch with the Jörmungandr and claiming his perfect poison manipulation.

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After all, a quick search result and everything about Felix\'s childhood would show that only with a miracle could Felix get in contact with Jörmungandr.

Hence, it was far more logical and grounded to believe that Lady Sphinx had outdone herself and created a method to give the human race the limited elemental manipulation that they had always dreamed of.

\'Jörmungandr, what are your thoughts about the situation\'

Lady Sphinx asked while keeping her eyes on Felix who seemed like he was in a pinch due to his corruption inducement not affecting Baguga\'s skin efficiently.

\'Let\'s leave it this way.\' Jörmungandr said, \'If they found out about his perfect poison manipulation, there would be a blood path to take it away from him.

Plus, I will be exposed that I have lost a major core of my strength.\'

\'Couldn\'t agree more.\'

Upon saying so, Lady Sphinx dropped the subject and focused on the poisonous cloud that was being forcefully deformed by Baguga\'s fierce windy strikes.

Every time that happens, the battle inside gets exposed in the open for few seconds, showing that Baguga was holding his breaths while his eyes were closed shut!

It was clear that he was merely striking down randomly, hoping to land a punch on Felix!

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Alas, that wasn\'t happening any time soon as Felix was too nimble to get hit!

\'If I kept dancing like this, the corruption inducement would take minutes before affecting him.\' Felix arched his eyebrows while sliding between Baguga\'s legs.

Corruption inducement sure was deadly against humans but the potency was quite ** to deal with Beings like Baguga who were highly resistant to elemental abilities.

\'It\'s time to pump it up.\'


Felix leaned backward, evading a foot swinging at him from the front while instantly creating hundreds of tiny pitch-black bombs and merging them internally!

That resulted in the creation of a single condensed pitch-black bomb that emerged from his palm!

The daily grind over the past months had finally paid off as he could now create a potent poison bomb instantaneously!

He didn\'t stop as he added another one and kept them hovering both on his palms while continuously evading left and right.

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\'Where did this rat go!\' Baguga cursed in his mind while swinging another punch at the ground.

He didn\'t know Felix\'s exact position but he knew that he was still nearby since the poisonous mist was still causing his skin to itch.

That was the effect of the enhanced corrosion, trying its best to melt off his skin.

That\'s why he closed his eyes since they were far more sensitive than his skin.

\'I need to make a run for it to the wall to get a breather in and see the situation!\' Baguga decided.


However, the moment he tried to take a step forward, his instinct screamed at him to duck!

He didn\'t question his guts at all as he bent down his knees, dropping to the floor at once!


One pitch-black bomb flew past his head and exploded on the ceiling.

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Upon hearing that sound, Baguga sighed in relief and tried to jump back so he could put as much distance as possible from Felix.


Alas, a tiny leg with a bomb hovering on its sole smacked him right on his face the moment he lifted his head slightly.


The leg might appear tiny compared to the Baguga\'s size but the force it carried behind it was strong enough it broke Baguga\'s nose and two front teeth, forcing him to groan in agony!

That wasn\'t the worst of it as he had to inhale the potent corruption bomb, allowing it to reign chaos in his internal organs and also mind!

It was an inducement made out of 20 merged effects and most of them target the mentality of the affected!

The giants were known for having weak mental defenses.

Hence, Baguga\'s eyes rolled at the back of his head, forcing him to faint due to hypotension\'s inducement that was added to the mix!

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The moment he passed out, he ended up falling on his back with his arms and legs spread wide open.

Felix merely cleaned his bloodied army boots while gazing indifferently at Baguga\'s who was bleeding profusely from his seven orifices.

The blood wasn\'t red at all but black as if it was affected by the plague itself.

Upon noticing that his heart was still beating even though his entire organs were in process of corroding, Felix decided to be merciful and give him a quick death.


He dashed forward in a split second and jumped in the air.

Then, he somersaulted and smashed Baguga\'s skull with his army boot!


Baguga\'s head exploded akin to a balloon, hurling brain matter and blood all over the place...This was the result of a full-powered kick from Felix against the defenseless Baguga!

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An Utter Obliteration!


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