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When Luna left, the players dropped the killing intent and started to mingle with each other, seeking at least one partnership that might turn useful.

Some of them had even contacted each other before the game started.

The players from the same race had it easy to make \'friends\' unlike the rest...But still, from the same race or not, they were bound to betray each other.

That\'s just how things were in the individual games.

Felix being considered as the weakest of the bunch due to him being only at 2nd stage of replacement in public made him a popular choice to those players.

Too bad, Felix rejected them all, thinking that alliances were a waste of time in this game mode.

It wasn\'t just him who believed so but actually many other players.

In those 30 minutes, only 10 partnerships were erected, leaving 10 players solo...Felix included.

Throughout the entire duration, Felix was in the crossfire of Blood Merchant and Vanlord, who never bothered to hide their murderous intentions even though they had always that polite smile affixed on their lips.

Felix just ignored it by closing his eyes and waiting patiently for the game to begin.


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In the same assembly hall, Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx were currently sitting with multiple primogenitors.

The number of attendants had already surpassed the previous time where Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx had signed the contract.

It was to be expected that such interest was on this game after news had been spread that a human was chosen as a champion by two primogenitors...Let\'s not forget the juicy ongoing drama between Jörmungandr and the Darkin Faction.

I am betting a broken piece of soul mirror on Manananggal\'s champion. Chauffer gestured with his hands at the primogenitors and asked with a confident tone, Any takers

Most of the primogenitors showed a disinterested expression at the bet since they didn\'t require his treasure at all.

They knew that the soul mirror had been broken into millions of pieces and collecting them all was an impossible task since they were spread universal-wide.

Plus, they also don\'t want to take a losing bet as they lacked the confidence in Felix to emerge victorious after doing extensive research about him.

I will you take on that one. Aspidochelone showed a kind elderly smile and proposed, I am offering A location to a newborn star core.

Flames burst out of Cherufe\'s eyes at the sound of that.

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It\'s better to be a big one! It\'s been a while since I enjoyed such a delicacy. Cherufe said with an elated voice.

It\'s b...

Ladies and gentlemen from all over the universe, please give a round of applause to your players!

Aspidochelone interrupted himself after hearing the tiny Luna shout cutely at a miniature version of a mic while extending her hand at Felix and the rest of the players.

They had just gotten teleported and opened their eyes to a feverish stadium that was packed with almost one hundred million spectators!

All of those spectators were mostly fans of those thirty players, paying at least 20k SC for a normal ticket to watch this game!

Although the tickets were expensive as hell compared to watching the games in one\'s own galaxy, those loyal and fanatic fans would still pay them any day and time just to support their idol!

Blood Merchant!...Anisa!!...DOOM\'S DAY!!...LAAANDLOOORD!!!....

The noisy chants of tens of millions of viewers were loud enough, it gave everyone the sense that the stadium was left trembling and rumbling.

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Leader Emma, Markus, and the rest of Felix\'s royal fans were part of this mayhem as they were beating on drums and waving giants\' holographic flags that were displaying Felix\'s image while he was wearing his branded clothes.

To advertise the brand and the club, Emma was smart enough to sell the clothes at a 30% discount to all the club members.

Hence, the reason why everyone was currently wearing Felix\'s branded clothes.

Alas, the camera didn\'t focus on them but on the tiny Luna who was fluttering her wings towards the players.

When she reached them, she began interviewing them one by one, asking them basic questions such as the reason they chose to join the promotion game, or what\'s the desire was driving them to continue climbing the ladder even though they clearly had more money to spend for the rest of their lives.

Some players answered those questions while some just gave a word or two, not wanting to expose their private information.

Luna didn\'t waste time on them but moved on to other players.

When there were only 2 minutes left in the clock for the interview segment, Luna spotted Felix squatting behind an Orc and an actual Humanoid Giant, who was five meters tall!

\'Hehe, trying to hide from me\' Luna snickered and dashed through the players, reaching Felix within an instant.

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Upon hearing the annoying buzzing noise of her wings behind him, Felix sighed while thinking, \'So close.\'


Landlord, mind telling us about your reason for taking part in the promotion games this early Luna got closer to his face and said with an intrigued tone, From the information I collected, it seems like you are still in the 2nd stage of replacement.

I doubt that 4th stage bloodliners could actually win a game here unless they got super lucky.


Felix\'s fans and the humans\' viewers didn\'t like the sound of her question one bit.

While the fans went ham in their booing, the casual viewers remained quiet as they were also intrigued by Felix\'s decision.

This was the first-ever 2nd stage bloodliner to dare partake in the promotion games and they hoped that he didn\'t go for it due to his overconfidence after brutalizing most bloodliners in the games.

Alas, there was no way in hell Felix would expose his newly gained strength before those players just to ease up their curiosity.

I believe that I can win it if I worked hard for it. Felix said, smiling.

He gave them the most generic and tasteless answer, making the viewers doubt if he truly thought like that or he had a hidden agenda.

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Whatever it was, Luna did her job by pressing him for an answer but Felix\'s answers were as boring and anti-climatic as ever.

If it wasn\'t forbidden for the players to advertise in the interview segment, Felix would have already turned it into an ad for his brand.

\'Unsupportive prick.\' Luna cursed in her mind while taking her mic and leaving him alone after seeing that the last two minutes were over.

She teleported back to her small commentary table that appeared like a toy table and proclaimed, After the countdown reaches zero, all of you will be teleported straight to random apartments and be given two minutes to explore it before the 1st daylight cycle begin!

Upon seeing that the players were nodding their heads with focused expressions, she clapped her hand twice and the countdown manifested on the screen.

The moment it reached ten, the viewers started counting backward with it until it hit zero!




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on a comfy leather armchair, light particles started to gather forming Felix\'s body.

A split second later, he opened up his eyes and was met with the sight of a stretched-out white room, resembling a white arena if it wasn\'t for the walls and the glass ceiling above that was showing a blue clear sky.

In the entire apartment, there was only a black door and an armchair.

Apartment my ass. Felix murmured while standing up.

He kept turning his head left and right, checking out his apartment that was emptier than a robbed house.

As he expected, the apartments were modified to accommodate battles while the apartment complex was there to make the game mode unique.

\'Hopefully, this works.\'

Soon, Felix had turned on his visions one by one and focused on the walls, wanting to see if he could spot players on the other sides.

Too bad, not a single vision managed to penetrate the walls and see what was lying beyond.

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Honestly, Felix had a tiny hope that the game would have such a loophole since those with vision would easily know which apartments were taken and which ones were empty.

Not to mention, watching players battle and also spotting those scouting near the door.

\'This must be caused by the dimension separation.\' Felix reasoned while walking towards the door.

Luna had already informed them that the rooms were considered as separated dimensions.

It was only natural to not be able to see beyond dimensions.

\'Maybe when I reach the 4th Classement and unlock Void Vision, I can see through dimensions\' Felix contemplated to himself.

He remembered that Lady Sphinx mentioned that the Void Vision allows him to see even the 4th dimension!

Though, that was still in the far future since he had yet to master the use of Quantum Vision.

When Felix reached the black door, he dropped those thoughts and concentrated on the game.

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The first thing he did was pull out two golden keys that were placed in his jeans pockets.

Both of them appeared almost identical as they had the same tip, head, shoulder, and blade.

The only difference was in their ridges and notches as they had some tiny deviations in their placements.

\'Let\'s see which one belongs to me.\' Felix thought while putting one key into the keyhole.

Upon feeling that it had gone through without hindrance, he turned it right but faced resistance.

Next, he turned it left and still felt resistance.

\'I guess this is not it.\'

Felix pulled out the key, knowing that adding more pressure or trying again wouldn\'t change the outcome.

If it was in real life maybe that would work but not in the games.

The tools were designed to work for the first time perfectly.

As he expected, the 2nd key had unlocked the door the moment he turned it left.

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Instead of opening it up and going out, he locked it again and placed the keys in the spatial card.

\'Let\'s do some tests to the door first.\'

Felix laid on his stomach and zoomed in at the bottom of the door to see if there was an opening.

Upon seeing that the door and the floor were connected, he placed his palm near it and spew a colorless poisonous mist at it wanting to see if it was truly connected.

Upon sensing that his mist didn\'t exit the door, he dropped the test.

\'It seems like spewing poison or sand inside their apartments without opening the doors isn\'t a feasible plan.\' Felix thought while beaming his key again.

He felt like there was no point to continue other tests since it was clear that the room was fully separated from the outside.

\'The two minutes is almost over.

It\'s time to release the contained lightning.\' Felix snapped his finger with a faint smirk, getting himself coated fully in lightning charges!

His hair stiffened again but the bright light his skin was emitting made it almost impossible to see the left dark side!

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The viewers who were zoomed in on his body almost got blinded by the emergence of the sudden light!

Meanwhile, the others could only watch him open the door with their mouth agape, not knowing how to react.


Just as some of his fans rubbed their eyes, they noticed that Felix was nowhere to be seen!

The only things left behind were the door that was automatically closing on itself and an explosion loud enough it resounded in the apartment complex!


The sound barrier had been broken by Felix\'s sheer speed, stunning Olivia and the rest who were left doubting their own eyes the moment Felix was engulfed in lightning charges.

First sand now lightning...huh. Grandpa Robert murmured next to Malak and Erik, Are my genes just that good


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