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Upon seeing that no one was in front of him, Felix slowly turned around and his pupil couldn\'t help but enlarge reflexively at the sight of a dazzling beauty who was shining under the rays of sunlight.

Standing 5\' 7 tall, this pale-skinned woman had a respectable feel about her.

A particularly notable feature was her enticing smell and her warm smile that was giving her an approachable feel.

She had an oval face with a square jaw, a straight nose, small lips, and her brown eyes were narrow.

Her deep brunette hair, dyed black, was elbow-length, dull, and was left freely to cover her naked shoulders due to her magnificent attire.

She was wearing complementary eyeliner and apricot lipstick, showing that although she was already too beautiful that was blinding, she was still self-conscious about her looks...Either that or she must truly love make-up.

There was absolutely no wrinkle in her face making her appear just like she was in her twenties unlike Dalilia and the Headmistress.

\'Meh, still not as pretty as me.\' Asna yawned while switching her gaze to her Tv screen, not bothering with the stunned Felix.

After the initial daze, Felix broke out of it in a heartbeat and bowed his head with his forearm placed on his stomach, It\'s truly a delight to finally meet the exalted and heroic Queen.

No need for formalities. The Queen waved her hand dismissively at the maids and sat casually at the table next to him.

Upon seeing that the garden was emptied, she patted the seat next to her and said with a warm smile, Call me senior sister Allura since we share the same master.

\'Master It seems like she is a bit misinformed of my relationship with the elder.

But, it\'s much better this way.\' Felix thought to himself while sitting beside her with a polite smile.

So little junior, mind telling me what trick did you use to get my master\'s eyes Allura chuckled, I doubt she handed them to you as she can\'t gift even a common material.

While Asna and the Jörmungandr were chuckling at her stinginess, Lady Sphinx merely flipped a page in her book, not even glancing at Felix and Allura.

Meanwhile, Felix gave a hollowed laugh to hide his awkwardness since he didn\'t want to answer or lie to her.

He knew that he wouldn\'t be able to fool her since she was the Queen of the witch race...If someone fooled her, then they should be proud of it for the rest of their lives.

As for his denial to answer was because Lady Sphinx clearly didn\'t mention anything about his eyes to Allura.

He wasn\'t stupid to do that.

Upon seeing his awkward silence, Allura tapped her thin long finger on the table and said with a faint smile, Fine then, keep your secrets.

Just know that the guests invited to this event wouldn\'t like your silence at all when they ask you about your eyes source.

She added casually, When you lie to them about the fact that you were born with those eyes, they would easily smell your lies.

Indeed, that\'s why I was planning on making my face expressionless artificially and mix truths with lies, making it extremely hard to find out. Felix said while rubbing his chin, getting too comfortable besides Allura.

Well, she did give him the green light and he didn\'t want to keep faking formalities for the sake of statute when she clearly didn\'t want him to.

Uhmm, sounds good but I can make it better. Allura said in a friendly tone, You don\'t have to worry about them using abilities on you since this is my palace is in my UVR\'s room and I have blocked them.

Felix\'s eyes brightened up, That\'s reassuring.

Felix knew those race leaders wouldn\'t bother to come here but they would send their subordinates who were by far five times or stronger than Origin Bloodliners.

However, with those two methods, they wouldn\'t be able to guess his intentions even if they were the leaders themselves!

Since you seem prepared, I Have no fear that you might expose the existence of my master or the primogenitors\' games. Allura said.

\'Elder, were you the telling her about those games, or are they known to all race leaders\' Felix asked swiftly as he knew that the answer would lead to two different meanings.

\'Naturally, not every leader knows about it but those at the top all have knowledge of it.\' Lady Sphinx replied, \'After all, there can\'t be primogenitors games without the ten ruling leaders vote to accept them at once.

Since their authority is tremendous, only those at the upper part of the inner circle managed to receive the news of the decision.

Those at the bottom of the inner circle like your race have no clue about them.\'

\'That\'s good to hear.\' Upon hearing so, Felix sighed in relief mentally.

In his eyes, the later the humans knew about the primogenitors the better since his bottles might get associated with the primogenitors if they failed to understand them or research them.

As for other leaders with knowledge about primogenitors

They have a ton of important ** on their plate to care about bottles that give 9 abilities to humans.

After all, they have galaxies to manage.

But, if those bottles did spread further and further, reaching the hundreds, they might attract their attention.

Or if they simply watched Felix\'s upcoming UISG games.

Whatever it was, Felix was selling the essence of dead primogenitors\'.

Hence, the alive primogenitors wouldn\'t come after him for spreading their essence and utilizing it without their consent.

At that point, neither Lady Sphinx nor the Jörmungandr could protect him since he was indeed in the wrong.

Since Pheonix was known for being asleep all the time, he wasn\'t too worried about her.

Senior sister, may I know what did master tell you about me Felix asked politely.

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx just rolled her eyes at his shamelessness of calling her his master when he made it clear that he wasn\'t worthy of the position.

Well, she told me that she chose you as her champion which is quite odd considering that you humans are a bit on the weaker side against other races, but I know that master\'s mind is wired differently than us mortals.

Allura leaned closer to Felix while inspecting his face, trying to see what was the secret ingredient that would make Felix a great champion and win bets for Lady Sphinx.

Alas, she looked and looked, the only thing she managed to see was Felix\'s easy-going smile.

I was quite busy so I didn\'t check on your fights in the games but are you that good to move my master Allura leaned back on her chair while continuing to speak, I don\'t know if she mentioned this or not but she had already lost many champions in the games, causing her a massive loss of materials and a key to one separated dimension.

So, those games are truly not just \'games.

\'One dimension\' Felix drew a cold breath in disbelief as he never expected that the bets would have such monstrous stakes!

If a champion lost a bet with a stake like this, Felix didn\'t know if the primogenitors were going to be cool with it or get rid of the champion and replace it with another.

\'Naturally, he gets replaced if he survived the battle.\' Lady Sphinx said casually, \'Why do you think we call them champions Their only option was to win and win!\'

\'Cough, elders you are not going to kill me or something if I lost, right\' Felix asked with a forced laugh.

Lady Sphinx and the Jörmungand shared a hidden playful glint and said at the same time, \'Naturally we won\'t kill you.\'

Before Felix could smile warmly, chills coursed on his spike after hearing them following with, \'But we will make sure to beat you up to plump for three days straight.\'


After Felix\'s chat with the Allura was over, he remained seated in the garden, waiting to get teleported into the palace hall\'s entrance, where the bestowal would be held.

All of the attendants would be seated there as well.

Seeing that he would be doing nothing for the next 15 minutes, Felix opened the stream of the event that was spread universal-wide.

Just because it was streamed at such a size, it didn\'t mean that everyone was watching as the commoners couldn\'t care less about the existence of a human potioneer.

Hence, the stream numbers were modest, reaching up to 9.9 trillion concurrent viewers.

Naturally, most of them were humans.

During the break of the news, the majority of people who were **-talking Felix due to his bloodlines did a 180 degrees switch.

Now, they were the loudest supporters of Felix, claiming that he was the greatest junior of all time plus additional flattery that would make anyone\'s ego break through the roof.

This sudden change was naturally caused by Felix\'s triple-A duel citizenship that was never given to a single human ever!

Witches give it only to non-natives that were truly considered as their friends and asset.

To be considered like that by one of the top ten ruling races in the universe was truly an honor to the individual and the race he represents.

Not mentioning being the first human potioneer in the history of the universe.

Nonetheless, the commoners\' and bloodliners reaction was nothing compared to the upper echelons!

They dropped every thought they had about making a move on Felix in the light as it was evident that the Phantom Organization\'s roots were terrifyingly deep to make the Witch Queen herself indirectly that she was backing Felix.

After all, he was given that citizenship without doing anything.

\'Sigh, human\'s hypocrisy is truly one of their worst traits.\' Felix shook his head at the flattering comments.


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