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Poison Immunity made it impossible for Felix to enjoy alcohol in real life.

Thankfully, he was in the UVR, making it possible to tone it down so he could at least get somewhat drunk.

After the bottles and glasses were brought, Felix picked one and removed its lid.

Then he poured half a glass for all of them.

Should we make a toast for Felix Karry proposed.

Definitely! This should be a celebratory party for his enrollment. Naima agreed at once and raised her glass, To Felix! The first non-witch potioneer!



After the toast and a couple more drinks, the mood got less formal and more chummy as the girls had let go of themselves and just spoke what was in their minds.

Since Felix had lowered his alcohol resistance, he was also starting to get a bit drunk but nothing major that make him say ** he shouldn\'t have.

He just enjoyed the feeling of intoxication with a company, a feeling he almost forgot about it due to his friendless life.

The only friend he had was Olivia and he didn\'t want to drink with her since she was still a bit childish.

Felix, tells us how you feel about meeting with the Witch Queen the day after tomorrow Naomi, the cute oval-faced witch, asked with flushed cheeks.

You are truly in luck. Naima said enviously, It\'s really rare to see the Queen even in the network don\'t even mention face to face.

Oh Well, besides the info I collected in the UVR, I don\'t know much about her.

So, besides being honored to be invited and receive the citizenship, I don\'t know what else to feel. Felix admitted.

Ahh, the Witch Queen is a legendary figure in the empire. Karry narrated in admiration, She is the youngest witch to ever reach Sage rank at the age of 24.

In addition, she is a highly acclaimed politician as she had helped our race get better deals in the SGAlliance over the years.

Those are just a few of her achievements over the years of her ruling. Naomi murmured with her head leaning over Naima\'s shoulder.

I see. Felix said to them while conversing with Lady Sphinx telepathically, \'Elder, didn\'t you say that the Queen is worst compared to the previous Queen that you taught So how could she be the first-ever sage\'

Lady Sphinx who was bullying Jörmungandr in chess glanced upward and said calmly, \'Getting a Sage licence is nothing compared to the world of potion-making after it.

The current Queen is too engrossed in politics and also a tad playful.

This made her improvement slow down immensely unlike my previous students.\'

\'No wonder.\' Felix thought, \'So other Queens didn\'t perform as stellar as the current Queen in bringing the empire the most benefits.

But, they were better potioneers.\'

\'Sigh, time is truly too limited to do everything at once.\' Felix glanced at the alcohol glass in his hand and decided, \'I should probably head home after this glass and do something productive.\'

He already spent an hour in the club and he believed that should be enough playtime for the day.

Ladies, I will make sure to see if I can take a picture or two of the Queen up close for you. Felix stood up while gulping down a half-filled glass and said, For now, I will be heading home to practice what you taught me since I am still missing too much in my fundamentals.

Naima immediately clasped his arm and gave him a puppy look, It\'s so soon.

Can\'t you stay another hour with us We still haven\'t even played some drinking games.

The others all gave him the same look that would sure soften anyone if it was released from those four beauties.

Too bad, Felix was already immune to beauty and puppy looks from Asna after getting tricked once or twice at the start to do her bidding.

Hence, he gave them a quick hug and said, Another time ladies, another time.

Immediately after, he turned around and left through the door, going back to the main street where he took a cab and went to one of the real estate companies.

Naturally, he didn\'t want to teleport back to Androxa City since he would be spending a lot of time here.

Since he didn\'t have a house yet, he needed to pick one and a car.

Thankfully, in the UVR that process doesn\'t take more than an hour unless one was too picky about his choices.

Felix simply paid for a double standard house and a casual classy hovercar in under 30 minutes.

Then, he entered his new house that was modified on the inside to have a modern style, unlike the outside.

After getting comfortable in it, Felix immediately brought out the same book from before and continued reading from where he left.

As long as they don\'t stop hunting him for his things, he would not stop grinding!


Tomorrow morning, Felix had been awake for four hours now as he had straightaway integrated 5% of Thor\'s essence, pushing him to 16%.

That allowed him to unlock two lightning-based passives and replace two sand passives.

Those passives were *Lightning Immunity* and *Lightning Quick Reflexes*.

They replaced, *Absolute Sand Defense* and *Sand Hardenning*.

Felix was pleased with both of them as lightning immunity was a must-have passive to utilize his element while lighting quick reflexes was an ability that he didn\'t know he needed until he read what it does!

It allowed him to react normally while boosting his speed with lightning.

Since his element had multiple speed-based abilities, this passive was god-sent as he would be able to bring their utmost potential.

Before in the measurement center when he was running around in the track by using his absorbed lightning, he was fast alright but he wasn\'t truly able to see his surrendering clearly.

If he actually used his speed to escape or such, he might not be able to react fast enough when a tree appears in front of him or such.

Though, with his enhanced reaction and senses from integration and neuron enhancement potion, this was quite unlikely to happen.

Still, with the addition of this passive, now Felix could actually utilize his monstrous mobility even in battles!

The only downside was the fact that he was lacking a defensive ability like absolute sand defense.

If I am fast enough to dodge their attacks, I won\'t be using defensive abilities either way. Felix reasoned while changing his clothes preparing for teacher Hala\'s afternoon class.

He already finished her homework in less than an hour due to his photographic memory.

After she grades it, he would get 100 CP which he desperately needed to get breakfast as he was completely broke.

No, he was actually in debt since he hasn\'t paid the rent yet for his room.

It cost exactly 400 CP each month.


The day after...

Felix was preparing in his new house for the meeting with the Witch Queen that was supposed to begin in under thirty minutes.

Unfortunately for Felix, this was planned to be a public bestowal where multiple authoritative figures from all over the galaxy would be invited to spectate it.

Even the media was allowed to stream it in the network of each Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Felix had already received congratulatory letters from his close friends and family members as they all informed them of their decision to watch the stream.

As for their questions about the whole matter He merely kept using the Organization\'s contract as a shield to avoid answering them.

After he picked a formal outfit that highlighted his new look, Felix murmured before the reflection, \'Hopefully, no one will zoom on my face lest they get nightmares at night.\'

\'Huh, I doubt you truly mean it prick.\' Asna scoffed.

Uncaring about her taunt, Felix kept fixing his hair for a few minutes.

When he was satisfied by it, he glanced at the bracelet and noticed that only 20 minutes were left.

Time to go. Felix opened up an invitation link and accepted it straight away.

He was requested by Dalilia to make an early appearance in the event so the Queen could grab a quick chat with him.

He didn\'t know what she wanted to talk about but he knew that it was probably not going to be about Lady Sphinx since both Dalilia and the Headmistress didn\'t mention her at all to him.

Felix didn\'t know that Lady Sphinx was residing in their consciousness space.

If he knew about it, it wouldn\'t be too peculiar.



When Felix opened up his eyes, he found himself in a colorful garden with human maids walking back and forth with quicker steps, carrying exquisite silver plates and glasses.

They were placing them carefully and meticulously on tables that were positioned in perfect order in the garden.

When Felix looked around him, he noticed twenty solid and round towers, forming an almost perfectly squared barrier around this marvelous castle that was connected by towering, vast walls made of light green stone.

Well-crafted glass windows were scattered generously around the walls in a fairly symmetrical pattern.

Statues of breathtaking Goddesses were situated inside multiple fountains that were making Felix bath in refreshing breeze and sound of water constantly gushing out.

This must be the most beautiful and relaxing garden I have ever visited in my life. Felix murmured genuine praise while continuing to take in the view.

I am glad that you share the same opinion as I. A voice full of grace and poised resonated in Felix\'s ears out of nowhere, making him flinch a little.


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