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After eliminating 4 races cultivation systems, the Vampires, the Werewolves, the Shamans, and lastly the Mooners, the 5th cultivation system has adapted somewhat with your body after major modifications. Lady Sphinx said.

She flipped a page of a new book and continued on speaking casually while at the same time reading, But, there are many major problems that are hard to overcome.

Some of them I am positive that I can fix over time but others, I believe that they would remain permanently since the cultivation system doesn\'t 100% belong to you.

One of those problems requires you to spend a lot of money.

I see.

Felix didn\'t care about those problems since he understood that having another cultivation system that was mainly oriented around his strength would greatly help him out in his journey.

The Bloodline Integration System was good alright for the most part with the primogenitors\' bloodlines.

But, it had a major limitation to how much strength he could grow.

Felix believed that he would be limited to only 6 or possibly 7 bloodlines if he decided to be optimistic.

But higher above He was certain that it was almost impossible for his 1% human bloodlines to support more than that if he kept going at the same pace.

The Jörmungandr had informed him during the first etching process that the primogenitors\' bloodlines shouldn\'t be treated as tier 7 bloodlines.

Hence, the advantage that Asna had told him about having the ability to reach 9 replacements or more wasn\'t applicable anymore.

So, he was welcoming of any other cultivation system that could allow him to go further and beyond.

Elder, may I know what cultivation system you picked Felix asked with held breaths in anticipation.

Asna and the Jörmungandr who were playing chess glanced over at her in curiosity.

They weren\'t informed yet by her research result since she literally started just yesterday and already got something to show.

You will know when I succeed to implement it in your perfect copy. Lady Sphinx said, annoying Asna and the Jörmungandr.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched but he didn\'t bother her about it.

He was patient enough to wait until she fully discloses everything at once.

Though, he was a bit worried about what path she was going to choose that would make 135 Billion SC not enough to support it.

But for now, he could only throw those matters at the back of his head and change his clothes, preparing for the upcoming class.

After he morphed his clothes, he beamed the Weakening Potion and drunk it like a morning juice with a pleasant expression.

He was absolutely not affected in the slightest by it!

When he threw the bottle in the dustbin, he went to the door and stood before it.

Hopefully, it\'s not going to be as bad as yesterday. Felix wished under his breath while activating his infrared vision in the hallway.

Upon seeing that the only six humanoid auras were outside of their rooms, probably chatting based on them grouping up together.

Felix frowned his eyebrows at this but still decided to give them a couple of minutes, hoping that they would walk away or something.

Too bad, none of them budged.

\'I can only risk it again.\' Felix wore his pointy hat with a bitter smile and exited the room.

Without a split second wasted, Felix walked towards the elevator with his head lowered, gazing at a hologram that was showing the academy\'s website to avoid suspension.

Just like yesterday, he earned only a few glances before the witches switched back to their conversation.

Before he reached the elevator, he looked down, wanting to see how many witches were filling the elevator that was going up.

The moment he saw that it was semi-packed, Felix switched his path, heading to the staircase.

He could see that only a witch or two was using them.

Felix knew that was quite a miracle since witches were known for lacking in the physical fitness department.

Heck, if it wasn\'t for the constant potions they keep drinking, they wouldn\'t even be able to walk a kilometer before dropping dead tired.

That\'s why there was a PE class in the faculty that was being taught by a few hardcore witches that were exceptions to that **ty fitness most witches had.

When Felix did look on the website about the teachers and their ranks, grading, reviews by witches...etc, he saw that teacher Dajmila was responsible for the PE class of the 1st-semester students!

Thus, the reason why those witches were scared **less by her yesterday!

Vrrr Vrrr!

After Felix reached the ground floor, his bracelet started vibrating.

Upon noticing that it was Lobna calling him, Felix ignored it for now and simply increased his speed until he got outside of the building.

Then, he whipped out his hover platform and rode it while requesting the Queen to accept the call.

Thank god he did so away from the witches as a loud noisy chatter resounded from the bracelet, almost deafening his ears.

It was like Lobna was calling from the middle of an active war zone.

\'The hell Is she calling me from the club at such a time\' Felix wondered to himself while greeting, Good morning, senior.

I can\'t hear you Felix if you are speaking! Lobna\'s muffled voice barely came out of the noise, Give me a moment to get out of this madness!

Alright Baffled, Felix could only keep the call on going.

Thirty seconds later, the noise from the other side lessened and Lobna\'s huffs kept assaulting Felix\'s ears.

I am finally out! It\'s hell Felix here! It\'s hell! Don\'t come to the faculty if you value your life!

What do you mean Felix replied with a frown.

Hundreds of witches are camping at the main entrance of the faculty as a protest against you! She cursed, They are being led by that snobby b*tch Lilly as she is the leader of their Society, that\'s called Nobility Society!

Felix was startled by the news as he didn\'t expect that Racist Mushroom would make a move against him just the day after she got demolished by him.

Heck, she even mobilized her society against him by starting a protest!

Based on his research on the website yesterday, He knew that what she was doing was absolutely allowed!

That\'s because the Academy had many different societies where witches with different thoughts and discipline about potion-making gather together and back each other up!

It was like clubs but actually provide them with some authority in the Academy since they could hold protests, ask for funding for some research projects, hold Academic trips around the Galaxy, and more!

If Felix was enrolled in the 1st month with the rest of the witches, he would have been invited into hundreds of different societies around the campus as well.

Right now, Lilly was leveraging on her society that was clearly meant for racist witches with a superiority complex and the rules to create trouble for Felix!

Is the main entrance fully blocked or what Felix asked, Can\'t I just jump over their heads I doubt they can do anything to me.

Felix truly believed that this kind of trouble might be annoying but it wasn\'t really a challenge for him.

Trust me Felix, don\'t come! Lobna warned, A friend of my friend has gotten information about one of their plans and it is devious enough that it could actually make your life hell.

Hmmm Are they going to cry rape out loud after throwing themselves at me or what Felix couldn\'t help but chuckle after thinking of such a farfetched plan.

How did you know! Lobna exclaimed, dumbfounding Felix at once.

Are you being for real!! Felix asked with a look of disbelief.

He literally said it out loud as a joke and it seemed that it was actually the real deal!

He thought of it as a joke since it was common sense that witches didn\'t really have genitals like females.

Instead, they have small openings just like everyone else for body waste.

So even if Felix wanted to actually rape one, god forbids, it was biologically impossible!

In addition, with the Queen\'s existence,

Yes! They have already made fake videos, showing that you were forcing yourself on a couple of nude witches at night.

Although the visibility wasn\'t good to show your face and the whole thing screams with a staged vibe, they are going to accuse you either way!

She paused to take a deep breath and continued on with a worried tone, Their goal isn\'t to prove that you really raped them but to simply bring your reputation to the gutter by screaming their protests against you and trying to touch you and cry rape every time!

\'Bloody hell, those young witches are wilding out.\'

Asna, the Jörmungandr, and even Lady Sphinx were left speechless by their plan as they could see hundreds of loopholes in it.

However, they also understood that it was going to bring a lot of inconvenience to Felix in the Academy!

Imagine that he was walking in the corridor with other witches, minding his own business.

Then, out of nowhere a witch bump into Felix intentionally and fall to the ground while crying out loud that he had molested her chest!

Naturally, Felix could easily prove his innocence by showing recordings that she was the one bumping into him just like he could show recordings of what he was doing last night.

But, that\'s Lilly\'s aim!

Forcing Felix to play with them like this to bring him as much inconvenience as possible in the Academy!

After all, how could he head to classes when he would be forced to be taken to the disciplinary department to deal with those accusations

The worst part, when he proves his innocence and the witch apologize, she would merely fake cry that she thoroughly thought that he molested her due to the rumors on going or some fake excuse.

That would net her a small CP fine and be sent back to the Academy like nothing ever happened!

When Felix enter the Academy again, another witch would pull similar ** since the f*cking nobility society had hundreds of witches willing to go all out to ruin his experience in the Academy!

Racism in the Universe was a hundred times worse than on planet Earth.

This was merely a small taste of what those witches would be willing to go through due to their hatred and disgust of Felix joining the same Academy as them!


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