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Six hours later...Very early in the morning...In the Dorms...

The Alarm went off in Felix\'s room, making him wake up with muddled eyes.

As usual, he went straight to the bathroom to take care of his hygiene.

When he was done, he bought his breakfast online and paid for delivery to his room.

He had no intentions to head to a restaurant in the up coming couple of weeks.

While he was waiting for food, he decided to check on the daily morning news like always.

Since the news was based on his location, he was shown the trending news that happened in Fymagroth.

//1) Unprecedented! Felix Maxwell, a male human joins the Academy after passing the enrollment exam!

2) Shocking!! The Witch Queen Allura has just announced that Felix Maxwell will be conferred with Triple-A citizenship in three days!

3) Finally Exposed!! Felix Maxwell\'s method to concoct potions!!

4) Congratulation to Sage Bomu for succeeding in concocting, Brew of Love, a rank 5 potion!


Felix\'s eyelids twitched after seeing that three articles belonging to him were dominating the top three news on the planet.

He truly didn\'t expect that he would explode so soon, making his name reach far and wide in the empire.

It was only natural that the news popular in the capital would be popular in other planets in the Empire.

Did something happen Felix pondered while clicking on the 2nd article.

Upon seeing that the news was actually legit, Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise and asked, Elder, was this your doing

Too bad, no one responded to his question.

He asked two times and stopped after he didn\'t receive a reply from Lady Sphinx

He didn\'t know if she was busy or she simply was too consumed in her book to bother replying to him.

Whatever it was, Felix already knew that Lady Sphinx was the one helping him since the Witch Queen wouldn\'t make such a sudden announcement.

Thank you elder. He said with a smile, not bothering if she heard him or not.

Then, he immediately entered his email inbox and requested the Queen AI to check if he received an email from the Witch Queen, Dalilia, or other high authoritative figures.

\'You have one email from Sage Dalilia.\' The Queen Ai informed.

\'Open it.\'

Queen Ai did as she was told and left Felix to read the email in peace.

It wasn\'t really that long but just an invitation to the Witch Queen\'s UVR\'s Royal Palace in three days for the Triple-A citizenship bestowal.

Plus, how the event would be carried out.

Naturally, it was hosted in the UVR so Felix wouldn\'t be required to move out of the campus and endanger himself.

It would be the greatest joke if he ended up getting kidnapped while on his way to accept Triple-A citizenship that was meant to protect him from such a thing.

I didn\'t expect to meet the Witch Queen so early. Felix murmured while closing down the email.

Hopefully, she wouldn\'t see me in a bad light due to close connection to Lady Sphinx.

Felix wasn\'t a fool to not understand that he was an outsider who was leashing on their master.

What\'s worse, he inherited her eyes, something that none of them could do.

Although non of them would show their disgruntlement, he knew that it was there.

The only difference would be their amount of abhorrence they had on him.

He hoped to be proven wrong.

I just need to keep my eyes open at all times and never trust this sense of safety.

Whether on the campus or outside.

Multiple eyes are going to be on me 24/7. Felix said grimly while typing a polite reply to Dalilia, entailing his acceptance.

Then, he sent it and checked his inbox for any more emails related to his student\'s status.

The first emails he spotted were ones sent by Olivia, his grandfather, Mr.

Rodrigas, George, the Anti-Royalty Alliance members, and a bunch more from the earthling team!

// From Grandpa:

Little Rascal!

You actually have run to the witch empire to enjoy the company of the beauties there while leaving this sack of bones in this infested planet! Just wait until you come back! My belt thirst for some blood!

PS: Seriously, what\'s up with the news that you are capable of concocting potions Are they legit Message me back asap or unmute your messages damn it!

Much Love Gramps.//

// From Little Oli:

Dear Prick Felix

Are you doing alright I just heard the news and currently, the entire team is with me as I am writing you this email.

We were all worried about you, thinking that you were stranded in space or some deserted planet.

But, you actually were hanging with the witches!!

You prick! Give me back my worry!

PS: Leo and Rolandinhio are begging you to find them a way to enter the witch empire as well.

PS2: Don\'t do it, they have drool slipping past their chin, they don\'t have good intentions for the witches.

Much Love, Olivia.//

After Felix finished reading the most important emails, he chuckled to himself while writing a reply to Olivia and his grandpa.

He didn\'t think that the news would reach the Alexander Kingdom this quickly but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Since all of the emails were asking if the news about him being a witch now were the truth, Felix merely replied to all of them at once by typing \'yes\'.

He only wrote personal replies to Little Oli and his gramps.

Then, he closed the inbox and left his messages muted to avoid hearing his bracelet ringing every second.

Shortly after, Felix had found the news about the conference held by the Headmistress and understood the origin of those rapid developments.

After watching the entire conference, his expression turned grim.

He could see clearly that most races were interested in his eyes.

If they couldn\'t aim at him in real life due to the witches\' protection, they would most definitely target him in the UISG!

They only need to post a bounty on his head on bounty hunters\' websites around the universe.

Those bounties wouldn\'t really be for his head literally but simply a mission to capture him and extract the information about his eyes or force him to sign a slavery contract that would stay active after the game.

If he signed it, they would most definitely order him to meet them in real life.

This was just one of the ways to get to him through the witches\' protection!

All of this to obtain his eyes that were a treasure in the eyes of some upper echelons.

If they could get them and try to implement them in place of their original eyes, they might obtain the ability to concoct potions as well.

This might be possible or not but the only way to find out was by getting Felix first.

Felix knew that back in the early days, the witches had been kidnapped multiple times by authoritative figures to test if they could inherit their spiritual eyes or not.

Sadly, that ended up in failure after many tests, leaving them to give up on that idea.

With the SGAlliance and the current advancement of technology, it wasn\'t that easy to kidnap witches anymore.

Vultures are everywhere. Felix shook his head and closed off all holograms.

The moment he did so, he heard a knock on his door.

Just leave it in front of the door. Felix used a fake feminine voice by utilizing the bracelet.

Alright, Miss. The deliveryman said loudly and placed the plates in front of the door.

Then, he walked away with his head lowered, not wanting to glance around since witches like to go out nude from their rooms once in a while without care about workers like them.

Since he was a human, the alluring sight always ends up leaving him with a running bloody nose, which results in him staying to clean it up.

What\'s worst, he might get bullied due to it by the kind of racist mushroom.

\'Able to concoct or not, I pity that dude who would be living with them.\' The deliveryman sent Felix his wishes while running downstairs speedily.

Meanwhile, Felix had already sneakily taken the plates inside and closed the door shut after him.

The dorm building he was staying in had 40 floors and he was currently on the 15 floors.

He knew that it was all populated by witches.

If it wasn\'t for so, he wouldn\'t have woken up at first light where most witches were either still asleep or in the library.

After he finished his breakfast, Felix glanced at the time and noticed that he still had 6 hours before his first class.

He decided to spend it in his poison manipulation practice plus his lightning mutation.

The two dilemmas of knowing how to heal himself and close those lightning absorbers were still unsolved.

After 6 hours, he just eliminated a couple more different methods that failed to solve any of them.

If it wasn\'t for his enhanced cognitive skills, he wouldn\'t have come up even with those methods.

Hence, he was optimistic about solving them before Jörmungandr\'s deadline or his upcoming game!

Seeing that he still had an hour before morning class, Felix called the Maganda Chief with his Phantom Organization\'s leader persona.

It was time to conclude the deal and get his money!


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