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In The Faculty, The Headmaster\'s office...

\'Aredhel, did everyone arrive\' The Headmistress asked while sitting on her desk\'s chair.

\'Almost, the Dragons representative is late as always.\' Aredhel sent a message with an irked tone.

\'We will give him extra 5 minutes.\' The Headmistress said calmly, \'If he didn\'t arrive by then, we will start the conference and freeze the invitation link.\'

\'With pleasure.\' Aredhel said while standing next to a podium on a medium-sized stage.

Before her, there were hundreds of chairs placed neatly on a red carpet inside a humongous ancient hall.

All of those chairs were taken by media representatives of the most known races in the Universe.

The chair placement was based on the race\'s placement in the SGAlliance.

Hence, the human race representative was sitting right in the center, not doing too shabby.

After all, the human race was part of the inner circle in the SGAlliance due to their monetization plans done to the UVR.

Although they were at the bottom of the inner circle, it was much better than being in the outer circle, like the weak and less intelligent races; Beasts, Imps, Azarths, Slimes...etc.

Meanwhile, the front seats were taken by representatives of the top 30 races in the Universe.

There was a Vampire seating with a notepad on his lap while his finger was tapping impatiently on his elbow.

Next to him was a breathtaking pale blonde woman with pointy eyes and shimmering blue eyes, making it easy to guess that she was elven.

Besides the elven, there was a humanoid-shaped mass of water without a single organ!

Just pure blue water sitting like everyone else...This was a Water Elemental Spirit from the Elemental Galaxy.

A Galaxy were mountains, oceans, grass, dirt, rocks, and every natural object could awaken its spirit.

This phenomenon was happening only in this Galaxy.

The weirder part, the moment the elemental spirit leaves the premise of their galaxy, they would lose their spirits...In a sense, they would die straight away.

Yet, this was merely one of the known universe\'s mysteries.

Thankfully, with the existence of the UVR, they were integrated into the universe without needing to leave.

In this Hall that was filled with hundreds of different races, the elemental spirits were still not the weirdest of the bunch.

Yet, no one was exclaiming here and there as those media representatives were used to meeting like this for serious news.

The birth of the first non-witch Potioneer was a piece of historical news that could change the entire status quo of the universe!

The pride on those bastard dragons is driving me nuts.

A werewolf growled with his fangs dripping with acidic saliva into the ground, making the representative next to him distance his chair a bit.

Their pride amount to nothing compared to your dog race. The same vampire insulted with a mocking tone from ten seats away, making everyone in between them cringe at what was about to come.

I dare you to repeat it you disgusting piss-drinking bat! The Werewolf cursed back loudly, sounding like a roar.

You think I won\'t! The Vampire\'s graceful composure was nowhere to be seen as he yelled back, You butt-sniffing dogs shouldn\'t be even considered as a race, don\'t even mention being one of the top thirty!

You call us butt-sniffers, but you f*ckers wouldn\'t hesitate to drink females menstrual blood if you were hungry enough! The Werewolf fired back immediately, appearing like those curses were on the top of his lips.

The moment this unsavory subject was brought out, the elven goddess instantly muted them both with her eyebrows knitted in irritation.

The rest did the same, having no intentions of hearing the rest of their neverending bickering.

It happened so many times, they already memorized most of their curses.

Werewolves against Vampires is one of the oldest conflicts in the entire universe, lasting for over 80 million years now.

That\'s because both of them reside in one galaxy, splitting it into two halves!

Both of them wanted to kick the other race to own the entire galaxy but their strength was too equal.

Even after both of them conquered deserted galaxies around their main galaxy, they still refused to give up on it since it was their ancestral grounds.

None of them dared to accept one for all battle with the SGAlliance\'s terms without securing a way to 100% ensure their victory.

Hence, they always participate in mere skirmishes, slaughter each other in the UISG games, and lastly enter a word fight every time they come eye to eye.

\'Sigh, here I thought placing them both at the corners of their seating line was going to do the trick.\' Aredhel shook her head and ignored them just like the rest.

It wasn\'t like she could just place one at the front and the other at the back since those seatings were based on the rank of each SGAlliance member.

There was no way in hell one of them was going to accept being placed at the back while his enemy was sitting at the front.

That would merely create another situation that she dearly wanted to avoid.

\'This is all because of those f*ckers.\' Aredhel cursed the dragons in her mind for being 20 minutes late than the posted gathering time.

If they only voiced their disinterest in the conference like the dwarves, metal race, Pandions, and few more races who weren\'t planning on coming, she wouldn\'t be this irritated.

Too bad, Dragons\' pride forbid them from even doing that.

But since they were one of the strongest races in the known universe, counting in the top five of the SGAlliance, everyone was required to show them respect!

Five minutes later...There were still no signs of the Dragon Race representative.

Aredhel immediately contacted the Headmistress asking for her decision on the matter.

\'We made our guests already wait too much.\' The Headmistress ordered, \'Freeze the invitation link.\'

Aredhel did it gladly, blocking off anyone from accessing this conference that was hosted in her UVR\'s private room.

A few moments later, the Headmistress manifested in front of the podium, silencing the grumpy crowd at once.

Even the vampire and werewolf who were going at each other throats decided to behave properly in front of the Headmistress.

After all, she was bona fide Sage Potioneer.

The first thing the Headmistress did was bow her head slightly to the representatives and apologize, I feel apologetic about keeping you waiting for so long.

I hope this token makes it up for your time lost.

The Headmistress waved her hand and everyone had noticed that coupon-like slip was hovering in front of them.

When they touched it, it broke off into light particles, leaving behind a notification.

]Congratulations on receiving a 5% discount on all ranked potions.[

Delightful chatter broke out in the Hall as everyone had loved the gift.

Although it was just 5%, that was too useful when buying rank 4/5 potions that cost 20 billion SC .

Only a few filthy rich races like witches could afford to throw money like this.

Upon seeing that everyone had turned docile again, the Headmistress went straight to the subject and announced, I am ready to accept any questions you have about our newest student, Felix Maxwell.


The hall went silent immediately as everyone\'s expression had stiffened after getting an official statement from the Headmistress herself!

From everything they read and saw in the network, they knew that a human joining the Academy was real.

However, there was always that hint of doubt, making them disregard the news and consider them as witches playing a prank on everyone.

But now They could only glance at each other and see their peer\'s stupefied expressions.

A second later that felt like an eternity, the hall had exploded in deafening noise as every representative was throwing a question at the top of his voice!

Is he really from the human race or is he a byproduct of a genetic research institution in the empire

How can he concoct potions! Does he have a tail with a spiritual eye that allows him to utilize his mental energy in a microscopic world!

Why was he accepted in the Royal Academy where only elite witches are approved

What does the Witch Queen think of the matter

Questions and inquires kept being thrown here and there, mixing them all together to create an irritating inaudible noise.

Before things got out of hand, the Headmistress raised a hand elegantly and said, Silence please.

Just like a spell was being cast, the hall returned to its silent state as everyone had been muted by the Queen against their own wishes.

The moment they entered Aredhel\'s UVR room, they had to give up some of their rights to make the conference run smoother.

Just like always, please raise your hand if you have a question. The Headmistress said calmly.

Although no one liked being muted like this, they still respected the rules since everyone was doing so in this type of large-scale media conference.

Hence, everyone raised their hands and waited to be picked.

The Headmistress surveyed all of them with her eyes and ended up picking the human race representative first since Felix was a human.

The human race representative fixed his tie and stood up under the gazes of hundreds of different races placed on him.

But he didn\'t show any signs of nervousness as to be able to secure this job, he needed to be the best of the best in his field.

Madam Headmistress, I dearly wish to know if Felix Maxwell who joined the Academy is Felix Maxwell, AKA Landlord in the SG. He asked with his held breaths.

He had already a solid lead on the truth but he wanted to hear it from her lips as this would change the entire situation in the Milky Way Galaxy!


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