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When Teacher Hala played the paused screen in slow motion, Felix narrowed his eyes in focus at the sight of tiny worm-like organisms getting obliterated by the thousands every split second.

The thing that was killing them was a mass of green energy which was shaped up as sharp tiny saws.

This was Teacher Hala\'s mental energy highlighted by the Queen so they could observe it doing its work.

\'Her energy control is truly way better than mine.\'

Felix was awed by how fast she was killing the microorganisms while at the same time turning the mixed main ingredient with the subsidiary ingredient.

By turning it, it allowed her to inspect other places on their surfaces, helping her eliminate most of the tiny organisms.

Since she was eliminating them during the concoction, she was required to remove at least 95% of them before the main and subsidiary material melt with the catalyst, leaving only a green liquid behind.

Unsurprisingly, she nailed it in under thirty seconds due to her wide experience, unlike Felix who takes forever to eliminate those microorganisms during the preparation stage.

That\'s right, it was possible to clear the materials fully of those microorganisms before the concoction.

Actually, that was recommended to be done for rank 2 potions since they were a hundred times more difficult than rank 1.

As for rank 1 potions, most potioners prefer to destroy those microorganisms during the concoction since that would save them time.

As for young Potioners, they were needed to do it to practice their mental energy control for rank 2 potions.

Should I play it again with a slower speed Teacher Hala asked the entire class.

Everyone shook their heads even Felix.

But he did raise his hand to ask a question.

Go ahead. Teacher Hala gave him permission with a slight head nod.

May I know how did you manage to shape up your mental energy like saws to kill them efficiently Felix informed, When I try to eliminate a microorganism, I end up either using softer force, not damaging it, or using way too much and ending up affecting the material as well.

Teacher Hala nodded her head in understanding and answered, As much as I want to tell you that there is a shortcut to doing it, the reality is that only practice and long-term experience would help your energy control.

She pointed at the witches and said, Not a single young witch here didn\'t practice her fine use of mental energy since birth.

That means they had at least 16 years to practice in the UVR before entering the Royal Academy.

Felix sighed after hearing so as he also realized that he was super late when compared to the rest of the witches.

After all, potion-making was their path in life.

It was only natural that all of them would have practiced at least their mental energy control before enrolling in the Academy.

Meanwhile, he only got those eyes for two months now and he started his potion concoction practice last month.

I don\'t know if you have already a good daily exercise to get better at controlling your mental energy at a finer level, but if you don\'t, I can recommend you one. Teacher Hala offered.

I can use one. Felix said while bowing his head slightly in appreciation.

Give me your UVR ID, I will email it to you. She requested.

Cough, you already have it teacher. Felix pointed at his face and mentioned after seeing her bafflement, I made two orders from you.

The last one was just a couple of months ago.

\'Hmm Really\' Teacher Hala zoomed in on his face while thinking, \'A human and his name is Felix....Oh, was he the client who I failed his elemental potion\'

Teacher Hala guessed right the first time due to those two clues.

That was quite impressive since Felix didn\'t meet her with his real face or told her what order he placed.

But for a Master Potioner, drinking a temporarily photographic memory potion once in a while wasn\'t unordinary.

\'So you are that Felix.\' Teacher Hala sent a telepathic message after realizing that she indeed had his ID, \'It\'s truly a peculiar way to meet one of my clients.\'

\'Indeed, I am honestly still finding it hard to believe that you are a teacher as well.\' Felix said.

\'It\'s only six hours a week worth of classes since I am teaching only your class.\'

Teacher Hala sent a message with a smile, making Lara and the other witches guess that she was in a telepathic conversation with Felix.

Before they could wonder about the content, teacher Hala clapped her hands twice and said, I have sent the exercise to you.

Simply give it two hours of your day and your mental energy control would improve drastically.

Thank you teacher. Felix said.

Alright, let\'s continue where we left from our previous class.

Teacher Hala snapped both of her fingers and the lecture hall had been turned into a wide lab with tens of potion-making stations placed in an orderly fashion.

Felix and the other witches had found themselves sitting in a chair in front of their own personal stations.

The materials for the rejuvenation potion were all placed neatly on the preparation table.

Even the catalyst hadn\'t been prepared yet.

Last Monday, only five in the entire class have managed to succeed to concoct the potion five times in a row.

Meanwhile, Lara had managed to concoct seven potions out of eight attempts.

\'Damn, I still can\'t concoct even one without destroying the microorganisms in the preparation stage.\' Felix glanced at Lara after hearing so.

Let\'s pump those numbers up. Teacher Hala walked with her hands folded behind her back while speaking, I want all of you to be capable of concocting this basic potion in every single attempt! So you wouldn\'t choke during your 1st-semester final exam due to nervousness.

Clap Clap!

You have two hours to show me your results! Teacher Hala shouted, Begin!

Everyone started with the Marmador grass, wanting to extract its essence to be used as the catalyst.

Felix also picked ten grass blades and placed them in a granite mortar bawl.

Then, he grinded them with a pestle for a minute until the grass blades turned into a greenish paste.

Felix knew that the Marudar Grass wasn\'t infested with those tiny microorganisms that refuse to die.

Instead, they were easily burnable compared to the others.

Hence, he didn\'t activate his quantum vision but picked the mortar and took it to the glassware table.

He used a wooden spoon to pour out the paste in a round-bottomed flask that was above a bunsen burner.

The round-bottomed flask was being held by a ring stand to not fall off.

In order for the heat to not come in contact with the round-bottomed flask, it was placed above a wire gauze.

After pouring everything, Felix took a long swirly tube and placed it at the flask\'s mouth.

The tube\'s end was connected with a controllable tab.

Underneath the tab was a long test tube that was also held by a ring stand.

This was a basic station for extracting essence out of common plant-based materials.

After turning on the heat, Felix marked the time in his head and went to the preparation table.

He repeated what teacher Hala did by separating the vanes and cutting down the leaf to pieces.

But he didn\'t mix them as teacher Hala did.

Instead, he activated the Quantum Vision and zoomed in on the vanes first until he managed to spot the microorganisms wriggling everywhere, creating a creepy scene.

Felix took a deep breath to calm his nerves and started utilizing his mental energy by thinking of wanting to crush those microorganisms.

To not destroy the mixture as well, he started off on the weaker side.

This resulted in the microorganisms sensing a heavy pressure on them but not enough to make them explode.

\'I need a bit more.\' Felix increased the pressure slightly and this time, tens of microorganisms had been obliterated!

Noticing that he didn\'t harm the materials, Felix fixed on this level of control and used it to deal with the rest of the microorganisms.

\'Good, he doesn\'t let his classmates\' own concoctions affect him and try to work at the same level as them.\'

Teacher Hala praised the fact that Felix was destroying the microorganisms in the preparation stage instead of doing it during the concoction like the rest of the witches in the class.

If it was any other witch, teacher Hala would most definitely scold her for doing that...But for Felix She understood that he had a lot to do to catch up.

\'Truly interesting eyes.\' Teacher Hala commentated after zooming in on Felix\'s eyes that were showing two triangle pupils, one white and the other red.

\'His eyes will most likely attract a lot of attention from different races when the news spread.\' Teacher Hala thought, \'But as long as he remains in the campus, he will be safe and sound from anyone\'s attempt to kidnap him for his eyes.\'

Teache Hala was certain that Felix would experience kidnapping attempts for his eyes so they could experiment on them or even pluck them and see if they could be transferred properly to another person.

The ability to concoct potions was too great and a lot of people would consider themselves more worthy to have it than Felix...A mere human!


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