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\'For real! Queen full speed to the capital!\'

Felix always assumed that he was going to wait until a new semester starts before applying to enter the Academy.

A month or a two of wait were nothing much.

But when the new enrollment had just started, he couldn\'t wait a full six months just to begin learning the basics of potion-making.

That\'s too long!

Hence, he needed to reach the Academy as fast as possible.

Though he would still be delayed by an entire month since the Capital was near the center of the Galaxy and he was at the outskirts.

He needed to enter two more wormholes to reach the capital!

\'Elder, can you give me the syllabus of the 1st semester\' Felix requested, \'I will be behind by one month and I doubt the professors will bother to teach me privately from the beginning to catch up.\'

\'I don\'t have it.\' Lady Sphinx said, \'I will inform my student to email it to you.\'

\'Alright, thank you elder.\'  Felix sighed in relief at the sound of that.

He understood that learning on his own wouldn\'t be as good as being taught in the Academy, but it didn\'t really matter since he would be learning only the materials in the first month.

He doubted they would be too difficult.

Vrr Vrrr!

Felix hastily glanced at his bracelet, thinking that it was Lady Sphinx\'s student but it turned out that it was from Malak.

After reading it, Felix smiled faintly.

Good, they have reached Peal Sky Island and met with Gramps.

Felix sent a reply, informing them to keep a close eye on his grandfather since the planet had already been infested with spacesh.i.p.s and bloodliners.

Most backgrounds had already arrived on the planet but they were all behaving well, allowing the citizens to return to their daily lives after the chaos had ended.

After all, the Gama Organization was the one motivating the criminals to unleash their greed and cause chaos.

But after their destruction, all of them returned to the sewers where they belong.

Although the Council knew about the approach of other backgrounds, they still removed the lockdown, allowing the citizen to leave their homes.

That\'s because of the Alliance between Earth and the three superpowers turning official in public.

Now, everyone knew that the three superpowers were seriously backing the planet, making them recognize the risks of harming citizens or creating chaos by bribing them as the Gama Organization did.

This sudden change was easily guessed to be related to the Phantom Organization since the three superpowers had announced their alliance with it as well.

After the announcement, the Royal Family made a peculiar move by announcing that they were planning on helping planet Earth thrive due to its potential...In other words, they took their side as well.

Everyone knew that was bull**, especially Felix and the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

But the news did shake up the partnership between the Phantom Organization and the Anti-Royalty Alliance since it seemed like the Phantom Organization was playing both sides.

However, Felix had ensured them that they had no plans to take their ally\'s enemy side.

The moment they signed the contract, they were backing each other and Felix knew that wasn\'t a smart move to play both sides.

Even if it was in the shadows.

After all, the moment he gets caught, both of them would point their guns at him.

Thus, he didn\'t contact the Royal Family at all after their political move that happened a week or so earlier.

He knew that this was going to piss off the Royal Family but he didn\'t give a **.

He was already safe from their hands and they could never kidnap his grandfather or Olivia to threaten him.

After all, they needed to hire natives to do their deeds.

Which native was strong enough to deal with Malak and Erik As for Olivia She was living in the Drop which was a fortress.

Guys, make sure to keep your eyes open at all times. Felix warned, Although you are staying on an isolated island, you never know who could sneak inside and pose trouble to my family.

Heck, be careful of the family members as well as they could get bribed heavily to poison grandpa or something.

Felix never trusted anyone in the family besides his grandfather, Noah, and Olivia.

As for the rest He didn\'t doubt that one of them might make a move on his grandfather for a billion SC or so.

Be at ease boss! I am always following him! Erik promised loudly.

Hearing it coming from you, I suddenly don\'t feel so. Felix chuckled and said his goodbyes to both of them.

After dealing with his grandfather\'s safety, he looked at his inbox and found the email he wanted.

It was an email filled with books and docs without a single word from the sender.

Felix was quite curious about Lady Sphinx\'s student.

He doubted that the Witch Queen was the one sending him this stuff.

It must have been someone in a high position but not that high.

\'Whatever, I will probably meet her soon.\' Felix removed those thoughts from his mind and focused on the email\'s content.

After downloading it to his storage, he closed the inbox and clicked on the 1st book that was called >Potion-Makers Ranks<

The only thing Felix knew about the potioneer ranks their names and the potions they could concoct.

Apprentice Potioneer could concoct only rank 1 potions.

Expert Potioneer could concoct only rank 1/2 potions.

Master Potioneer could concoct only rank 1/2/3 potions.

Grandmaster Potioneer could concoct only rank 1/2/3/4 potions.

Sage Potioneer could concoct all ranked potions from 1 to 5.

However, he didn\'t know how they become one and what was the requirement to be promoted to a higher rank.

Seeing that the book had 80 pages, made him realize that he was missing way too much knowledge.

Without further ado, Felix opened up the book and read the 1st paragraph on the 1st page.

It was an actual quote left behind by a Witch called, Sage Marisa.

I am fully ready. The moment Felix said so, he turned the page and began reading the book carefully.

The first thing he read was, >How To Become an Apprentice Potioneer<

He spent five minutes until he finished the entire page and seeing what it was about.

Summering what he learned, Apprentice rank was a license that was given by the Potion-Makers Association that was responsible for giving off ranks, promoting, demoting, supervision, and many more. 

Witches needed to earn this license for them to concoct rank 1 potions legally and also pay taxes on them.

Naturally, only potions sold were taxable.

Plus, this license had multiple perks, like reputation, receiving discounts, having higher access to books, recipes, materials...etc.

So, it was encouraged for Witches to get their own license instead of concocting in the shadows.

To get this Apprentice Licence, a witch was required to pass a basic theoretical knowledge test and also concoct a Rejuvenation Potion successfully out of five attempts.

Rejuvenation Potions were one of the most common and needed potions in the Universe.

Hence, there would be never an excess supply in the market.

The witches learning it would have a way to earn money quite easily the moment they turn into potion-makers.

However, since Felix was going to the Academy, he wouldn\'t need to worry about going to the Potion-Makers Association to earn his license.

The Academy would be giving it at the end of the 1st semester to those who passed the final exam since it was more or like the same test of the Association.

Thus, in the 1st semester, Felix would be learning the basic theoretical knowledge plus other materials to pass the exam and get his license!

\'Neat.\' Felix smiled and flipped the page to the 2nd Rank, Expert Potioneer!

This time, he took at least half an hour to finish 20 pages about the rank.

It was nothing like the Apprentice rank.

For a witch to get her license upgraded to Expert Potioneer, she needed to pass the intermediate knowledge exam that was branched out into five subjects; Potion-making Intermediate theories, GenesxPotions Studies, PlantsxPotions Studies, Rank 2 Potions Catalogue, Rank 2 Materials Catalogue.

To pass it, they required to score 80% of correct answers in each subject.

After they passed it, they would move to the next test, which was related to the concoction.

They would be needed to concoct a rank 2 potion of her choosing in merely 2 attempts.

Felix understood that rank 2 potions difficulty was miles away from rank 1 potions.

\'No wonder being promoted to an Expert Potioneer is the requirement for graduation.\' Felix wiped his sweaty forehead.

\'I am kinda scared to see what I need to do to reach Master Rank.\' Felix\'s hand trembled as he tried to flip the page.

The moment he did so and read the first page, Felix closed the book shut and picked another.

That one page almost demotivated him from continuing on this path and he didn\'t dare to read the rest!

\'One step at a time.

Let\'s get our apprentice license first.\'

The 2nd book that Felix had picked was about the equipment needed and its uses.

There were many pieces of equipment in the book, ones that Felix didn\'t even know existed.

He only knew about the cauldrons, the circular table that looked like an oven, and some glassware.

Even these ones, he didn\'t fully know their effect, how they work, and why they were needed for concoction.

This book had truly broadened his horizons on those matters and he stopped reading it after reaching half of it in two hours.

\'The Planetary game will be played in the next half an hour.\' Felix glanced at his bracelet while waving away those holographic books.

Felix went to the closet and picked his team\'s outfit.

After wearing it, he unmuted the messages from George and sent him a short email.

It entailed that he would meet up with them in George\'s UVR room in the last 5 minutes before teleportation to the Game Hall.

\'Olivia would most definitely ignore me after meeting her.\' Felix chuckled after imagining Olivia\'s pouting expression.

After all, he blocked her just like the rest for over a month now!


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