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Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie\'s Cry have decided to emerge after the tsunami reached a couple of kilometers away from them! Dallas Commentated loudly.

Their fans screamed in excitement at the sight as they had truly believed that their idols weren\'t going to emerge until the sea turn peaceful again.

But it seemed like those two weren\'t any pushovers as they managed to achieve Felix\'s feat.

Though it was much easier for them since the tsunami had reached them first.

Thus, when they emerged, the tsunami was way further, causing the current to be much peaceful than when Felix attempted to breakthrough.

Plus, they both had wings allowing them to fly above the water without needing the boulder.

Meanwhile, the last players who remained hugging his boulder probably wanted to emerge as well but he had no ability to keep himself in the air.

\'Whatever, I have already bridged the distance.\' Felix didn\'t react much to their emergence as he simply stood back on his feet, returning to his original surfing posture.

He had to do so since he was expecting retaliation when he gets too close to them.

\'Bloody hell, how did he reach this far!\' Valkyrie exclaimed in shock and terror after she turned around and noticed that Felix was surfing on the blue sandy path towards them.

Since it was impossible to go beyond ten meters above any surface, all three of them were flying at the same height.

This made it easier to spot each other even though the distance between them was in the hundreds of meters.

\'I am not waiting to receive that devil!\' Dreams Nocturn sent a message while flapping his darkened demonic wings rapidly.

Upon receiving his message, Valkyrie stopped paying Felix any attention and chased after Nocturn, fearing for her life.

She was fully clear about her strengths and weaknesses.

Hence, she understood that fighting against Felix was a death wish, and the only way to win this game was by pushing through her limits and reaching the finish line before him!

\'Let the hunt begin!\' Asna laughed evilly while eying those two like they were flying corpses.

She expected that Felix would close the half-kilometer gap in no time and kill them, but the end result was far from that as minutes went by and Felix barely closed the distance by 40 meters.

The tsunami had already ended and the players could be seen like tiny dots chasing behind him.

The Speedster who was left behind due to his lack of flight abilities was using all he got to jump from a boulder to another, hoping to catch up to Felix and the rest.

Too bad, he might be the best runner in leveled land due to his lightning speed boost but in this zone, he wasn\'t really outperforming himself.

Meanwhile, a couple of players had taken the underwater route, swimming with fish-like morphing abilities.

They were actually ahead of the pack.

But, they were still slower than Felix and those two frontrunners, since a fish could never outspeed a bird.

This made the game enter the 2nd stalemate as each one was chasing after the other without random fights between them.

Seconds went by then minutes...Kilometers were crossed and the horizon had finally turned into a visible land.

\'Queen, distance to the 3rd zone\' Felix asked after noticing it.

\'5 kilometers give or take.\'

\'Weird, we are about to arrive but there is no second obstacle.\' Felix frowned his eyebrows at the thought.

Based on Dallas\'s words, each zone had two obstacles.

So, it was expected that they should have experienced another in the past minutes.

But, they were getting closer and closer to the land, yet still there was no sight of it.


The land had already expanded in their line of vision, making them see the spacious grass field but not the desert after it.

\'Shit, we are about to enter that demon\'s favorite environment while he is too close to us.\' Valkyrie\'s Cry sent a message to her ally while glancing behind her in worry.

\'I don\'t know about you but I am planning to go all out in my speed when I reach the grass field.\' Dreams Nocturn informed, \'I just need to create a long-distance between us and he might not even reach or touch me in the desert.\'

\'But, if you did so, you wouldn\'t have enough energy to do one last sprint to the finish line.\' Valkyrie\'s Cry sent a message.

\'I would rather lose in the last sprint than get caught by him in the desert.\' Dreams Nocturn said, \'It is already hard enough to deal with the desert beasts and sandstorms.\'

Valkyrie\'s Cry went quiet after hearing so.

She understood his reasoning and realized that he might be right.

At this instant, winning should be considered only after they feel safe.

But with Felix breathing down their necks, that wasn\'t happening anytime soon.

\'I am doing so as we...wait, am I seeing things or the water is increasing in front of us\' Valkyrie sent a message while edging her head closer in front to see the ongoing peculiarity.

She could see that the water near the land was rising slowly.

Dreams Nocturn also noticed this and knitted his eyebrows, \'Could it be\'

He had a guess but he didn\'t dare to believe it.

Alas, the sea didn\'t care about his thoughts as it kept rising up and up until a medium-sized wave had been created.

By now, even Felix knew what was about to come and got into his surfing posture with a solemn expression.

The 2nd Tsunami has emerged! Dallas commentated excitedly while zooming out on the frontrunners until the tsunami had joined the frame.

Seeing how it was still rising while heading towards the players, the viewers knew that a 2nd wave of players was going to be sent packing!

Truly, some players within the pack had an ugly expression at the sight.

Although they knew that the tsunami wouldn\'t be as strong as the last one due to the distance.

Still it was going to be tough to survive it since their energy and stamina had already started taking a toll on them.

How were they supposed to keep hanging to the boulder when their body was semi-exhausted

While the pack were worrying about this, the frontrunners had different thoughts entirely!

\'We can speed past it before it gets too high for us! I am going all out right now!\'

Dreams Nocturn left this message behind while manifesting two smaller demonic wings right above his rear!

The moment they emerge, they started flapping with the main wings, increasing his speed substantially, pulling away from Valkyrie\'s Cry and Felix.

Dreams Nocturn is attempting to fly over the tsunami while it is still small! Dallas shouted, Can he pull it off!

Before the viewers could cheer for him, Valkyrie\'s Cry accompanied him in his attempt as she had also gone all out in her speed to pass over the tsunami.

She had covered herself in that arrow-like aura that helped her penetrate the wind like a real pointy arrow!

Only Felix was left behind.

Unlike them, he didn\'t have any other secret way to increase his speed.

He was currently flying at his best acceleration and he could only watch them pulling away from him.

\'Damn it, if they succeeded in passing over it while I hug the boulder, it\'s game over for me!\'

Felix understood that it was going to be impossible to bridge the gap if that happens since he would have given them at least a minute as a headstart.

This meant unless both of them ended up getting heavily hindered in the desert, the game would conclude with his loss!

Felix had no intentions of relying on luck to help him win this game!

\'I can do it as well!\' Felix knitted his eyebrows while lifting his head, staring deeply at the tsunami that had grown already past 200 meters, appearing like a monster ready to devour all things alike!

By now, only the three of them were still on the move as the rest of the players had already latched into a boulder to protect themselves.

While Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie were almost under the tsunami and about to attempt climbing over it, Felix was still hundreds of meters away!

However, he didn\'t flinch or tremble in fear at the apocalyptic scene that would turn any commoner\'s legs into jelly.

He simply narrowed his eyes in focus and kept going at his fastest speed.

He understood that even if he failed to go over it, he wouldn\'t really die since he could simply turn around and surf on it until it reaches the shore and disappears.

Though, if that happens, it\'s a game over for him as he would be placed with the last players!

But he would rather end up losing like that than hope for a lucky strike to help him win the game!

\'They are going to make it.\' Felix concluded after noticing that both Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie\'s Cry had already traveled half the tsunami while its arch hadn\'t been manifested yet.

He understood that curve or arch was the only thing that was going to stop them and him from passing over it.

That\'s because the players were able to only fly 10 meters past any surface.

This entailed that it was possible to fly horizontally with the tsunami but impossible to do so if it had a moonlike curve extending outward!

That\'s why no one bothered to attempt and pass over the 1st Tsunami since it had already been developed to its maximum height and already had a curve.

Though, it seemed that the game had made the tsunami unable to fall on them even though it reached its peak so the players wouldn\'t get killed when it fall over their heads.

They did it!

Good ** Nocturn!

Haha! That bastard\'s loss is secured now!

I can\'t wait to see his expression!

As expected, those two had gone past it successfully under the cheers of Dallas and the viewers.

Their speed and close distance made it appear easier than it should have been.

It\'s Landlord\'s turn! Is he going to achieve the same or flop Dallas tightened his fists and said eagerly, I for one can\'t wait to find out!


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