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Felix didn\'t bother to even glance at the boulders bridge as he did the unexpected by lying down on his blue sandy path.

While he was lying down on his stomach, he had his arm extended forward, continuing to pump out blue sand without an issue!


Landlord\'s speed had further increased yet again! Dallas commentated, It seemed like the peacefulness of the sea is the perfect place to pull off this posture!

Everyone was smart enough to realize that relying on this posture in the city was nothing but asking for trouble.

However, in this zone Felix\'s kept wheezing by unhindered, bridging the gap slightly every second!

\'If only those bastards were fighting each other.\'

Felix cursed while focusing on the five frontrunners, who were too close to each other yet no one was throwing a single ability!

He figured out that it was highly likely for them to be in alliance.

He didn\'t know its terms but he believed that none of them would turn on each other until the last 5 kilometers or 2 kilometers!

\'Queen, show me the ranking.\' Felix requested.


1) Valkyrie\'s Cry

2) Dreams Nocturn

3) The Speedster

3) Shadow Hound

4) Bladetaur

5) The Summoner

6) Unpaid Landlord.

7) The Last Soul


39) Holy Grail.//

\'So 39 players are still alive.\' Felix thought while glancing behind him.

Immediately after, he noticed that a pack of players was chasing after him from distance away.

It appeared that most of them were totally fine as their speed was still good enough to keep them in the marathon.

No one was weirded out by this as everyone had figured out that the earthquakes and building collapsing might sound like the apocalypse but for peak 2nd stage bloodliners It would not get them killed that easily.

If it wasn\'t for so, the game wouldn\'t have included those disasters as they had no intentions of massacring everyone right off the bat. 

The only reason the rest of the players died was either due to the beasts or other players interfering in their escape and survivability.

\'They wouldn\'t be a problem to me.\' Felix focused back in front and requested, \'Asna remind me of those 5 players\' abilities.\'

Asna munched on a snack while informing him about their abilities.

It took her a short while to finish since she had to give a short explanation of each ability.

Felix still remembers a couple of abilities but not all of them.

\'They should slow down eventually.

Otherwise, they wouldn\'t be able to reach the finish line.\'

Felix reasoned this based on their information as Asna had told him that their speed was based on abilities and not a mutation.

This meant, their elemental energy was the one taking the hit instead of their stamina.

Since they had entered some fights with beasts on their way to the beacon, it was expected that it wouldn\'t be enough to let them sprint from the start to the end.

Hence, Felix simply kept chasing behind them, waiting patiently for them to slow down.

The Marathon had entered a stalemate. Dallas asked with a faint smile, But for how long

Seconds went by then minutes, the players had already crossed a couple of kilometers on the sea or under the sea, yet no sight of land could be seen.

Everyone was slowly getting agitated as they knew that the sea peacefulness wouldn\'t last forever.

If the timing of the disaster was the same as the city zone, then it should be happening right now.

Hence, Felix kept vigilance to the max, focusing mostly in front of him and at the sides, knowing that it was impossible for the Tsunami to strike from behind.

Sure enough, a long black line had emerged in the horizons, making Felix narrow his eyes in focus at it.

A couple of seconds later, that line got bigger and continued to grow in Felix\'s eyesight until his heart skipped a beat after knowing that it was finally here!

The 1st obstacle of the 2nd zone is here! THE GREAT TSUNAMI!

Dallas shouted while extending his hand at the screen that wasn\'t showing the players but a towering tsunami, reaching at least 500 meters in height!!

It was even taller than the Empire State Building, making it possible for this tsunami to fully drawn out Newyork city if it got hit!

Holy **! How the hell are they going to survive that!

Hahaha, this is too exhilarating!

Switch the camera to the players! I want to see their expressions!

Dallas didn\'t need to be told by the viewers as he had split the camera into two, showing both the tsunami and the players.

By now, the tsunami was visible to even the players behind Felix.

Hence, their expressions were priceless when they realized that they were literally in the middle of nowhere while getting stormed by almost half a kilometer tsunami!

When Dallas told them about the sea zone obstacles, he mentioned tsunamis!

But they never expected that it was going to have such a horrifying size that would put other tsunamis to shame!

Yet, before they lost their cool, they looked at the large boulders and their eyes brightened up.

They instantly figured out that the boulders must be strong enough to withstand the tsunami\'s power since the game wasn\'t going to leave them without a way out!

Thus, every player had rushed to secure one boulder for himself!

Felix also dropped down to the biggest boulder near him and quickly tested its hardness by hitting it with his enlarged tail.


The noise produced was loud alright, but the results were satisfactory as the boulder\'s surface only ended receiving tiny cracks that were not even an inch long.

Upon seeing so, Felix hastily climbed down to the boulder\'s base that was way thicker than its peak.

Then, he snapped a finger, forcing out pitch-black sand from his pores.

He quickly controlled them by mental energy to encase himself with the boulder!

Landlord is not taking any chances. Dallas said, He decided to add another layer of protection! For those who don\'t know...That black sand is ten times tougher than normal sand!

Not much reacted to the information since by now, the news of Felix\'s three known attributed sand had already been out in public for months.

Hence the moment Felix used his black sand, his intentions were understood!

But, he ended up still surpassing their expectations as Felix took another step and hardened his black sand with his hands and legs still clasping into the boulder!

That made him get instantly affixed in his place without having his head and torso getting affected!

\'That should be more than enough to survive it.\' Felix thought while stopping releasing sand.

He had full control of when to release or stop.

But if he decided to deactivate it, everything would disappear.

\'Let\'s check on others.\' Felix turned on his infrared and x-ray vision and focused on the five frontrunners.

He saw that all of them were somewhat in the same position as him, hanging in the air.

He couldn\'t see exactly what abilities or strategies they used to reinforce their defense, but he felt that it wasn\'t going to be as good as him.

After all, Speedster was a lightning Elementalist while Valkyrie was a wind Elementalist and the rest also had elements related to movement speed or offense, unlike Felix\'s sand element.

Only The summoner was a Metal Elementalist and Felix felt that he shouldn\'t be affected as badly as the others.

\'There is a high chance that most of them will end up thrown underwater.

That might not kill them but it will definitely delay them immensely!\' Felix smirked faintly, \'That would be my chance to catch up to them or even surpass them!\'

Whooosh Whoosh!

Felix\'s thought process was interrupted by the raging sound of the wind, making him feel like he was nearby a tornado!

This was an indication that the great tsunami was right upon them!

Neither Felix nor the player knew its exact position due to the boulder hindering their vision.

But the viewers were fully aware of what was going on and they couldn\'t help but either cheer or pray for their idols\' safety.

The great tsunami is about to reach the frontrunners! Dallas stood up and stared deeply at the five players who were each using a unique method to clasp tightly to the boulder.

But when the tsunami towered over them like a god, even the players themselves didn\'t believe that was going to be enough!

\'Shit! Shit Shit!\' Speedster kept cursing with cold sweat coursing all over his body.

He already stopped looking at the Tsunami as he made sure to close his eyes and affix his head with the boulder to not freak himself.

The rest could only do the same because they knew that if they saw the Tsunami now, their hearts would probably stop beating!


Everything had been engulfed inside the tsunami\'s belly, making it impossible for the viewers to see if the frontrunners had been cast away or were still holding the boulder!

But Dallas was prepared for this as he made sure to highlight the players\' bodies with a red aura! This shocked the viewers alike as they had noticed three red bodies flailing randomly while inside the tsunami that had yet to stop!

They appeared like they had been caught in the current without any way to save themselves out of it! When Dallas highlighted the names of those caught, their idols let out despairing cries as they knew that the game was over for them.

The c.o.c.ky Speedster was one of them...Sure, he was the fastest on the ground, but this wasn\'t a race but an obstacle marathon!

Only those who prevailed to the finish line had a shot at emerging victorious! 

Splosh Splosh!...

Before long, the great tsunami reached the pitch-black boulder where Felix was taking cover!

Without lifting his head, Felix knew that it was upon him...literally!

Olivia, Robert, and the rest held their breaths in nervousness while staring without a blink at the tsunami that was only a couple of meters away from Felix!

Before they could pray for his survival, the pitch-black boulder had disappeared out of sight just like the rest.

Against mother nature, everyone was equal to her wrath and it was time for Felix to have a small taste!


A quick announcement: Tomorrow, I will be taking a day off to take a breather from writing and also take care of some private matters.

Hence, I will not be releasing chapters.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: Don\'t crucify me o(╥﹏╥)o


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