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Unfortunately, before he regained his balance, the wall he was leaning against ended up splitting into two halves, resulting in Felix falling downward with the building\'s rubble from 50 meters!

Felix!! Olivia screamed in fear at the sight.

However, before the others could even share the same worry as her, Felix had emerged from within flying rubbles with merely a dirty T-shirt and messy hair.

Yet, no one was focusing on those things, as they were shellshocked by the sight of him surfing on a blue sandy path in f*cking midair!!

They could see that Felix was pumping blue sand in front of him from his extended palm while bending down on it, appearing like a true surfer!

He kept controlling his pathing to avoid the collapsing buildings, dodging left and right while punching other rocks aiming at his head!

He is actually surfing on the sand while in the air! What the f*ck is that ability!

How...How is he doing that!

Is that another ability! God damn it! How many ones does he have!!

While the viewers were pulling their hair in agitation and bewilderment at the mindblowing sight, Dallas\'s thoughts were jumping around rapidly, trying his best to find out the reason and commentate on the scene!

It didn\'t take him even a split second before connecting Felix\'s abilities used to create that image.

He is not using a new ability but merging two abilities and one attributed sand! He commentated passionately.

If he knew the abilities\' names he would have used them.

But his conclusion was correct as Felix was currently relying on his *Desert Domain* ability and anti-gravitational sand to create a path mid-air that would keep floating for at least an hour! 

Yet, the most important ability was actually his passive *Sand Surfing* since without it, Felix would merely be able to sprint and that was nowhere as fast as what he was demonstrating to the viewers. 

Felix created this combination in his training for this marathon as he was looking for ways to increase his speed in different environments.

He understood that he wasn\'t going to be the fastest and he had to work hard to seek a path to victory!

This technique was his fruit!

However, it had a fatal weakness.

Energy consumption!

Felix could control the amount of sand he wants to emit and from which part of his body during the activation of his *Desert Domain*.

But, the sand released would always remain on the field until he either leaves its range or he deactivates his ability personally.

Felix couldn\'t do the latter since he would straightway plunge down to the ground!

That\'s why Felix didn\'t plan on using it so early as he preferred keeping it until the 2nd zone!

Nevertheless, the Moonlight Wolf did a great job by crossing more than 70% of the city zone distance.

There wasn\'t much left and Felix could finally go all out in his speed without worrying about his energy screwing him over!

Rumble!!! Rumble!!


Give us a break!

F*ck!! The Skyscr.a.p.ers are getting affected by the 3rd earthquake! RUN!!

Following the emergence of the 3rd earthquake, the players frustrated and despaired cries resounded in the city as every one of them was using their best ability to escape the city, not caring about energy consumption or any other bull**!

Especially when they saw that the skyscr.a.p.ers were actually trembling while long cracks were running down their walls!

A moment later, glass windows started shattering one by one, raining sharp glass pieces from above on the players and beasts!

Meanwhile, Felix was also getting showered from above by he didn\'t bother dodging those glass pieces since the blue sand had created an umbrella above him that was keeping him protected.

He simply focused on the collapsing buildings in front of him, fearing that he might get buried underneath one.

If only it was possible to fly hundreds of meters in the air with the anti-gravitational attributed sand, Felix would have done it in a heartbeat.

Alas, his blue sand gets affected heavily the further it was from land.

Even if it wasn\'t for this, Felix couldn\'t fly beyond ten meters due to the rules enforced in this game to keep it somewhat fair for everyone.

What\'s the point of calling an obstacles marathon when the players with flying abilities could just pass through the course from hundreds of meters in the air

One more player had been buried under the rubble. Dallas shook his head while highlighting that player\'s gruesome death.

The reason he shook his head was because the player had been ambushed by another player after he saw that he was heavily wounded.

This showed that everyone and everything was aiming to get to you in the city and that the players would not hesitate to take advantage of one\'s misfortune even in this situation.

Let\'s see how our frontrunners are coping.

Dallas switched the camera quickly to the four frontrunners and realized that three of them were only 3 kilometers away from the beacon while the 4th one was lagging behind.

If he had to guess, he would say that they would exit the city in under 1 minute! When he switched to Felix, he saw that he still had 5 kilometers between him and the beacon.

However, with his new method of racing, his speed had increased substantially and Dallas had believed that Felix could cross that distance in under 3 minutes!

This meant he was behind the frontrunners by only 2 minutes! The best part, his energy pool was still full, unlike the frontrunners who must have lost 30% already if they were using abilities.

Even if they were using mutations, they would still get physically tired!

Crash! Shatter!...

The hell Is the city built from paper Felix couldn\'t help but complain after seeing a couple of skyscr.a.p.ers submit to nature, falling into the ground!

Some fell horizontally without creating too much mess while some fell to the side, scaring the ** of the players and beasts who were in their path!

Thankfully, the players were fast enough to leave the contact area.

When Felix focused in front of him and saw the shaking skyscr.a.p.ers blocking his path, he couldn\'t help but dread that one of them would end up falling now or after he passed by them.

The worse part, he couldn\'t really go around them since that would delay him immensely and he might still end up being near another skyscr.a.p.er.

After all, the city was full of them appearing just like downtown Newyork.

\'I need to speed past them before they fall apart!\' After making his decision, Felix bent down even further to reduce wind resistance.

He also stopped attacking the flying rocks and such, leaving his blue sand to take of it.

Just like a guardian, the sand kept slapping away every projectile without affecting Felix\'s speed.

Landlord is speeding to the beacon through three skyscr.a.p.ers! Dallas zoomed out on Felix, putting him as well as the shaking three skyscr.a.p.ers in a single frame!

That allowed the viewers to see from above Felix\'s safe emergence from two skyscr.a.p.ers.

Olivia and the rest sighed in relief at the sight and couldn\'t help but cheer afterward as they could see that it was almost a smooth journey to the beacon from there on!

Due to Landlord\'s ballsy move, he managed to secure the 6th r...


Before Dallas could finish his proclamation, he ended up jinxing it as those three skyscr.a.p.ers had all collapsed at once!

One of them could be seen collapsing on itself but the other two were falling sideways!

The viewers ignored the one that was falling in the opposite direction of Felix and placed their unwarranted attention on the last skyscr.a.p.er that was falling over Felix!!

Since he was only ten meters above ground, the skyscr.a.p.er had darkened the sky for Felix! If it wasn\'t for its destroyed glass windows, not a single ray of light would have reached him!

\'F*ck me!!\' 

Knowing that it was impossible to outrun its collapse, Felix waved his extended palm to the left, creating a blue sandy path that was leading outside of the skyscr.a.p.er\'s range!

Whoosh Whoosh! Thud!...

Desks, chairs, tables, and the rest of the furniture inside the skyscr.a.p.er were raining from above on Felix!

They were exiting from the wide-open windows of each floor!

There were hundreds of them, making Felix having a tough time evading everything while also keeping up his speed!

Thankfully, his blue sand was constantly punching out those objects, relieving him from the stress of dealing with everything at once!

\'You can do it Felix!\' Asna cheered him on as she could hear that his heart was beating out of his chest while his thoughts had nothing but a pragmatic view of the clearest path to safety!

His golden pupils had already been expanded to the limits, marking his constant activation of 1st Class.e.m.e.nt.

In this deadly situation, Felix was relying on the ultraviolent vision as it allowed him to see everything in almost white and black, removing those annoying colors, sunrays..etc from affecting his vision!

Where is he!! Dallas yelled while leaning closer to his table mic.

His sudden shout was understandable as the camera had ended up losing sight of Felix due to the chaotic situation!

This left everyone furious and also distressed about what\'s going on!

Was Felix going to make it outside They all thought!

BOOOM!! Shatter!!

Alas, the skyscr.a.p.er had ended up reaching the ground raising a humongous cloud of dust.

Yet, Felix was nowhere to be seen!

Before anyone could react to the situation, a gleaming blue light had broken out from the dust cloud!

The camera instantly focused on it, making the viewers exclaim in astonishment at the sight of a giant blue sphere that was withdrawing slowly!

When the sand finally returned to its original place, Felix was exposed in the open, showing his dirty face, hair, and clothes that were already slightly ripped apart!

Regardless of his **ty appearance, the viewers were drawn to his confident smirk as he simply placed one hand in his short\'s pocket and kept the other extended, creating a path to the beacon!


As always! Landlord never fails to demonstrate his resolve to gaining victory! Dallas commentated passionately.

Yet, this time the viewers didn\'t all explode in cheers as they were still hating on Felix and no matter how amazing his plays appeared, they weren\'t going to show a single ounce of support!

Though, his loyal fans didn\'t hesitate to show their support by chanting his name as loud as possible.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s heart was about to leap out of his throat from fright! That c.o.c.ky smirk was merely a front as he was truly scared **less from getting engulfed in the rubble!

Although he knew that he wouldn\'t die, he was still would be badly wounded.

In this marathon, getting wounded was the same as giving up on the game!

\'If this was merely the 1st zone, I wonder how hellish the 2nd and 3rd one would be.\' Felix narrowed his eyes, \'I am currently at 6th rank and if I managed to reach the Damnation Desert while staying this close to the frontrunners, it\'s going to be my win!\'

The moment that thought resounded in his mind, Felix had emerged outside of the city\'s gate and was met with the sight of a peaceful sea that had a bridge made out of large separated boulders.

When he focused deeply on the horizon, he noticed five little black dots either flying or jumping on those boulders.

The frontrunners were finally within his eyesight!


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