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Trying to be cute A stunning girl snorted in displeasure.

She was tall and had thick curly hair that hanged a little bit below her shoulders.

It was dark brown with a few caramel-colored stalks.

Miss Valkyrie, am I not already cute Felix replied, smiling.

I only feel disgusted when I look at your face. Valkyrie\'s Cry curled her lips and said, You have something that could benefit the entire human race yet you are keeping it for yourself without an ounce of shame.

You dare try to act cute with us

F*cking selfish bastard.

I swear if he was placed next to me, I will break all of his limbs.

The rest of the players either glared at Felix or totally ignored him and went to chill in the corner.

Not everyone had the tendency to waste their breaths without a purpose.

Aren\'t you a feisty one Felix walked towards her with a charming smile.

When he reached her face, he rubbed his chin and said, Do you want to kill me

No. Valkyrie\'s Cry smiled coldly, But I will make sure to hurt you badly in the game.

That\'s generous from you. Felix nodded his head at her in appreciation and walked to the corner.

When he passed by her ears, he whispered soft, I on the other hand won\'t hesitate to cleave your head off.

The stunning girl felt her heart skip a beat at the sound of that.

She would be lying if she said that Felix didn\'t scare her.

Probably every bloodliner in the room was afraid of him one way or another due to his wide range of abilities.

But most importantly, due to ending up killing him in the games!

Everyone sure hates Felix for keeping the information to himself but no one wanted him dead since he was the only one with it in their eyes.

If he ended up getting killed at the hands of this stunning girl, she would definitely receive an outrage like no other for robbing the human race of the opportunity to advance.

As long as Felix keeps the information to himself, he would not get killed.


Before Felix could reach the hall\'s corner, a flash of light appeared behind his back, making him turn around.

\'Oh the MC arrived early this time.\' Felix thought while gazing at a tall slender man wearing a white tuxedo and a bowtie.

He had a strict expression on, appearing like a teacher supervising a test.

Quieten down. The slender man said strictly, My name is Dallas Lamon and I will be your judge this evening.

The players dropped the matter about Felix and focused on Dallas.

While Felix didn\'t know about him since he never judged a game of his before, some players were quite familiar with him.

They knew that he hated two things from the players, wasting his time and talking over him.

As long as one respects those two, they were golden in his eyes.

Shall we begin Dallas said while clicking on a button.

The large screen descended and was already turned on, displaying the rules of the game.

Dallas pointed at number four and said, The track course has 3 zones that were picked randomly.

Let\'s start with the first one.

The moment he said so, the screen had switched to showing a futuristic modern city with smooth metallic skyscr.a.p.ers and smaller sizes building erected all around the place.

Meanwhile, on the ground, there was not a soul walking by, making the city appear like a ghost city!

ROAR! Screee!!..

Alas, that impression had changed immediately after the player\'s ears picked the roars of beasts echoing in the deserted streets of the city.

Without needing to guess, everyone knew that beasts must be swarming in the buildings or even in the sewers!

This is 1st zone, The Beastial City. Dallas snapped his finger and the two bright beacons had emerged from two endings of the city\'s wall.

One was red and the other was blue.

The red one had the word \'Start\' rotating around it, making it hard to miss.

The other had \'Finish\'.

The marathon will begin 500 meters before the start beacon and outside of the city walls.

The moment the marathon begins you are required to simply cross the finish line of the Beastial City and continue on to the 2nd zone. Dallas explained.

Before we jump into the 2nd zone, let me show you the starting line. Dallas said while zooming on a white line that had 65 stations standing on it and keeping two meters distance from each other.

Each station was separated from its sister by two translucent walls, making it appear like the starting line was connected but in reality, the players couldn\'t mix at all.

Felix understood that starting line was done like this to give a chance for the players to decide whether they wanted to be the forerunners or not.

The marathon was obviously not going to end in half an hour since to pass through just the city, it would take at least 15 minutes of constant running.

Don\'t even mention the rest of the zones.

For such a dangerous marathon, the players were given the freedom to decide how to run it.

If you want to stay in your station until everyone has left, you can totally do so. Dallas mentioned, If you want to ignore the marathon and camp someone\'s station, you can also do so.

But, you can\'t enter each other\'s stations.

The moment he said so, most players aimed at Felix with a hidden glint, making him smirk in amus.e.m.e.nt.

\'Trying to scare me\'

Felix understood that no one would actually camp his station if he decided to give everyone a headstart.

After all, this game was probably going to reward the winner with at least 40 billion SC due to the 3% streaming revenue.

Nothing matters for the players here besides securing the win!

Hence, no one was retarded to waste his time dealing with Felix when 40 billion SC was on the line!

Moving on. Dallas snapped his finger and the screen had returned to the city.

He zoomed on a building\'s entrance, showing them a white mirror-like screen, and said, Those are teleportation portals placed in random buildings.

The moment you enter one, you instantly get teleported to the roof of that said building.

\'Intersting concept.\' Felix pondered, \'It will make it easier to travel the city from a roof to another.\'

Felix\'s thoughts were shared by most players.

Lastly, the 2nd obstacle of the zone would be earthquakes occurring once in a while. Dallas warned, Don\'t understimate their strength.

Seeing that the players were taking his words seriously, Dallas snapped his finger and said, That should be it for the 1st zone.

Let\'s move to the next one.

The players focused on the large screen after noticing that the camera was heading to the \'finish\' beacon.

After it reached it, they were shocked to find out that behind the city walls, there was a peaceful sea, stretching to the horizon.

On the sea, there was a long straight line made from large grey boulders! Each boulder was further than the other by five to ten meters, making the players realize that they were looking at their new track!

This is the 2nd zone, The Rocky Path. Dallas said with a leveled tone.

\'Sigh, water again\' Felix smiled bitterly.

Although he won a water-based game, he still hated this environment due to his elements.

Unlike him, there were some players who were laughing in excitement, not bothering to hide their delight at landing in an environment that was beneficial to them.

Dallas didn\'t care about any of the players\' reactions as he kept explaining, You will be required to cross the entire sea.

I don\'t care if you used the Rocky Path, dove in the water and swam, or even flew 10 meters above the water surface.

Cross it and you will reach the 3rd zone.

The Water Elementalists grinned even wider after hearing so.

Alas, their grin quickly stiffened after hearing Dallas mention calmly, Do notice that the sea will not be this peaceful throughout your journey.

There will be Tsunamis occurring once in a while.

That\'s all Dallas needed to say to turn most of those players\' excitement into dread!

They understood that Tsunamis weren\'t affecting just the surface but also underwater due to the current.

Hence, the moment they get caught in one while underwater, they would be pushed back to the starting line.

It was depending on the Tsunami\'s strength though.

Dallas pointed at the screen that was showing a leveled grass field that was connected with the other side of the sea.

He informed, After you cross this zone, you will be given 1 kilometer of smooth land that had no obstacle or dangers in it.

\'That\'s good to hear.\'

\'After those two zones, we will truly need a breather.\'

\'It\'s probably for players who also want to give up midway without worrying about getting killed.\'

The players\' reaction to the grass field was positive as it was truly a well-needed break before they jump into the next danger zone.

Honestly, since battles weren\'t forbidden in the grass field, Felix believed that it wouldn\'t be much of a breather if the players were too close to each other.

Last but not least.

Dallas expanded the view of the camera, allowing the players to see the entire grass field and what was waiting for them at the other side.

The moment they saw it, they looked at Felix reflexively and saw that a wicked grin was shaping up in his face.

Shivers coursed in their spine at his expression.

This is the 3rd zone and the last one that is connecting to the finish line. Dallas extended his hand at a golden desert and said indifferently, Welcome to The Damnation Desert.


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