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He understood that there were at least 20 Wormholes expressways that were leading to the empire and some kingdoms.

That without mentioning the VIP ones.

Do it, we need to be close when his spaceship licence get checked in the queue. She said, Just bribe the employees to keep a close eye on either Landlord\'s name or Felix\'s name.

He must have registered it as one of them.

But Madam, if he used the VIP expressway, he wouldn\'t be stopped to get checked as he could just enter the wormhole and leave the mercenary spacesh.i.p.s behind. The subordinate said.

After hearing so, the Chief and the rest glanced at each other and saw the gloominess in each other\'s eyes.

They understood that unless they knew Felix\'s spaceship, they would have a very slim chance of capturing him in space.

The only chance they got was by Felix using the normal expressway that had days and days of queue time.

But if he went with the VIP expressway He was a goner.

In their eyes, that\'s only if Felix even bothered to leave the Alexander Kingdom as he could easily pick any primitive planet\'s coordinates that were accessible to the public and hide there unbeknownst to anyone.

Hence, the moment Felix decided to leave the planet, they knew that it was almost impossible to capture him unless he made a fatal mistake.

They doubt that would happen anytime soon.

Just tell them to keep an eye out in the next months. Zosia waved the hologram away after saying so.

She didn\'t want to commit to this plan since the mercenaries weren\'t cheap to hire and because she was hiring quite alot, that would take a great toll on the alliance\'s capital.

Alright, let\'s see what we can do about his requests.


Meanwhile, in the Androxa Capital...Felix was chilling on the bed while reading the newest article that was placed in the SG Trending News List.

Unsurprisingly, he had hit the number 1 trending news in the Mariana empire, stealing the spotlight from players two ranks above him!

As for the Galaxy-wide trending news He reached 10th place and was still climbing fiercely aiming for number 1!

When Felix saw the reaction of most people to his exposure, he realized that it was mostly negative.

The majority was calling him a selfish prick who found a way to improve the human race bloodline\'s system but was keeping it to himself.

The comments on the articles were dripping with toxicity even his poison immunity was having difficulty stomaching in it.

Everyone wanted answers and the interview invitations Felix was receiving had made his agent Emma\'s brain short circuit as she couldn\'t read even 1% of them.

Naturally, she was just as shocked as the rest about Felix\'s identity but she didn\'t have time to think about anything before getting slammed by work.

The Fanclub\'s popularity had exploded following Felix, almost freezing the website from the traffic it received all at once.

Previously, Felix had utmost tens of millions of fans joining the club, but now It was already past 200 million fans and no signs of stopping had been shown yet!

Emma had to deal with this plus Felix\'s email and lastly his upcoming \'Landlord\' clothing brand! How could she have time to even breathe

That\'s why Felix gave her permission to hire assistants that she deemed worthy to help her.

He made sure to tell her to hide her real identity as well as her assistance so they wouldn\'t get targeted by those after him.

After all, they could easily kidnap them and attempt to force Felix out of his hiding.

He even gave Emma a way out by canceling the contract between them but Emma refused it vehemently. 

Above her job, she was Felix\'s number one fan and for a fanatic like her, there was no way she would leave when things get dirty!

Meanwhile, Felix\'s Primo Investment Company wasn\'t touched by any of this since Felix hadn\'t registered it by his full name or had mentioned anything to Mr.

Igris about his real identity or Landlord.

So, it remained isolated from him and Felix wanted to leave it like this since the business world was all about opportunities and relations.

He didn\'t want to mess the relations part by getting his mess to the company.

Lastly, Erik and Mirak didn\'t have an idea before about Felix\'s identity since he had told them just his name in the auction.

But after they noticed that they were heading to planet Earth, it wasn\'t really hard for them to connect the dots.

They would be lying if they said they weren\'t scared **less to have relations to Felix...The most wanted bloodliner in the galaxy currently.

But...At the heart of it, they were still his slaves and they needed to obey his orders.

Plus, they were somewhat eager to receive a mythical bloodline of their own since they believed that Felix wouldn\'t get stingy with them when he paid almost 10 billion SC to buy them.

Felix didn\'t tell them yet about the bottles he was preparing for them.

He simply gave them an order to protect his grandfather at all costs during their stay on the planet.

Felix was planning on keeping Malak with his Grandfather while he takes Erik with him to the Forsythia Witch Empire since he knew that Erik was too unreliable with such an important matter.

Naturally, Felix wasn\'t going to let him come to the Forsythia Witch Empire until he reached Vamdarohm.

After all, he would be exposing his destination and Felix wasn\'t willing to take any chances.

The only reason he wasn\'t worried about his Wanted status was due to the Forsythia Witch Empire.

He understood that the moment he reached the empire, he would be safe from anyone\'s aggression since Lady Sphinx wasn\'t going to let anyone touch him on her turf when he was a valuable research project!

Hence, he only needed to keep his guard up for the next month and a half until he leaves the Milky Way Galaxy.

Should I spin the wheel for the 5th game now Felix pondered, Since I am exposed, I can go all out in my sand and also poison abilities.

That should net me an easy win.

Hold it right there child. Abruptly, the Jörmungandr voice resounded in his mind.

Is something wrong elder Felix asked in confusion.

Come inside. The Jörmungandr said calmly, I want to talk to you about something.

Right away.

Felix didn\'t know what he wanted from him as he rarely if not ever called him like this.

Hence, he was quite intrigued.


Elders, stupid Asna. Felix greeted with a head nod the Jörmungandr, Lady Sphinx, and Asna who were sitting at a round table, playing black jack with round grey ch.i.p.s.

The table was placed next to Lady Sphinx house which was a moderate-sized grey-colored pyramid.

Upon seeing it, Felix started to believe that he was getting more and more like a real Landlord!

He didn\'t dare to imagine how his consciousness space would be after he reaches the 6th stage of replacement!

Numbed, he sat next to them and waited a couple of minutes until the game ended in Lady Sphinx\'s favor.

Tsk, you must have been calculating the numbers. The Jörmungandr clicked his tongue in criticism while throwing his cards on the table.

Oh my Weren\'t you doing the same as well Lady Sphinx giggled while pulling all the ch.i.p.s at the side of her table.

Meanwhile, Felix could only pity Asna who seemed shocked by their conversation.

Honestly, what did she expect from those two who were from the snake species and the cat species

Cheating and trickery were the norms.

If Lady Sphinx wasn\'t banned from using her truth eyes, the Jörmungandr wouldn\'t have stood a chance.

Let\'s carry on later. The Jörmungandr turned his focus to Felix and said solemnly, You should not expose your poison manipulation in your next games.

Oh Felix said in confusion, But it is a foregone conclusion that I have it.

The video caught me using a cloud of corruption aura without mentioning other poison abilities like Poison bombs, Toxic claws...etc.

They may not conclude it right from the start but they would eventually find out about it.

I know. The Jörmungandr said, But I don\'t want you to expose it since the other primogenitors would find out about it and know that I am attempting to join the Primogenitors games.

Wait what Felix was left baffled by what he said.

Since you have finished dealing with most of your issues, I guess it\'s time to tell you about it. The Jörmungandr narrowed his slits at Felix and asked, Child, are you willing to be my champion


Yes, you will represent me and the poison element in the Universal Supremacy Games against other champions representing other Primogenitors.

Stunned, Felix\'s eyes widened as he kept looking at the Jörmungandr\'s solemn expression, making him realize that he was talking for real.

Upon seeing his confusion, the Jörmungandr decided to summarize what Lady Sphinx told him about the primogenitors, champions, stakes...ect

By the time he finished, Felix felt like the world had been flipped upside down as the amount of information were too much for him to handle!

Most Primogenitors were still alive and actually betting on champions in the games while watching behind the shadows!

This changed his perspective about everything, especially the Supremacy Games and the Alliance as a whole!

Were the Primogenotires the real masterminds behind the top ten races in the alliance or they just wanted to remain hidden and entertain themselves with the games! So many questions like these coursed in his mind.

So You wanna represent me and show them that the Ragnarok Bringer is still alive or not The Jörmungandr asked.

Elder do you have to ask Felix punched his palm in eagerness and said, What do I need to do!


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