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Although Felix never bothered himself with potioning and substance creation, he was still fully aware of how a potion concoction lab appeared like from the network.

Lady Sphinx lab was no different than the one he saw, besides a couple of differences.

The main materials and equipment were all there.

There was one medium-sized citric yellow cauldron with silver inscriptions sitting above a circular wooden table that had one hole in its center.

There were two more normal-looking wooden tables sandwiching the circular table.

The table on the right was filled with transparent glassware of unique sizes.

Felix recognized a few of them like a round-bottomed flask, filter funnel, and long tubes.

Some of them were filled with liquid while others were empty.

Meanwhile, on the other table, there were small vials filled with different colored drops of liquid and lifeform materials, ranging from plants to living lifeforms.

Unlike the lab he saw, this one was clean, neat, and organized so well he had a feeling that Lady Sphinx had either an OCD or she just loved keeping her space neat.

Yet, he soon shook those distracting thoughts as the idea of another race or entity able to concoct potions was too hard to believe!

Felix knew what needed to concoct a potion and how it\'s done since the witches had released some public info about their potion-making system like what the Dwarven did.

Does she know another method to concoct potions Felix got excited just by the thought of it as it meant that there was a chance for even him a human to concoct potions!!

He was soon about to find out his answer as Lady Sphinx had started the process by picking up a couple of materials from the table and throwing them together into the empty citric cauldron.

After so, she walked to the end of the other table and picked a half-full flask that had a different measurement system engraved on the glass.

17.4 Li of the sacred scorpiana blood should be good enough as a catalyst to speed up the explosive negative reaction of the Glacial Dragon finger and the Two-Petalled Flower. Lady Sphinx murmured softly while pouring the flask slowly into the cauldron.

After she poured it to the last drop, she closed the cauldron\'s lid and pressed a black button on the side of the circular table.


White gentle flames emerged from under the cauldron, coming from the hole of the circular table.

The sight appeared as Lady Sphinx had just turned on the oven to cook some rice.

But seeing the brightened up cauldron\'s silver inscriptions brought the mystery of potion concoction back.

Let\'s leave it for...Uhmm, 1 minute should be a safe gauge for the next attempts in case this one failed. Lady Sphinx said, making Felix break out of his engrossment and cry in despair.

Asna, please tell me that this memory scene will last for more than a minute. He inquired with a beseeching tone.

Nope! Asna broke his dreams apart without even glancing at him.

Truly, the memory scene had ended after three seconds, leaving Felix with no tears to cry and a load of questions still unanswered.

Sigh, everything that she had displayed could be done by anyone. Felix smiled bitterly, The method she uses during the melding of the main ingredient and subsidiary was the thing I wanted to see.

Felix knew that method was what separated combining materials and getting a load of crap and getting a potion or substance out of them.

So far only the witches could use the only known method due to their innate trait.

\'Whatever, at least I knew that Lady Sphinx could concoct potions.\' Felix comforted himself and prepared for the next memory scene.

Alas, it turned out that his unlucky strike continued as the next couple of scenes were somewhat useless to him.

Some of them displayed Lady Sphinx roaming the universe and most of them showed that she was reading a book written in an unfamiliar language.

When Felix had asked Asna to translate the content of some pages, he was left confused as most of the terms were foreign to him.

There were theories about space-time, dimensional slits, anti-energy, and more high-leveled ** that even the Jörmungandr was left scratching his cheek in confusion at them.

At least we knew why she was being referred to as the Guardian of Knowledge.

Felix was left in veneration after knowing that Lady Sphinx had probably read an infinite number of books from the fact that most of the memories scenes were just her reading in tranquility.

She truly proved the saying that knowledge is an ocean that has no coast.

Felix admired her will to gain knowledge even though she was probably already trillions of times more knowledgeable than the average person.

After an hour of looking through those repetitive scenes, Felix\'s eyes had regained their focus after the screen finally displayed a different scene.

Before he could focus on it, Asna paused and informed lazily, This is the last one by the way.

For real Felix exclaimed, They are way fewer than what we got from the elder.

It\'s because I have edited most of it. Asan confessed, I removed like 6 hours of memories that were just about her reading.

That\'s unlucky. Felix sighed and gestured with his fingers for her to play it.

The moment the scene brightened up, Felix was left in confusion and doubt after seeing that the world had turned grey and gloomy like Lady Sphinx had just stepped into a graveyard.

What the f*ck!! IS THAT A GHOST

Felix exclaimed in disbelief while pointing his shaky finger at the image of a spiritual body belonging to a scorpion half-ling that had just passed by Lady Sphinx\'s eyes.

The ghost was white and somewhat transparent.

He had deadpan eyes, appearing like he was unresponsive to anything.

So this is the Spiritual World Lady Sphinx murmured while glancing around in curiosity.

Fascinating, spirits have been roaming in my labs for so long and I have yet to notice any of them even though my senses are at their finest.

Upon hearing the Spiritual World term, the Jörmungandr raised his eyebrows in surprise, Didn\'t think that odd-ball had found a way to access it.

Elder, you know something about it Felix asked in intrigue, feeling quite agitated to know more about those matters that he had never known about even with the existence of the network.

Asna paused the screen to listen as well since the world of spirits had a large connection with the only member of her race that could help her split her soul from Felix without drawbacks!

Well, I only heard rumors since my friends\' circle didn\'t have anyone with relation to spirits, souls, and such. The Jörmungandr rubbed his goati and recalled, A friend of mine told me once that the universe we are living in is being referred to as the Matter Universe.

Mirroring it was the Spiritual Universe that was exactly the same but was habitable only by spirits of the dead.

Felix felt like his mind was blown away by such a piece of information that he never thought was even possible.

He always believed that there was an afterlife of some sort, but he never considered it to be an actual universe that was mirroring the one of the living!

Are those spirits intelligent Felix asked with a fl.u.s.tered expression, I mean could they have their own civilizations, cultures, systems, and such

That I don\'t know. The Jörmungandr smiled faintly, But seeing that odd-ball entering it, she must have gathered quite alot of information about it.

Let\'s see first what she saw in it. Felix said while focusing back on the screen.

Alas, Asna busted both of their bubbles by spoiling the memory scene, She got kicked out of it in merely three seconds.

Before Felix could comment, he found that she was indeed correct as Lady Sphinx\'s vision had been adjusted to normal, making see everything in color again.

Interesting, did someone kick me after sensing my presence or the Spiritual Universe doesn\'t accept my intrusion Lady Sphinx mused, Whatever, with my successful entry to 3rd Class.e.m.e.nt, I can enter the spiritual universe wherever I plea...

Damn it. Felix cursed with an upset tone after seeing that the screen had turned black and refused to brighten up again.

Just like Asna said, that was the last scene.

Finally. Asna stretched her hands behind her back and said lazily, I am heading to bed.

Wait leave the remote behind. Felix said, I want to watch them.

Have a go at it. Asna threw the control in Felix\'s lap and teleported away.

The Jörmungandr said faintly after seeing Felix\'s serious expression, If you are worried about the Sphinx possessing your body, you don\'t need to.

Oh Felix raised his eyebrows and asked politely, Why so

Because I am still here. The Jörmungandr smiled gently while waving his hand at Felix.

Then, he teleported back to his house, leaving Felix with a foolish grin on his face.


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