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Asna pressed play on her remote control and yawned lazily while resting her head on her palm.

Meanwhile, Felix had already entered a focused state while holding a small notepad and a pen.

Everything he sees inside Lady Sphinx\'s memories would be a great help when he requests her sand manipulation!

After all, he wasn\'t expecting that she would be as straightforward as the Jörmungandr and just give it to him.

\'Here we go.\' Felix\'s eyes brightened up just like the black screen.

Unlike Jörmungandr\'s memories when the 1st image displayed was grey and **ty, the Sphinx\'s memories began with a clear blue sky that didn\'t have a single cloud in sight.

The sunlight kept shining from above and the wind kept raging by, making Felix realize that the Sphinx was flying rapidly.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The delayed flaps of wings had just resounded in his ears, confirming his assumption.

Since the screen was displaying from a first-person perspective, it was hard to know what\'s going on unless the Sphinx turned her head.

Ohhhh!!! Felix exclaimed in shock and awe after the Sphinx had looked down for a couple of seconds.

Even though it was just a brief moment, Felix had managed to spot a massive city that was wholly golden in color, gleaming under the sunlight but not reflecting blinding rays.

It was filled with square-shaped buildings that were golden in color and curved with artistic images and hieroglyphics, appearing like a unique language of its own.

Yet, the biggest shocker to Felix was the three towering smooth golden pyramids that were placed in three different points around the city, creating a triangle if the points got connected.

Those pyramids had their peaks glowing with blinding lights that were pointing at the outer space, appearing like three golden beams penetrating the sky.

The scene appeared ancient and mesmerizing but also advanced technologically!

Felix didn\'t know if what he saw before was right or not, but he could have sworn that he saw half-lings riding on four-wheeled cars!

Soon, the Sphinx looked again below and this time Felix was given the proper time to look at the rowdy streets of the city and the appearance of the citizens.

Such a diverse population. Felix commentated in interest when he saw that there were half-lings from many species, ranging from serpents, cats, eagles, scorpions, lions, cheetahs...etc.

The entire city was brimming with life and those half-lings didn\'t seem like they were discriminating against each other as there were multiple groups of people walking together or riding cars!

However, before Felix could think deeply about them, the screen had gone black for a second before it brightened up again.

Felix sighed in dejection at the sudden time skip and he hoped that it wouldn\'t jump for hundreds of millions of years at once.

He already didn\'t luck out on seeing the Sphinx during her early days when she was still a normal creature without element control.

Thank god. Felix sighed in relief when the screen started displaying the Sphinx heading to the peak of one of the three pyramids.

He didn\'t know if there was just a couple of minutes skip or this was another memory from thousands of years ago.

But, he was glad that she was still in the city as he wanted to know what it\'s all about.


A split second later, The Sphinx had withdrawn her wings as she stood on a small platform that was leading to a gate inside the pyramid\'s peak.

Seeing the size of the humongous pyramid made Felix confused about the small size of the Sphinx.

His doubts were answered pretty soon as the moment the Sphinx started walking, Felix noticed her humanoid arms swinging by the side.

Although they were humanoid with five fingers and such, they were still encased in golden silky fur, resembling the fur of a lion\'s mane.

Before Felix could bother to analyze her arms and guess how she appeared like, his attempts weren\'t needed anymore as the exact version of the humanoid Sphinx had just appeared on the screen!

It wasn\'t a mirror reflection but a real version of herself that was holding a long paper while waiting in front of the wide-open gate.

Perfect Sand Copy. Felix murmured in a daze while focusing on the copy\'s mesmerizing appearance.

Her legs were long and narrow from the bottom, showing four talons in place of her feet.

Attached to her back, were two breathtaking folded wings made from yellow fluffy feathers that would make anyone wish to lay on them.

Her face was breathtaking even though it had cat features, like the cat\'s mustache, and furry ears on top of her hair.

She was wearing a red sundress and a white robe, resembling somewhat of a doctor\'s robe.

She kept pushing a thin smart-looking pair of glasses upward her nose bridge that was as tiny as a cat\'s.

Felix didn\'t know if the real Sphinx appeared like the copy or not, but he was nevertheless fascinated by the Copy\'s beauty.


A reposeful voice emerged from the lips of the Sphinx, appearing as she had just asked the copy.

Asna, translation please. Felix straightaway turned to the language Wikipedia who was painting her nails in boredom.

She said, Update Asna paused the memories and added, Give me a second, I forgot to turn on the dubbing.

A split second later, Asna played the memories and returned to painting her nails, not bothering to watch them.

She had already watched the memories a couple of times until she got bored of them.

Lab number 5 had exploded after Clone 7 had ended up failing to combine the life elemental energy and death elemental energy.

Clone 197 had kicked five new students after they failed to pass the test for the 3rd time in a row.

Clone 14 had recently discovered a theory to open small dimensional space without the universe laws in them.

Clone 4...

While the copy kept walking beside the Sphinx and updating her like a secretary, Felix felt like his brain had short-circuited the moment she opened her mouth and started speaking.

Heck, he didn\'t even listen to the rest of the report as the fact that copies could talk was already too shocking in his eyes.

God knows how many times he tried to make his copies talk or say a word, but the f*ckers only flip him the finger or show him a smirk, making him want to beat them up.

He already lost hope in them and started to believe that *Perfect Sand Copy* was meant to be that way.

But seeing the copy speak in front of him in such perfect fluency made him doubt if he had unlocked a different ability than the Sphinx.

Felix took the remote control from beside Asna and went back a couple of seconds when she was about to make a report.

After playing it and listening thoroughly to the content this time, he felt his heart skip a beat at a sudden thought that had come to him.

\'Could it be that the Sphinx had created the perfect copy to do multiple research projects at once\' Felix thought to himself.

He knew that *Perfect Sand Copy* allows his copies to use his memories and behaviors as their guiding compass.

In his hand, those copies were lazy and pricks.

Every order he gave them, he needed to pray that it would be handled well.

But what about the Sphinx From the content of the Copy, the Sphinx had probably hundred of clones that were having each a project of their own.

Felix always considered the Sphinx as an extremely smart entity who could even create Guardians with combat senses rivaling none.

If a smart entity like her had clones of herself, it was the same as having hundreds of highly intelligent assistants that could help her in her research!

Remembering that she could use *Senses Sharing* anytime to switch between copies made him realize that those abilities combination were truly perfect for research purposes!

After all, The Sphinx could absorb the memories of her copies and continue their research on her own if she felt like it!

God knows how many projects she had finished when hundreds of herself was working on them!

Perfect Copy is sure wasted on me. Felix smiled wryly and pressed play.

Alas, the memory ended right after the clone mentioned another update.

God damn it! Felix snapped as those memories always stop when it was just getting good.

Here he was feeling excited to see the Sphinx\'s labs and her clones in work, just to get faced by a black screen.

Don\'t worry. Asna comforted him lazily, Unlike this old snake, her memories were all centered in the city since she probably does not leave her labs for too long.

Just as Asna mentioned, the instant the screen turned on again, Felix was elated to see that Lady Sphinx was holding an azure beastial finger that was emitting pressuring waves, causing the air to tremble each time she moved it.

On her other hand, she was carrying a crimson flower that had only two petals, revolving slowly around the base.

What will happen if I used the finger of the Glacial Dragon as the main ingredient and the Two-Petalled Gravitational flower as the subsidiary ingredients The Sphinx said with a tingle of pure curiosity in her tone.

Before Felix could react to what she said, he saw a scene that shook his core and made his heartbeat increase wildly after the Sphinx lifted her head from those two materials.

A Potion Concoction Lab!


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