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Upon seeing his reaction, some presidents started their 2nd round of guilt-tripping Felix by sighing bitterly at their abysmal capital, hoping that he might feel bad and donate a couple hundred million.

Alas, nothing much changed. 


\'Bastard, not wanting the planet to step ahead.\'

\'Tsk, we should have lowered the earning split to 8/2.\'

While their faces showed not a hint of disappointment their thoughts were beyond toxic.

Only a few of them appreciated the fact that without Felix and the team, they wouldn\'t have gotten even that 1.4 billion.

Alas, humans were greedy and spiteful by nature, and those presidents weren\'t any different.

Fortunately for them, they were keeping those toxic thoughts to themselves.

Otherwise, Felix would have visited them in their countries for a cup of tea.

Captain, if you may. Mr.

Rodrigas frowned his eyebrows at the presidents\' attempts but still gestured politely at Felix to make a move.

Understanding what he wanted, Felix forwarded the 1.4 billion to the Council\'s account.

Honestly, he wasn\'t even needed to do so as the Queen would have deducted the amount a couple of hours later and automatically wired it.

All of this was part of the contract that Felix signed and he had no problems with it since the money was going to be used for the planet.

Felix wanted dearly for the planet to advance while still being part of the SGAlliance since it would be his greatest shield against non-natives.

He truly didn\'t want for his home planet to be under the wing of another kingdom or empire since the earthlings would be subjected to their rules.

When that happens, anyone in the kingdom would be able to reach him and touch him!

Felix would be left with no choice but to ditch the planet and also take with him his family since his grandfather and Olivia wouldn\'t want to leave the rest of the family behind.

Felix had no intentions of roaming the universe while having such a heavy burden on his back.

But, if the planet remained in the SGAlliance, even if Felix left his grandfather behind, he would safe and sound from non-natives.

Hence, his reason for playing the PSG even though the profits weren\'t really that good at this early stage.

It was always better to have a home planet that he could stay safely in and return to in case he ever left far away...


10 minutes later...

Felix had already left the Assembly after doing all of his duties.

He didn\'t want to hear them discuss their preset-to-fail plan of destroying the Gama Organization.

Plus, there was a concurrent small-sized party on going in the drop to celebrate the victory of the team.

It wouldn\'t be right for the captain not to attend.

Since it was held in the open space of the Drop, the stars and the forest outside of the transparent walls made the atmosphere warm and cozy like a camp party.

The music played was also not loud but still lively to not bring down the mood.

Currently, Felix was drinking beer with Leo, Rolandinho, Noah, and the boys who played the game.

Their conversation was nothing serious as they were merely talking about chicks, the games, and also the amount they got after the 3% was split up.

As expected, Felix had received a 59% while the other 41% had been split up between the remaining 15 members.

Since George wasn\'t really participating in the game, he didn\'t get a share of his own.

But, Felix and the rest took care of him and Sasha by giving a small sum each, ranging from tens of thousands to hundred thousand SC.

That ended up raising a million SC or two for them, showing their appreciation for their massive efforts in the past 4 months.

In a short while, the party ended up on a good note and everyone went to their rooms to get some rest.

However, since the game wasn\'t really that difficult for Felix, he didn\'t waste time by taking a nap.

Instead, he started scouting for some auctions that may have epic tier 6 sand bloodlines and Illusion bloodlines.

He was currently at 59% but he had 21% unused essence in his Spatial card.

If he used it, he would reach 80%, just 19% shy from being a peak 1st stage bloodliner and also awakening the Sphinx!

Good, there are two auctions happening this week that have two epic tier 6 sand bloodlines from the eagle species and the serpent species. Felix smiled in satisfaction and closed down the hologram.

He didn\'t find any epic tier 4 illusion in sight but he was glad by those two findings.

If he got lucky, he might find the necessary essence to push straight to 99%!

Hopefully, the potion concoction succeded. Felix looked at the ceiling with a hint of dread.

He might not show it but he honestly was scared **less that the concoction would fail, wasting at least 4 billion SC of materials and 12k game points.

That\'s why he wanted to be there as his paranoia was going to mess him up the nearer the concoction date gets closer.

Right now, there were still 23 days before his turn.

\'Hehe, you better not go.\' Asna laughed wickedly, \'You will most definitely jinx the concoction process.\'

\'Shut up! You saying that is already jinxing it!\' Felix retorted while getting fully nude, wanting to hit the shower before bed.

\'I can already see your deadpan face after you get informed that it failed...Oh wait, you will be there to see it on your own.\' Asna laughed evilly.

\'Stop jinxing you witch!\' Felix snapped to Asna\'s delight.


22 days had gone by in jiffy for Felix as he spent them in training, hunting for primogenitors\' essence, enhancing his illusion affinity, and waiting for his potion concoction.

For his training, it was only including his own practice and sometimes with Erik and Malak.

He didn\'t train with the team since they had yet to spin the wheel for the 2nd game because George wanted the team to have an average strength of peak 1st stage bloodliner.

Hence, they decided to delay the participation by a month since if they span the wheel right after the game, they would have only one month to prepare.

Meanwhile, Felix had already found the necessary 19% essence to make himself reach 99% after he visited a couple of auctions in the past 22 days.

Too bad, the same couldn\'t be said about the illusion primogenitor\'s essence as Felix had only found another 1% from three epic tier 4 bottles.

The memories in them were useless as well, making him sigh at such a dreadful speed.

Because he was buying those expensive bottles, he was forced to auction them back, and sometimes he ends up losing quite a hefty sum when the price didn\'t turn satisfactory.

Still, there were times when he made a profit, so it balances it out.

Felix didn\'t put much emphasis on losing or winning coins on those trades since his greatest win was always the essence gotten from them.

Only due to it, was Felix able to push himself into reaching 95% after integrating most of his stacked 40% essence in the past 17 days or so.

Since he reached 95%, it only meant that he had unlocked two more active abilities and sadly just one passive at 75% like the last time with the Jörmungandr\'s bloodline.

This made him realize that he would always keep unlocking 10 abilities in each primogenitor\'s bloodline.

Anyhow, the new active abilities were, *Desert Domain* and *Sand Burial*.

After he tested them in the measurement center, he found out that *Desert Domain* allowed him to spew a flood of sand from every pore of his body, turning the area around him into a desert in a minute or two.

If he combined it with his *Size Manipulation*, he realized that the amount would increase substantially reducing the period it takes for the desert to get created.

The best part about this ability was its synergy with the rest of his abilities and attributes!

That\'s right, Felix could actually choose which attribute he wanted for his sand to be! If he wanted to use the black sand, he could totally create a black desert.

The same applied to the rest of the attributed sand.

This wasn\'t possible with the Guardians since they were a fixed ability.

He couldn\'t switch between their attributes.

This Desert domain ability also allowed him to finally be able to use his 4th passive that he never had the chance to utilize in the fishing game.

That passive was called *Sand Surfing*.

As the name implied, it allowed Felix to surf on the sand with any body part that was touching it.

This gave him immense mobility inside his own Desert or just any desert actually.

Last but not least, Felix\'s 5th passive was called *Seismic Senses*.

It allowed Felix to sense or perceive the vibrations in the sand.

Not the best but it was an amazing passive if he was in a real desert as he could sense vibrations even from two kilometers away.

Now, Felix was left with only his peak active sand ability and he would conclude all the sand abilities.

But, he didn\'t rush straight to 99% as he had to stop at 95% to watch the collected memories of the Sphinx with Asna and the Jörmungandr.

Right now, he was sitting on a couch with them while having the mirror-like screen placed in front of them.

While Asna looked bored to death and the Jörmungandr appeared curious, Felix was clearly excited by finally viewing the memories and seeing what were the secrets of The Sphinx, The Guardian of Knowledge and Truth!

Play it!


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