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But sir!

Shut up! Mr.

Ralvol snapped, I don\'t know about you but I will not let the main team of our planet gets massacred on its first game.

The substitutes bit their lips after hearing so.

They went quiet at once.

They knew that the game was doomed the moment Felix had shown them that he was capable of killing all of the prominent team members by himself.

However, surrendering just like that in the 1st game indeed left a bad taste in their mouths.

The Earthling Captain was merciful enough to give us a chance to surrender while we still can. Mr.Ralvol sighed while standing up, I don\'t doubt for a second that he will not do it again if we decided to continue the game.

Immediately after saying so, Mr.

Ralvol steeled his heart and requested from the Queen, \'Please, we would like to surrender this game.\'

\'Based on the PSG rules, I will be forwarding your request to Judge Tyson.\' The Queen responded.


Ralvol nodded his head and went silent.

Meanwhile, Tyson\'s feverish commentary about Felix\'s strength was interrupted by the Queen\'s message.

\'Sigh, that was to be expected.\' His mood was brought down after he heard the Salvadorian\'s surrender request.

Although he knew that it was highly likely for them to give up, he still wished sincerely in his heart for the game to continue even if it meant that Felix was ending up massacring them.

He didn\'t care about their wellbeing but more about the commission he would be earning from the game.

Since it was ending in the middle, he would be losing quite a hefty sum.

Alas, he couldn\'t deny their surrender since it was reasonable and within the rules set by the PSG.

As the judge, he was just as bound by the rules as any other.

Hence, he merely sighed while informing the spectators, The Salvadorian Team had decided to surrender.

Congratulation for the Earthling team on their first win.


Quitters! F*cking bastards I bet my money on you!

Well, it was a fun game while it lasted.

Sadly, the strength level is too unbalanced.

True, the Earthling\'s Captain Semi-morphing ability is truly busted.

I hope he talks about it during the interview.



The responses to Tyson\'s proclamation differed around the stadium and in the stream as most natural viewers didn\'t like the sound of it at all.

After all, they paid for tickets to watch the whole game.

If it wasn\'t for the tickets being as cheap as dirt and the sight of the passed-out Salvadorians, a riot would have risen.

Those problematic issues were why the surrender option was used only after a thorough inspection by the Judge.

If it wasn\'t for so, any team could just surrender when the game begins and the spectators would be left to watch an empty stadium.

On the other hand, both the Earthling and the Salvadorian viewers rejoiced at the early conclusion of the game.

Though, the Salvadorian viewers felt relieved after seeing that their entire primary team was still intact beside the 1st player to die.

They were not retarded to hope for their team to continue the game after seeing their ending against Felix.

In their eyes, the loss might be disappointing but they still had more games to win and they were confident in their team\'s strength to pull it off!


Haha, having Felix on the team is truly a blessing. Mr.

Rodrigas laughed in gratification while watching Felix patting Olivia on the head just to have his hand slapped away by Sophia and Hina.

We are indeed in luck. The USA President agreed with a broad smile while sitting on a wooden chair inside a vast conference room.

It appeared like it was an exact copy of the United Nations General Assembly Hall.

Naturally, other presidents and heads of states were sitting in it.

Most of them were gathered here since this assembly was held in a UVR\'s room belonging to a Council Staff member. 

This staff member\'s job was nothing but to make his UVR\'s room accessible to the leaders 24/7 while he had no access to it or what was being said in it.

With the power of contract that was easily doable.

Just like that, the Council had a UVR\'s room for their assembly, making it a hundred times better to gather and discuss without leaving their countries.

Soon, the chatter quietened down after seeing on the gigantic holographic screen that Felix was getting interviewed by Tyson.

After some back and forth meaningless flatter, Tyson jumped straight into the subject.

Captain Felix, mind sharing with us some info about your tier 1 bloodline He asked eagerly.

Well, I can only speak about its abilities. Felix opened up, What do you want

Naturally, about your semi-morphing ability! Tyson brought the mic near Felix and inquired, Is it possible to know how much boost did you receive from it

50% to my strength, It\'s not the best boost but it\'s quite good when combined with my passive superstrength and legendary etching enhancement. Felix lied with a straight face.

In reality, the semi-morphing ability provides a 100% boost to all of Felix\'s states.

He made it sound like only his strength and defenses were benefiting from it and by only 50%.

This was within reason for a legendary semi-morphing tier 1 ability.

Felix did his research and found that most of them give 40% to 50% if extremely lucky.

So, it wasn\'t abnormal in the slightest.

That\'s why he never used more than 50% in his kicks.

\'Queen, please make a calculation based on his info and give me his final strength during his semi-morphing.\'

Tyson requested immediately just to receive a response a split second later.

\'During his semi-morphing, his strength could reach up to 3900 BF.\'

\'3900\' Tyson\'s eyes widened slightly, \'That\'s almost at peak 2nd stage bloodliner! No wonder his kicks were supersonic!\'

He looked at the Salvadorians dejected expressions as they waited for their turn to get interviewed and couldn\'t help pity them.

After all, they were playing a game as a peak 1st stage bloodliners against one with a peak 2nd stage strength.

It was the same as a silver player competing against gold players!

After Tyson relayed the information to the viewers, their reaction was more or like the same.

Only the Salvadorian players reacted differently as they had exhibited signs of dread and also appreciation to Felix.

\'But wait, this doesn\'t add up.\' Tyson frowned his eyebrows suddenly, \'Why does he still have poison bombs from his legendary tier 1 bloodline...Unless.\'

Tyson\'s eyes widened in disbelief while looking at Felix\'s innocent face.

You...May I ask what ability did you etch in your 1% human bloodline

What kind of question is that Drago knitted his eyebrows while looking at Felix\'s interview.

Right Isn\'t it obvious that he etched that busted semi-morphing ability Mariam said in dread.

Those questions were resounding in the minds of everyone besides Olivia and the rest who acted like they didn\'t know Felix or wanted to associate with him.

Their reaction was within reason as Felix had boldly stated without an ounce of shame, Naturally, I have chosen my poison bombs since it\'s much better to have the five inducements utility than flat out strength.


Everyone was left at lose for words at his retarded reasoning.

Utility better than flat strength What kind of crack he was on when he etched his ability They thought speechlessly, not knowing how to react.

Who could blame them

In their eyes, It was only common sense if he etched his semi-morphing, he would always have a 50% increase of strength above those at the same stage as him.

How could that compare to having poison bombs

Seeing their looks Felix knew that they were considering him as a moron for not seeing this.

But he merely shrugged his shoulders and didn\'t bother explaining his reason.

He couldn\'t tell them that he had etched *Size Manipulation* and *Poison Bombs* was merely a smokescreen.

Ha...ha, I guess you have your take on the matter. Tyson gave a forced laugh and stopped bringing out the matter.

In his eyes, Felix would understand how foolish his decision when he reaches the peak 1st stage of replacement and loses his semi-morphing.

By then, the one weeping the most would be the earthling team for losing its strongest power force.

The ESG Organization, The Council, even his teammates knew that Felix\'s decision was **ty but no one dared to bring the matter in the open since it was Felix\'s bloodline path and he was free to f*ck it up as he wanted.

With that being said, this little episode didn\'t bring the mood down even a bit in the assembly hall.

The presidents had switched their subject to a matter that was leaving them sleepless for the past four months.

The Gama Organization\'s Destruction! 

With the team\'s win, they had obtained the wish they needed to kick off the plan they made to destroy it!

Let\'s wait for the team\'s captain to join us. The USA president stopped the discussion right as it was about to begin.

He has every right to be part of this assembly. He smiled widely, After all, he also has a vote in the decision making.

The assembly went quiet for a couple of seconds after being reminded of Felix\'s vote.

While most didn\'t show much of a reaction, some heads of states displayed subtle signs of displeasure.

It wasn\'t because of Felix\'s having a vote but because he was from the USA and they had already ten votes above 99% of the countries.

They could see the US President\'s lowkey grin at the thought of having eleven votes on his side.

However, feeling displeased or not, no one dared to disagree with the notion after seeing how Felix forced the game single-handedly to an early conclusion!


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