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The moment the referee whisled, Felix turned around, grabbed both bombs, and pitched them towards the striker who had just received the ball!

Poof Poof!

The entire sequence happened in less than 0.1 seconds, making the striker eat a direct acid bomb on his face while the hypotension inducement landed on his chest!


The instant the striker shrieked in agony due to the pain of having his face melted off; his eyes rolled at the back of his head as he fell to the ground.

He fainted instantly after he ended up inhaling the bloodish red mist due to his scream.

Drago and the rest of his team just kept staring with a stunned expression at their teammate who was getting corroded motionlessly.


Goosebumps were coursing on their skin after their ears picked up the heartwrenching sound of flesh getting corroded.

Yet, no one dared to let out a single sound as the entire scene was too horrifying.

You brought this upon yourselves. Felix said nonchalantly while walking slowly towards them with an acid green bomb in his right hand and a bloodish red in his left hand.

Aren\'t you going to hold the ball Felix asked warmly while pointing his acid bomb at the ball lying peacefully next to the motionless body.

After all, how could I hit if you don\'t touch it

Forget about the Salvadorians even Felix\'s teammates were afraid to approach the ball as the sight of Felix\'s serpent-like morphing added to those bombs on his hands was too terrifying.

Felix had finally released his poisonous nature and stopped playing \'ball\' with the Salvadorians.

Now, his eyes were focused only on ending the game in the 1st half by any means possible!

\'Don\'t get scared!!\' Drago bellowed his orders in anger but his messages were still unemotional, \'Utilize your defensive shields and barriers if you had it.

His bombs are mist-based and can\'t do ** against them.

Mirak drag Aigror away from the ball with your roots.\'

Whoosh Whoosh!

Immediately after hearing so, Mirak extended two roots from her fingers and rolled them on Aigror\'s feet.

Then, she pulled him outside of the central circle and checked on his wellbeing.

Upon seeing that he was still breathing but had his entire face disfigured, she didn\'t know if she should feel glad or terrified from the same fate happening to her.

Whatever it was, she glared at Felix hatefully and swiftly dragged Aigror to the healers to get treated as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, four Salvadorians had already covered themselves in different colored shields while the rest had decided to withdraw slightly to the back since they knew that they would be the next victim when they touched the ball.

If it wasn\'t for the field being extremely spacious, both teams would have taken with them a supportive player who could shield everyone.

Alas, supportive shields below the 2nd stage of replacement didn\'t have even 15 meters range.

Range, in the sense that the shielded player shouldn\'t stay away from the supportive player.

Otherwise, it would disappear.

In this game where the players were required to move constantly and mostly separated from each other, buffing out shields would do nothing but bait them and get them killed after it disappears suddenly due to leaving the small range.

If the buffer simply chose one player to always follow that\'s literally wasting a team spot.

If it wasn\'t for so, Lena or another buffer would have been chosen in the main team.

So the main counter to Felix\'s poison was not even in this game!!


Upon seeing that only Drago was standing somewhat near the center circle with his molten armor, Felix dashed towards the ball that was left untouched in its place.

GROUND FLARE! Drago roared furiously while slamming both of his palms at the ground after seeing Felix had made a move!


The central circle trembled for a split second before the area around the ball had blown up, sending broken grass blades and brown dirt everywhere, followed by a small shower of lava!

Meanwhile, the ball had been sent flying in the air, making everyone lift their heads and focus on it!

\'Impressive.\' Felix praised Drago\'s quick thinking while pulling back away from the Lava droplets that could potentially burn his hair if they landed on him.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Hokul and Sylvia both took off to the sky, wanting to retrieve the ball that had yet to stop climbing fiercely.


In the end, it reached the ceiling and collided with the scoreboard!

Seeing that it was falling while Hokul and Sylvia were still far away, everyone on the ground activated their abilities preparing to receive it.

The Earthling Team has a massive advantage in numbers and strength due to Captain Felix! Tyson gave out his opinion after noticing that only four Salvadorians were attempting to get the ball, unlike the Earthlings who had six of them!

Naturally, the defenders weren\'t counted since they were further away from the central circle.

\'Leave it to me guys.\' Felix said while bending his green-scaled knees, appearing like a frog ready to pounce on a leaf!


So far no one made a move on the ball as the distance was still too high even for Felix.

After all, he didn\'t have the same momentum to utilize the Tail Spring Technique.


\'SEND IT AWAY!\' Drago shouted while firing a Lava Ray from a minimized volcano that was sitting between his arms!

His three teammates followed his lead and used their strongest long-range ability at the ball! They didn\'t know what Drago was aiming at by doing so, but they didn\'t question his orders.

Upon seeing so, Felix decided to give up jumping since the ball would be in their possession anyway.


The ball got hit by a Rock! Tyson shouted while zooming out the camera, showing the ball\'s direction after it got smashed by the Earth Elementalist *Rock Toss*.

As expected, the ball had ended up falling in the right-side next to William, the Meastro of England.

It bounced two times and got stopped by William\'s sound waves.

After getting hold of it, he passed it to Johnson who sent it straight away to Felix!

By the time it reached him, Drago and his team had entered their defensive formation of 1-6-4 while Bamur had begun prolonging his hair to shape up those Giant Five palms!

Mirak had already grouped up with the defenders after transporting Aigror to get healed.

Currently, she was setting up the same Sakura-like Tree in front of the goalpost, wanting to slow down Felix\'s supersonic kick as they did before.

Smart-play by Drago to send the ball away so they could have enough time to regroup after Felix\'s surprise attack! Tyson said, They truly didn\'t expect that he was able to switch to acid inducement.

From his tone, it was apparent that he already knew about Felix\'s legendary tier 1 bloodline and ability to switch between inducements.

This was understandable since he needed to get some information about the key players in the game for a better commentary.

The only thing he didn\'t know about was that Felix\'s ability to switch to acid as he had shown publicly only hypotension and paralyze.

That\'s why Drago and his team weren\'t prepared to defend against it.

It might sound foolish that Felix had decided to expose acid inducement that had a relation to his \'Landlord\' persona but it was actually a smart deliberate move!

Felix knew that he was bound to enter the candidate list of suspects after this game leaves a small mark in the network.

It might take a week or months until Princess Bird finds out about him and the similarities he had with Landlord.

Although the different abilities between the characters were the best camouflage, Princess Bird was bound to get suspicious of him when she digs deeper and finds out that he had 5 inducements.

Yet, he was only using hypotension that was different than Landlord!

After all, what\'s the reason to not use acid inducement in this game or any of his fights She would easily conclude that Felix might be trying not to get associated with Landlord or something else!

Hence, Felix didn\'t hesitate to snap his fingers and create two additional acid bombs!

He left them to hover on his palms as he switched his focus to the Salvadorians who finished their defensive formation against his supersonic kick.

Felix chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt while kicking the ball slightly above his head.

Felix walked a single step forward and used his tail to catch the ball quite easily.

Then, he tightened his grip on it by rolling his tail two times on it, stunning the viewers alike.

\'Hopefully, he doesn\'t rough them up too much.\' George sighed in sympathy while looking at the dumbfounded Drago and his teammates who didn\'t expect this outcome or were too afraid to think about it

The entire defensive formation was meant to force Felix into kicking the ball since it would be challenging to dribble it while fighting them head-on.

But seeing him cracking his neck to the side as he walked towards them with his devilish semi-morphing, they knew that ** had just got real!!


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