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Bamul just let go of it and currently, the ball was dropping down in a somewhat empty area that was 60 meters away from the goalpost!

Besides the Salvadorians, no one expected for him to give up on the ball.

But Felix and the rest didn\'t let their bafflement distract them.

\'Leo, try to catch the ball.\' Felix ordered swiftly while switching his vision from the ball and Drago, \'Keep your eyes on your marks, this must be a strategy of theirs!\'


Alas, the moment Felix turned his head to Drago, he got spewed on by a fiery smoke that didn\'t harm him but hindered his vision.

When Felix hastily waved the smoke away, his eyes were met with a gorgeous black-haired girl who had her eyelids darkened by makeup.

She had a snarky smile on her face as she gazed at the stunned Felix.

As for Drago He totally disappeared from his side!

In a split second, Felix had realized what had happened as there were only a couple of abilities that could create this mindblowing situation.

Knowing that everyone here was below the 2nd stage of replacement made it easier to narrow the ability to just one!

\'Shit! They used Shadow Swap!\' Felix cursed in his mind while quickly looking around, trying to spot Drago.

He knew that since the girl was here, Drago must have swapped positions with her instead of disappearing out of thin air!

\'Found you!\'

Truly, Felix had spotted him easily with his enhanced vision.

But, he got even more stunned after seeing that Drago had a thick green root coiled around his waist while the end of the root was held by a Giant Earth Golem!

The Earth Golem was dark brown in color and didn\'t have any facial features, appearing just like a snowman created from dirt!

Yet, on the Golem\'s chest, there was a man\'s head affixed on it, making it seem like he got eaten by the Golem.

But in reality Felix knew that he was using some sort of a manual controlling ability that allows him to combine with his Golem and control it freely like his own body!!

After seeing those two sights, dots clicked in Felix\'s mind, making him somewhat understand what the Salvadorians were planning on doing.

Too bad, having an understanding was one thing but doing something about it was another.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Watching the Earth Golem spinning Drago by the thick root made Felix recognize that it was already too late to stop them!


DRAGO IS FLYING! Tyson screamed in excitement while watching Drago flying in direction of the Earthling\'s Goalpost...But soon, everyone managed to notice that he was in reality, heading towards the ball which had yet to reach even 40 meters to the ground!!

Hina and Zhang Wie were shocked just like the rest by the sight, but they didn\'t let it affect them as they had used their defensive synergy which they called it, Wall of Fortitude!

Double Metallic Walls had emerged from the ground in a split second just to be encased later on by two giant Oceanic Walls!

They were placed ten meters away from the Goalpost so they could block the ball but also not hinder Noah\'s vision completely.

Hence Noah was able to see that Drago was flying towards the ball with both of his palms extended forward!

He is not going to kick it Everyone thought.

Their assumption ended up correct but what followed after was beyond anyone\'s imagination as minimized Volcano had taken shape between Drago\'s hands!!

The volcano was black in color and had an open mouth that was spewing red fumes!

When the camera zoomed swiftly on it, the viewers were able to notice that half of it was filled with lava and it was being suppressed!

VOLCANIC ERUPTION! Drago roared while aiming the volcano\'s mouth at the ball that was just about to cross paths with him!

He was truly hurled in a perfectly calculated manner, making everyone doubt if it was due to luck or days and days of training until the Salvadorians mastered it!


But they didn\'t hang to that thought for long as the bright radiation caused by the flare of the eruption had stolen their breaths away!

After the initial flare, it was accompanied by a Golden Ray that was a thick apple tree\'s stem and as bright as the sun!

Its direction was the goalpost!!

The ball It was nowhere to be seen but since it was indestructible, everyone knew that it was inside the Lava Ray!


The gentle giant Zhang Wie who rarely raised his voice, couldn\'t help but curse loudly after seeing the trajectory of the Lava Ray being way higher than their walls!

Just as Hina wanted to expand her Oceanic Wall, it was already too late as the Lava Ray had just passed by them, aiming straight at the right corner of the Goalpost!


Not having any intention to retreat, Noah pointed his icy horn at the Lava Ray and projected his own chilling Ray!!


Lava against Ice!!

The reaction resulting from the contact was a massive cloud of fog that exploded in the penalty area and hid everything within it!

NOAAAAAH! Grace, Noah\'s little sister who was watching the game with the elders, yelled with a high-pitched tone, expressing her agitation and fear from the sight.

She disliked watching Noah\'s fights since they always turn her into a nerve wreck, worrying about her brother\'s safety.

However, she didn\'t want to miss this game since her brother could end up dead for real and she would regret it for life that she wasn\'t even there with him. 

Is he alright The elders beside her were all sweating from worry the moment Drago was thrown in the air.

Felix and the rest also shared the same worry, unlike the other viewers who were more interested in knowing the result of the collision.

Did Noah stop it or not

Thankfully, the fog didn\'t last for even a second before withdrawing away, exposing a somewhat destroyed area in front of the goalpost.

After switching their sight to the post, the Salvadorian viewers cheered at the top of their voices while the earthling viewers sighed in dejection.

The ball was sitting on the net while still emitting smoke.

Meanwhile, Noah was snared in the other side of the net while also emitting smoke.

GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL!!! Tyson let out a long shout that resounded in the entire stadium and hyped it up even more as the spectators kept shaking each other\'s shoulders in excitement.

Shit! He got hurt!

While the stadium was rumbling about the goal, Felix and the rest sprinted towards the goalpost with worried expressions.

Felix could see that Noah didn\'t seem like he was hurt badly but there were some burnt red marks on his skin and he wasn\'t moving in the slightest.

Before anyone could start thinking of the worst, Noah shook his head slightly and tried to stand up.

But he felt like his head was smashed by a hammer making it almost impossible to even lift his head and gaze at the sky, don\'t even mention standing up.

Thus, he just laid there like the ball, waiting for his teammates to come and get him out of the net.

Memories of the last collision couldn\'t help but surface in his mind.

He sighed after seeing that his Chilling Ray was fully overwhelmed by the Lava Ray, not creating a single ounce of resistance.

If the Lava Ray wasn\'t aiming at the corner, he would have gotten killed by being in its path.

Meanwhile, Drago had already landed on the ground pretty safely after he used the same Volcano ability but this time he was aiming at the ground.

He activated it only after he was about to smash into the ground, appearing like a Space rocket landing on earth.

Right now, he was celebrating the goal with his teammates while glancing at the score in the glass ceiling.

>Earthling Team 4:2 Salvadorian Team

This score pleased not only the Salvadorian team and their citizen but also the Gama Organization members who were watching the game stream live inside the meeting room.

All of them were clapping in approval besides Mr.


The gap had been bridged successfully and the Earthling goalkeeper has been hurt in the process. Mr.

Twelve grinned widely, It may not be as hopeless as we thought


Pink shook her head slightly in disagreement, As long as they don\'t find a way to deal with Felix\'s supersonic kicks, he would always score the moment his team kicked off the ball and the gap would keep growing bigger.

What\'s worse, if he switched his target to the Salvadorians, he might end up killing a couple more by his kick and the game could end in the 1st half. The lanky man with wilted leaves growing outside of his body said in a weary manner.

I doubt that would happen. The oversized fat man with long black hair yawned lazily, The only reason the first supersonic kick worked so well was due to the surprise element.

But now that they knew about its existence, the Salvadorians would be wary of it and could even defend against it if they had the capabilities.

You forgot to mention that his kick needed him to be in a semi-morphing condition and that would make it easier to know when it is coming.

Just as Miss.

Pink wanted to add something, Mr.

Gama raised his hand slightly and no one dared to speak after.

He pointed at the stream that was showing Leo and Rolandinho preparing for the kick-off and said, Watch to find out.


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