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Under the dumbfounded onlookers, Felix had flipped on his back and made a bicycle kick with a frightening accuracy due to his enhanced vision!


The lighting ball didn\'t break the sound barrier like before since Felix wasn\'t in his optimal kicking posture.

But it was still fast enough that only white lighting charges could be seen!

NOT IN MY WATCH! Bamur roared while extending his arms to the sides confusing everyone alike!

If he wasn\'t going to use his hands then how was he going to block it They thought.

Whoosh Whoosh!...

Soon, their question was answered after seeing Bamur\'s long blue hair lift from the ground akin to a long serpent before shaping up into a giant hand!

Then, he instantly controlled it to catch the lightning ball that was curving to the corner!!



Alas, things didn\'t go as expected for Bamur as the moment the lightning ball made contact with the Giant Hand, lighting charges had gotten transmitted to his real body from his hair, making him somewhat paralyzed!

Although the transmitted paralyzing effect was instantaneous and mostly useless in normal situations, but in this situation

It caused Bamur to lose control of his hair for a split second since he needed to control its shape manually!

After that The lighting ball found its way into the goal\'s net by penetrating through the blue hair\'s strands!

GOOOOOAAAL!! Tyson shouted in exhilaration while staring at the ball that was pulling the net backward!


\'A 20 meters bicycle kick!!\'

\'Was that a synergy or based on luck!\'

\'So good!! Thank god I betted on the Earthling Team!

Another one by brother Felix!

While the viewers cheered in a frenzy with their fists raised in the air, Felix had just found his way to the ground as he landed on his feet and rolled twice to avoid getting impacted.

Not bad. Felix smirked while dusting his clothes on the ground.

He wasn\'t praising his kick but the lighting infusion.

He didn\'t know what happened exactly, but he understood that his kick wasn\'t even using 50% of his strength and it could potentially be stopped.

Nice clutch Cap! Leo laughed loudly while hitting Felix\'s back with his thick palm.

\'Fantastic Bicycle Kick!\' Rolanadinhio showed Felix a thumps up while striding back to the other side of the field.

\'It was all you.\' Felix praised back and stood up on his feet.

As he was walking back with Leo, he met the fuming two defenders who still had no idea how he jumped that high right under their noses.

While they were left guessing, Tyson had already played the replay on the big screen, starting from when Rolandinhio was about to chip pass.

But this time, the camera was on Felix.

The moment the ball was passed, everyone was left in awe after seeing Felix had folded his tail many times until it appeared just like a metal spring.

Then, he used his built-up momentum from the sprint to make a front flip, but instead of landing on his feet, he landed on his Tail\'s bulgy end!

Due to the force applied on his tail, those folds were carried an immense pressure that Felix had taken advantage of by relaxing his tail after the pressure reached its limit!

Then He was propelled speedily into the sky and the rest was history!

What a fine use of the Tail Spring technique. Tyson complemented sincerely since he knew that to learn those kinds of techniques alot of effort was needed.

For this goal, I give it two points! Tyson proclaimed to the delight of the Earthling viewers who watched the public stream all over the world.

Every country was tuning in to the stream and every screen in the entire world was showing nothing but the game!

The entire world had halted for those 90 minutes and even the chaos was reduced drastically as most gangs and Criminal Organizations also wanted to watch the 1st Earthling game!

Even the Gama Organization members were currently gathered in the meeting room and spectating the game with clear agitation and displeasure.

They were expecting that the Earthling team would get plumped for the 1st three games since they clearly saw that the team\'s average integration wasn\'t that good.

But, looking at the score of 4:0, they didn\'t know what to think of the game anymore.

However, they wished dearly for them to lose since they knew that 1st wishes would be targeted at them!

In their eyes, no matter what the Council had wished for, it would affect their operations negatively.

They didn\'t want that to happen at all costs, especially when the profits had just started to kick in.

Too bad, Felix\'s smirky face that was zoomed on in the replay made them feel like the Salvadorians would be done for unless they owned up to their strength!

Thankfully, Tyson didn\'t keep torturing them by showing Felix\'s punchable face as he swiftly switched back to the live feed after his curiosity was sated.

Oh They have yet to start. Tyson raised an eyebrow in surprise after seeing that Drago and his teammates were standing in their proper positions but the ball was still placed in the central circle.

However, when he saw that Hokul had regained his consciousness and was currently getting his flesh wounds healed, he understood that the Salvadorians were delaying the kickoff on purpose!

Only 20 seconds are left before the 1-minute celebration duration ends. Tyson warned, If they don\'t want to get penalized, they better make a move before.

His deduction was right but not fully as the Salvadorians took their time to think of their next plan to turn the tables around.

Only 8 minutes had gone by in the game and it was too soon to give up!

\'We will be using The Volcano Synergy.\' Drago informed while narrowing his eyes coldly at Felix, \'So play the ball at the back until Hokul join us.\'

His teammates nodded their heads slightly in agreement while they were closing and opening their fists in nervousness.

They knew that the next synergy was a hard one to pull off, and it might cost them another goal if they failed it and got counter-attacked.

They couldn\'t afford to give up any more goals when they were already behind.


After hearing the warning whistle, the Salvadorians finally kicked off the ball by sending it back to the defenders.

Felix and the rest didn\'t bother going to retrieve it.

Instead, they marked their own opponent by following him around.

As usual, Felix started **-talking casually to Drago the moment he approached him.

Are you really the captain I didn\'t see you use a single ability in the past 8 minutes. Felix scratched his chin in intrigue and murmured near Drago\'s ears, Maybe he is afraid that I will snap his neck when he receives the ball Quite a smart decision, no wonder he is the captain.

\'Motherf*cker, just you wait!\' Drago was pissed alright after hearing Felix\'s murmur but he still didn\'t flare up or showed it.

He just kept restraining his emotions while glancing at the corner dome where Hokul was being treated.

If it wasn\'t for his fatal ear injury, the healing process wouldn\'t have taken this long.

Fortunately, it only took another 30 seconds before the flying vulture was back in the field!

Clap clap clap!!...

Heartful applause rained on him from all corners of the stadium.

He might have failed to score a goal but his try was still praiseworthy.

\'Hokul, you good for 2nd try\' Drago asked.

\'Let\'s f*ck them up.\' Hokul sent his reply while cracking his knuckles in fury.

He was evidently harboring a grudge against Noah since he almost got killed by his own ability due to him.

\'Good, let\'s show them the wrath of the Salvadorians!\'

The moment this message resounded in the minds of the Salvadorians, the ball was already on way its way to Hokul who was flapping his wings slowly.

After seeing this sight, Sylvia arched her eyebrows with a displeased expression, \'Are they looking down on me to move the ball from the air instead of the ground twice in a row\'

Whoosh Whoosh!

Sylvia flattered her wings and took off into the air after noticing the Hokul was already on his way.

However, this time she didn\'t go to intercept him.

Instead, she hovered right above the penalty arc with her palms extended in front of her.

If the camera was zoomed on them, the viewers would have spotted that they were emitting a grey chilling mist.

Alas, no one was paying attention to her as everyone\'s eyes were always on the ball.

Even Felix was having his attention placed on Hokul, who was grasping the ball with his talons.

Naturally, he wasn\'t watching while standing in his place but sprinting upclose to Drago.

The Salvadorians were all on the move beside one Defender who was left behind as their last cover.

This meant, the Earthling team was actually facing against 8 Salvadorians at once who were sprinting from every direction!

Thankfully, everyone had already been given their marks, helping them avoid confusion or letting someone sneak past their defense.

But, they were still pretty nervous as they had no idea if Hokul was going to repeat the same strategy or the Salvadorians were plotting something.

\'Keep your eyes open...Wait what\'

Felix was left at lost for words after witnessing a disbelieving sight.

What the hell! Tyson exclaimed in shock as well when he saw that Hokul had actually released the ball from 100 meters in the sky towards...No one!!!


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