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By the time Drago\'s voice resounded in their ears, the ball was already kicked between the strikers then towards him.

Drago didn\'t keep the ball on him for even a second as he heeled it towards the defenders.

\'They are trying to buy time for their Goalkeeper!\' Ronaldinho asked telepathically while standing next to Felix, \'Do we rush them, captain\'

Felix scratched his cheek while looking at the Salvadorians that were passing the ball between each other in merely split seconds.

\'Nah.\' Felix waved his hand lazily, \'We will be just wasting our time running like fools after the ball.

Just prepare your abilities and try to steal the ball after they turn to offense.\'

\'Got it.\'

Everyone gave a slight head nod in agreement and kept focusing on the Salvadorians, who never brought the ball to even midfielders.

What a good healing speed!

Tyson praised loudly after seeing that Bamur had exited the corner dome and sprinted towards his post while dragging his five meters blue hair behind his back.

The blood on his face was dried and he seemed like he was in perfect shape.

\'Let\'s return the favor and kill their goalkeeper!\' Drago sent a message while glaring murderously at Felix who had already deactivated his semi-morphing straight after the kick.


The moment the order was given, a Salvadorian midfielder was given possession of the ball, and he morphed into some sort of a vulture with his black bony wings and long bent talons, emerging from his shoes!

\'Hokul, take it to the air!\' Drago ordered while sprinting with the three strikers towards the Earthling team field side!

Upon seeing that Hokul was rushing into their goalpost while holding into the ball with his talons, Felix and the rest automatically entered a counter defensive plan that was created to block any kind of synergy revolving around the air.

Starting with Sylvia who unfolded her butterfly wings and took off gracefully into the sky, wanting to force Hokul to drop the ball.

Meanwhile, Zhang Wie and Hina backed to the penalty area while extending their hands forward, clearly preparing to block any scoring attempt.

William Bentley, who was the 4th defender, dashed forward while having his arm morphed into a grey violin.

His target One of the approaching strikers!

He wasn\'t planning on attacking him but just boxing him out! That meant the moment the ball was passed to him, William would be able to cast his abilities straightaway.

He wasn\'t the only one doing so but the entire team besides Zhang Wie and Hina.

Each was boxing their marked opponent and Felix was naturally placed against Drago.

Is he going to pass the ball to you Felix asked warmly while sprinting beside the furious Drago, who wanted to do nothing but turn Felix into ashes.

Alas, unless the ball was in his possession, he could only hold into his rage and continue ignoring the taunts of this tumor beside him.

Come on, trust me, and don\'t make him pass you the ball...You will die. Felix advised with an honest smile.


While Felix was being himself and antagonizing Drago for the fun of it, Sylvia and Hokul had already entered a mid-air battle of ice!

Hokul was releasing from his palms Ice cones that were sharp and also capable of exploding during contact!

However, Slyvia kept evading them in a refined manner, appearing both badass and beautiful to the onlookers.

She wasn\'t just dodging but also counter-attacking with expanding Icy Swords, forcing Hokul to remove any thought of passing her!

She still had the passive since it was unlocked in her current bloodline instead of the replaced one!

\'This b*tch!\' Hokul kept glaring fiercely at Sylvia from behind a shield made of ice that was protecting him from those swords.

Meanwhile, Sylvia was frowning slightly as she didn\'t like the fact that her abilities were not doing damage to that shield.

Well, it was doing damage as the shield kept cracking once in a while but it also kept recovering to its original version.

She knew that was the doing of Hokul\'s energy infusion.

However, she was merely displeased but not as agitated as Hokul since he could see that his teammate had already reached their positions and they were being marked by each Earthling.

The more he got delayed the worse it could get for them since he could see that Hina and Zhang Wie had already erected the first defensive formation!

It was based on the Oceanic Wall engulfing the Metallic Wall, making it even harder to penetrate it by screamer!1

\'Cap, should I use my peak ability now\' Hokul asked for permission telepathically.

\'Do it! No need to hold into it for the other synergy!\' Drago ordered while gritting his teeth, \'We must score to raise morale again! We must!\'

\'Got it!\' 

The moment Hokul received a confirmation, he smirked at Sylvia while snapping his finger behind the shield\'s cover.


Blue particles started to emerge from his pores and shaping up into an icy polar bear sculpture! Yet, the particles didn\'t stop from surging outside of his body and shaping up into more sculptures!

By the time he finished, there were more than 10 of them hovering behind him!

He summoned 10 Icy Golems mid-air! Tyson commentated in wonder while looking at Hokul sweaty forehead, How is he going to make use of them when he is having difficulty keeping them floating beside him with his mental energy

It was common sense that mental energy shouldn\'t be used to control golems since it was too draining and also not worth the effort.

After all, he would need to control them like puppeteers and Sylvia wasn\'t that trash to get hit by flimsy attacks.

Regardless, she didn\'t let down her guard as she kept pressuring Hokul and his sculptures with those Icy swords.

Boom Boom!...

The noise produced from the contact was loud alright, but the results were still disappointing since not a single crack had appeared on those sculptures.

Sylvia had a bad feeling after seeing her attacks\' ineffectiveness.

I dare you to block my path now. Hokul sneered out loud while controlling those large icy polar bears to cover him from every direction...Literally!

\'Shit!\' Sylvia couldn\'t help but curse in her mind after seeing that only tiny gaps were left behind, making it almost impossible for her expanded Icy swords to enter inside.

She recognized that if she made them smaller, they wouldn\'t make any difference since Hokul was still hiding behind that shield!

He is using the sculptures as a meatshield! Excited, Tyson shouted loudly while standing from his seat.

Felix and the rest instantly realized that Sylvia wasn\'t going to stop him as her abilities weren\'t centered on destructiveness or heavy damage.

\'Aadav, can you hit him with your solar beam\'

Felix questioned in his mind while watching Hokul fly towards the goalpost in a slower manner than before.

But he would reach it eventually since Sylvia was clearly not capable of stopping him.

\'No.\' Aadav shook his head with a grim expression, \'He is a hundred meters in the sky.

That\'s too far for my ability.\'

\'Alright, prepare your ability and attack him the moment he gets too near the goalpost.\' Felix ordered him while snapping his finger.

\'He is bound to get close as he can\'t kick the ball from that distance, especially with his talons.\'


When he received Aadav\'s confirmation, Felix already had a hypotension bomb hovering on his palm.

However, due to him being near Drago, it was impossible to hide it from him. 

\'HOKUL HOLD YOUR BREATHS!\' Drago shouted a warning in his mind after seeing that Felix had entered his semi-morphing.

Even a retard could guess Felix\'s intentions and that saddened him since if he was wearing his hoodie, he could have created his bombs inside his pockets.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Although Felix\'s intentions were figured out, he still pitched the red bombs with 50% of his strength, making their trajectory somewhat visible to the players.

Felix knew that by using 50%, he would always have strength near peak 2nd stage bloodliners which was an understandable boost.

Poof Pöof!

The Salvadorians scoffed when they saw that Felix\'s bombs had ended up landing on a polar bear sculpture.

One of them was close to entering the gap but it still failed.

\'It\'s up to you guys.\' Felix decided to trust his teammates instead of trying acid inducement since he knew that it wasn\'t going to corrode the ice fast enough to make a difference.

Because he showed them that he could use only *Toxic Claws* and *Miasma Swamp*, he truly couldn\'t do much in this situation.

\'Leave it to me.\' Aadav Acharya sent a message with a solemn expression while dashing towards the goalpost just like the rest.

Only Leo and Rolandinho didn\'t move since they were always needed to be at front of the formation to kick off a counter-attack if the team secured possession of the ball.

After all, there was no offside in Elemental Football! That\'s why the Salvadorians had left their defenders behind!

The moment Aadav reached the penalty area, Hokul was in his way of descending towards the goalpost.



Immediately after seeing that Hokul was in range, Aadav tapped his finger on the sun tattoo on his forehead and pointed it above his head at one of the polar bear sculptures.

Everyone who was focusing on him saw that his finger was getting redder and redder until a concentrated beam of heat was released from it, appearing like a red laser!


The polar bear sculpture got its forehead penetrated by the beam before it exploded into ice fragments raining down on Zhang Wie and Hina who were right beneath it.

However, before anyone could celebrate removing one of those meatshields, they were horrified to see that Hokul wasn\'t holding into an ice shield anymore but was holding into an ice-made Sythe weapon!

Oh noo! He is not planning to kick the ball but ram it in forcefully by himself!! Panicked, George shouted while jumping from his bench at the horrifying sight! Screamer: an extremely fast ball that was fired from outside of the penalty area.


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