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Three days had gone by in a jiffy as Felix spent them mostly with the team, training from 03:00 PM to 09:00 PM.

Right now, he was eating breakfast in the Drop\'s cafeteria in silence.

It wasn\'t just him but every member of the team was focusing on their food.

Some were playing with their forks absent-mindedly while some were staring at it, appearing like their minds were full of thoughts.

Who could blame them

The game was set to start at 08:00 PM and the excitement they had in the past 4 months had already died down and now they started looking into matters with a sense of pessimism.

After all, they could actually die in the games!

One small careless mistake could result in their death without the ability to revive infinitely like they were training.

Doubts started to arise whether it was even worth it to risk their lives in those games

They understood that if they won, they would save their planet from the chaos ongoing; they would bring pride to all the earthlings.

Most importantly, they would be given 3% of the game\'s streaming revenue to be split between them.

That\'s a reward that belonged to them personally and no one could take it from them!

Neither the Council nor The ESG Organization dared to touch it since it was the biggest motivation those juniors had to force them into joining the games.

After all, 3% meant that they could obtain tens of millions up to hundreds in each win they get.

That\'s the reason most of them were desperate to join each game.

\'Hopefully, Jacob will ace the speech before the game to raise some morale.\' George thought to himself after noticing the gloomy atmosphere.

He left them be for now since it was better to hype them up right before the game than do it now.

After a short while, Felix had finished his breakfast and went back to his room.

They were given those 12 hours to be spent as they wished and he wasn\'t planning on wasting it bothering by the game like the others.

After reaching his room, the first thing he did was log in and meet with Erik and Malak in the Androxa Capital Training Center.

He had already checked on their combat experience and found that Malak was quite good but Erik was absolutely ** like he never fought in his life before.

When Felix asked him why, Erik confessed that his mother was making him integrate only to increase his lifespan and not join battles.

Hence, he never actually fought seriously with anyone!

But Felix didn\'t consider it as much of an issue since Erik was eager to train and work hard to better his skills.

Hence, Felix decided to teach him for an hour each day until he mastered the basics and also to get familiar with each other.

Then, he would hire a master to take care of him as he couldn\'t waste more than 1 hour a day on Erik.

Felix had never mentioned anything about himself.

Even the element he was showing them was only poison while the  abilities were limited to 6.

In their eyes, he wasn\'t Landlord but Felix.

He planned on leaving it this way until he met with them in real life and checked them thoroughly.

That\'s why he still hasn\'t mentioned the grand plan of turning them into Primogenitor Bloodliners.

He wasn\'t going to tell them anytime soon until they show him that they were worthy of receiving such a gift!

One hour later...

See you later Boss! Erik waved his hand at Felix while sweating buckets from his head.

Meanwhile, Malak merely gave Felix a head nod before returning to her elemental training, which was based on barbequing Dummy AI with her fire abilities.

Felix waved his hand back before leaving the room to them.

This wasn\'t Felix\'s room but Malak\'s as she has secured one on the 40th floor after winning the challenge with a bit of difficulty.

She only succeeded because this was the Androxa Training Center.

After going to his room, Felix straightaway started his daily training in Poison manipulation.

It was getting better and better.

He was still far from the 2nd stage External Manipulation but his Inner Manipulation was shaping up for the better.

He could now create abilities with the size of his poison pillars instantly!

Yet, he was still struggling to increase the duration of his poison from the known 5 seconds.

He tried all options but still he failed in all of them.

He even started to doubt that it was possible to create that kind of poison.

Alas, the Jörmungandr had told him that it was possible to create a poison that could affect someone for eternity if he was good enough.

He was attempting again to make progress in this direction but every ability that he throws at a dummy AI showed that it lasted for 5 seconds.

What am I missing Felix sat in a meditation position while rubbing his chin with a thoughtful expression.

Elder said that I could increase the potency of poison while I am still in Inner Manipulation, so there must be another method that I haven\'t tried yet.

Felix snapped his finger, creating a dark purple miniature version of himself sitting in a meditation position.

It was created from the merging of 89 poison inducements but he knew that it wasn\'t any different from his abilities.

What am I missing He murmured again while creating another version of himself sitting on the palm of his 1st poison version.

He kept staring at them revolving on his palm absent-mindedly.

While his brain was going through all the methods he tested, he subconsciously snapped his finger and created other miniature versions on each other palms.

He did so six times until normal eyes couldn\'t see the tiniest version.

But Felix could still see each of them clearly stacking from tiny to big.

This was just a subconscious training that he created to help him continue bettering himself even when he was training with other matters.

Hence, he didn\'t give them much attention as his focus was already on eliminating a method after another in his mind.

But after he reached the stacking method, those miniatures versions suddenly appeared like they were shimmering with light in his eyes.

The more he looked at them revolving on his palm the wider his eyes got and his heartbeats accelerated.

Could it be that simple and I was just complicating it Felix murmured with a tingle of hope in tone.

Felix always thought that potency goes hands in hands with duration.

It was a simple concept, the more potent the poison the better its effects would be on the target.

Hence, the duration would also increase correspondingly.

However, what troubled him the most was how to increase the potency of the poison!

So far, he attempted to merge different abilities with the same inducement but nothing much changed but the merged ability size.

He tried to merge a Hypotension bomb with another yet still only size changed.

Those were just a couple of methods from ten others that he had tested but to no avail.

However, after seeing the stacked miniatures versions, another idea came up in his mind that he never tried before!

That was condensing the mist by merging multiple smaller versions of one ability into the ability\'s normal size!

This was completely different than merging two abilities with the same size!

Let\'s see how it goes with poison bombs. Felix stopped thinking about it and decided to go for it.

If it failed, he had nothing to lose.

If it succeeded A new world of poison would open up to him!

\'Do you think he will succeed\' Asna asked Jörmungandr who was sitting across the chess table.

The Jörmungandr glanced at Felix who was creating tiny poison bombs that were the size of candy and merging them with normal-sized bombs in his other hand.

Since they were tiny, the size increase was barely noticeable!

\'All I can say is that his thinking process is on the right path.\' The Jörmungandr replied with a faint smile.

\'Oh, so he will fail\' Asna wondered while watching Felix continue creating tiny poison bombs nonstop.

Upon seeing that the Jörmungandr wasn\'t responding, Asna stopped asking him and just waited for the test.

Thankfully, Felix stopped after merging more than 20 tiny bombs into one normal-sized one.

However, it seemed like its size had increased eventually.

That\'s why Felix stopped.

He wanted to condense poisonous mist that was shaping up the bomb not enlarge it.

The hypotension bomb did appear like its color had gone from bloodish red to dark red, resembling  a sphere of wine in Felix\'s hand.

Felix stood up and walked towards a dummy AI.

Instead of throwing the bomb he made it hover in front of the dummy\'s face and explode it with a finger snap.


Felix waved the condensed mist from his face while focusing on the black screen that was on the dummy AI\'s chest.

He held his breath in hope while counting five seconds in his mind.

Alas, the moment he counted 5, the black screen brightened up and showed Felix a disappointing result.

>Lost consciousness for five seconds


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