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You little! Vexed, the Chief could only wave the hologram away from his face while walking slowly inside the bloodline library.

One look at it and anyone would understand why the Chief was being referred to as the Bloodline collector!

The library wasn\'t packed with books only but millions of bloodline bottles from all different shapes, colors that were filled with unique liquids.

All of those bottles were separated from tier 1 common bloodlines to tier 7 legendary bloodlines.

They were placed on shelves with a small description written underneath them.

No wonder the Chief didn\'t want Princess Bird to enter, those bottles weren\'t protected but placed right there in the open and could be taken anytime.

How many times did I tell you not to touch anything The Chief immediately scolded after seeing Princess Bird opening up a blue-colored bottle from his work desk and smelling it up.

Is this a new bloodline Princess Bird inquired while placing the bottle back.

Yes. The Chief revealed with a tinge of pride in his tone, This bloodline belongs to the Legendary tier 6 Monster Eater Beast.

Ohh!! Princess Bird exclaimed in astonishment, making the Chief feel quite happy by it.

Although he knew that his daughter knew nothing about the beast or how difficult it was to secure this bottle, he still enjoyed the reaction.

\'Heh, works every time.\' Princess Bird smirked faintly after seeing that her father didn\'t plan on kicking her out anymore.

By the way, did you send Landlord the invitation link for the auction venue The Chief asked casually while sitting back on his desk.

Cough, of course! I am not stupid to forget. Princes Bird answered with a shifty look.

Sigh, be quick and send it, he must be waiting. The Chief didn\'t even need to lift his head and look at her to know that she was lying.

Abashed, Princess Bird hastily entered her inbox and sent Felix an email with the invitation link.

After all, the auction wasn\'t planned to be hosted inside the capital city or any city in that sense.

It was actually going to be held in a private UVR venue created specifically for this event and would disappear after.

Every Galactical Event that would experience millions of guests was always held up in this manner so they wouldn\'t affect the daily lives of those living in cities.

Naturally, the Chief had only two invitation links.

One for him and the other for Felix.

Those links could be used only by one person.

However, there was a way to invite more than 1 to the event.

Princess Bird was going to attend the event as well by using it.

Go get yourself ready. The Chief shooed her away after seeing that she was doing nothing but stare at him writing the details of the blue bottle.

Why do I need to get ready when I will be there as a ghost She retorted.

Are you planning to look bad in front of your crush The Chief said, grinning.


Dad! Princess Bird pounded the table with her fist in anger and threatened, You better not bring this bull** when we meet him!

Heh, you mean how you spent hundreds of millions to locate him and how you watched every game of his and followed all the news about him The Chief kept antagonizing her with a silly grin, You mean that bull**

Argh! Leave me alone! Princess Bird growled at him.

I am just saying. The Chief shrugged his shoulders, We might be aiming for him but we are not going to harm him.

So, if you liked him, I can work something out to help you.

You old fart! I am telling mom that you are bullying me! In the end, Princess Bird couldn\'t handle the embarrassment and just escaped through the library gate.

Hehehe, finally some peace. The Chief grinned widely, Using that lad is truly a good way to get rid of her.

Without further ado, The Chief engrossed himself back in writing the details of the legendary beast in enjoyment.


Meanwhile, Felix had just finished his shower and checked his inbox for a replay.

After seeing the invitation link, he smiled in satisfaction.

Queen, please use the invitation link. Felix requested while heading to the kitchen for breakfast.

Currently, he was using the VR Pod, and he wasn\'t planning on exiting the UVR for the entire duration of the auction event.

\'Sir Felix, the event has yet to commence but you have the requirement to receive the auction catalog.\' The Queen replied.

That\'s what I wanted. Felix requested while filling up the table with food, Please open it up.

A side hologram had manifested before Felix at his request.

It wasn\'t showcasing the items\' names or prices.

Instead, it was just a long list of Auction House names while written next to them the type of the auctioned items.

For example, there was an Auction House that was centered around auctioning only unexplored habitable planets, unexplored deserted planets that seemed to have chances of finding energy mines.

Meanwhile, there was another Auction House that was targeting only clients who wanted to bid for wormhole coordinations that leads to one of the billions of unnamed galaxies out there.

Those coordinations were extremely expensive since having the first rights to explore a new galaxy would amount to an infinite amount of resources, ranging from mines, ancient ruins, newly found races..etc.

Usually, multiple backgrounds combine their capitals to win the bid.

Felix knew that the seller of those coordinations would earn at least hundreds of billions SC and sometimes, the bid could even reach a trillion!

If Felix had the coordinations of any of those wormholes, he would have already sold it and instantly turned into a filthy rich man.

Alas, the only memory he had was ending up using a star suicide wormhole left behind by a bastard SpaceWorm.

Usually, many random wormholes around the universe were either leading to an already explored galaxy or burning stars.

This made it too risky to hunt for paths leading to new galaxies with those f*cknig Space Worms committing Star Suicide everywhere.

If those random wormholes found around weren\'t unstable, no one would be afraid of ending up meeting with a Star since they could send a small empty spaceship to scout ahead.

Alas, they get shredded by the spacetime force inside the wormhole.

The explorers couldn\'t afford to buy multiple tough spacesh.i.p.s to send them to their doom after meeting a star.

Hence, the search for new Galaxies coordinations was the same as searching for a new continent in the Age of Discovery.

One should be willing to face the tempestuous sea to get the riches!

Felix wasn\'t planning on attending those types of auctions as he wouldn\'t really bring their utmost benefits on his own.

Instead, he kept scrolling down the list until he found an Auction for just energy stones and mines.

He swiftly pressed on it and was met with the list of items placed and their starting bids.


Common Grade Elemental Stones:

>100,000 High-Grade Fire elemental stones bundle/Starting Price: 100 million SC.

>10,000 Peak-Grade Lightning elemental stones bundle/Starting Price: 200 million SC.


Uncommon Grade Elemental Stones:

>100,000 High-Grade Dark elemental stones bundle/Starting Price: 350 million SC.

>10,000 Peak-Grade Sand elemental stones bundle/Starting Price: 450 million SC.


Rare Grade Elemental Stones:

>10,000 High-Grade Gravity elemental stones bundle/Starting Price: 650 million SC.

>10,000 High-Grade Illusion elemental stones bundle/Starting Price: 650 million SC.

>1000 Peak-Grade Illusion elemental stones bundle/Starting Price: 740 million SC.//

Felix couldn\'t help but drew a deep breath after seeing the starting price of the illusion stones.

He always knew that they were expensive as hell but he didn\'t think that even in this yearly auction event the price wouldn\'t get any cheaper!

He understood that the 10,000 stone bundle could potentially reach up to 4 billion SC if he met with a desperate soul contesting against him.

Yet, he was still planning on getting them since there wasn\'t going to be another opportunity to push himself to a 100% illusion affinity rating.

Although he might not be able to use it, he had enough coins now to afford to buy them on the side unlike before.

Sigh, it\'s costly as hell to work with a rare element. Felix lamented while closing down the hologram.

Hopefully, there might be some illusion bloodlines in the auctions to purchase.

Felix wasn\'t really planning to enter the 2nd stage of replacement with illusion primogenitor bloodline since he knew that it would take ages to gather the necessary amount to reach 99%.

However, with the capital he had, he could totally afford to buy whatever illusion bloodline he found and extract the primogenitor essence from them.

He could collect the essence like that on the side while using another uncommon element for his 2nd stage of replacement.

With this method, he might actually collect enough essence to attempt using the illusion primogenitor bloodline in his 3rd replacement or 4th!

This method wouldn\'t have really worked before for Felix when he was broke and never had enough coins to spare for a long-term side-project like this.

Let\'s check the bloodline auctions.

Felix went back to the previous list and scrolled down until he spotted three Auction Houses that would showcase only bloodlines in the event.

He chose one and scrolled down the long list of bloodline bottles.

Naturally, there wasn\'t a single bloodline below tier 4.

If the bloodline was tier 4, it got either a legendary rank or a rare element such as illusion.

It didn\'t take long before Felix had located the first illusion bloodline.

After seeing that the starting price was 380 million SC while it was just an epic tier 4 bloodline, he couldn\'t help but click his tongue in disgruntlement.

Alas, he could only suck it up and mark the bloodline in a notepad with the name of the House.

He then carried on searching like this for either illusion bloodlines or epic tier 6 sand bloodlines.

It took him at least 15 minutes before he finished marking more than 4 bloodlines that he could contest for.

There were naturally even more than this number but Felix still needed his coins to buy other things.

Alright, let\'s check on the prices for Ancient Ruins Maps. Felix wished, Hopefully, there aren\'t many of them so my babies could be contested against even more.


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