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The moment the rest of the players saw that it was Felix, they instantly sympathized with the horrified unlucky girl.

She pointed at herself with a shaky finger and said with watery eyes, I just won yesterday and secured my room.

Please have mercy and pick another one.

Not buying it. Felix sneered and walked towards her, If you were a newbie, you wouldn\'t have dared to leave your room and hang out in front of the floor\'s entrance.

He cracked his knuckles and said, Now, take me to your room to get this over with.

The girl dropped her act at once and glared at Felix dangerously, You think I am scared of you

Yes. Felix nodded his head honestly.

The girl sneered in disdain and walked in front of him with enticing steps, I just didn\'t want to dirty my hands two times in a single day.

Felix didn\'t bother to respond to her as he followed behind her.

The players sighed in relief after seeing that the challenge was accepted...Well, not like she could reject it but they were worried that Felix might be affected by her crocodile tears and switch targets to one of them.

Seeing the fight was set, they swiftly chased behind them as they were somewhat curious about how it would end up.

Leader, do you think Manal has a chance against him A gorgeous-looking man with a slender body and long brown hair that was touching the floor asked with an intrigued expression.

I don\'t know. The woman sitting beside him replied lazily.

She was wearing a long blue robe and had her hair made into a ponytail.

What\'s unique about her was that her hair was changing colors constantly from blue to white.

I am going to watch. The slender man offered his hand to the leader like a gentleman and said, Wanna accompany me

Beat it before I beat you. The leader merely threatened him while yawning in boredom.

Fair enough. The slender man walked away immediately, not daring to disobey the order.

He knew that he couldn\'t afford the consequences of doing so.

\'Landlord...Uhmm, might as well watch the battle here.\' The leader yawned again while sending a request to Manal.

She might be the leader of the club and floor, but she still didn\'t have the right to any private room in it.

But, she was permitted without an issue.

The moment the hologram was turned on, she saw that they had just reached the front door of Manal\'s room.

However, none of them walked inside as both were having invisible holograms in front of them, showcasing the details of their opponent.

At least, the exposed details from the games.

\'Interesting.\' Felix took a glimpse at Manal and thought, \'Didn\'t think that she is a duel fire and wind Elementalist.\'

Just like he was taking glimpses of her, she was also glancing at him with a tingle of dread and fear after seeing his peak ability that killed the Kraken.

\'How much strength boost does that ability gives him to f*cking one-shot the Kraken\' She gulped a mouthful sneakily, \'Mother didn\'t lie when she said that his bloodline is probably from a new rank above Legendary.\'

Naturally, every player who watched Felix\'s game and saw his abilities had their own guesses on their abnormality.

The most logical one that had been going around between them was the bloodline\'s rank being above legendary.

The unthinkable was finally starting to be considered when Felix kept using unique and busted abilities one after another!

Heck, not only the players but even normal bloodliners and commoners were starting to believe it.

Questions like those were asked on many forums and platforms; Was the debate on whether a higher rank above legendary is finally over How did Landlord get that kind of bloodline How can I buy one for myself...

The discussions kept revolving around those questions in the past couple of hours until people stopped calling it Landlord\'s bloodlines and just gave it an unofficial rank of their own...Mythical Bloodlines!

In a sense, they were quite right in the naming since the Primogenitors could be considered forgotten Mythical beings in most parts of the universe.

But wrong at the same time since the Primogenitors were as real as it could get.

Just like that, Felix was turned into the 1st Mythical Bloodliner by the citizen without his knowledge.

\'Mythical or not, I can still win against him if I kept my distance.\' Manal hardened her expression and asked with an unfriendly tone, You ready

Felix merely gestured with his hand for her to make a move first.

Unworried about getting stuck in the back, Manal stepped inside her room, which had been modified to resemble an empty arena automatically after she accepted the challenge.

Felix followed after her and they split midways, each heading in opposite directions.

Unlike the battle against Monkey Lee where it started automatically after they entered the room, the rules here were quite different.

First, the battle wouldn\'t begin unless both players had voiced their readiness to the Queen.

Second, battles occur only on a natural arena so no one would be given an extra advantage above the other.

Third, the battle ends immediately upon surrendering or death.

Besides those three basic rules, everything else was allowed.

Naturally, others couldn\'t interfere in the battle.

Hence, they gathered around the arena and started making small bets on who would win.

I am ready!

\'I guess Serpent and Cat Guardian should be good enough to take care of her.\' Felix thought after hearing Manal voicing her readiness.

\'Let\'s get this over with.\' Felix voiced his readiness to the Queen and immediately extended both of his palms sideways after giving him the start-signal.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Abruptly, transparent sand erupted from his left hand and green sand from his right hand.

The moment Manal saw this sight, she knew what ability was using and she didn\'t dare to let him finish activating it!

She dashed forward while having a tiny tornado revolving around her arm while the other one was engulfed in raging orange flames.

She is starting the battle with her strongest technique...Quite a smart decision.

The leader commentated to herself while watching Manal finally reach the 20 meters mark, the best range for elemental rangers.

Immediately after, she placed a foot in front of her while bending down a little.

Her hands were brought together near her left waist.

Everyone could see that the flames had been drawn out towards the tornado, turning into a fire tornado that was still revolving around her arm!

Not wasting a single split second, Manal abruptly jerked her arm in front while having her palm facing the nonchalant Felix, who didn\'t seem scared even a bit by her ability.

\'Let\'s see if you will maintain that attitude after tasting this.\' Manal narrowed her eyes in focus and shouted, Expanding Blazing Tornado Technique!


Simultaneously to her shout, the flaming tornado on her arms was blasted towards Felix horizontality while growing bigger and bigger continuously!

By the time the flaming tornado was about to reach Felix, its size was big enough that Felix appeared like a tiny ant before it!


He still didn\'t seem worried about it, making everyone believe that he had something to rely on!

They were absolutely correct, as the green and transparent sand next to Felix had swiftly propelled themselves at Felix and created a spherical dome that was half green/half-transparent!


Before anyone could react, the blazing tornado had engulfed the Sphere and continued on its journey until it reached the wall behind Felix!

However, the tornado was still raging on and on since it was attached to Manal\'s extended arm and she had yet to either deactivate it or stop feeding it flames!

In other words, unless she runs out of energy this technique was everlasting!!!

Naturally, abilities separately wouldn\'t have created such an enormous flaming tornado that shouldn\'t be accessible to 2nd stage bloodliners.

However, when those two active abilities *Tornado Beam*, *Burning Hand* were combined with the common passive *Expanding Wind*, it created this astonishing technique, *Expanding Blazing Tornado*!

Did she get him!

I really don\'t want to be in Landlord\'s shoes right now.

The challenge hasn\'t ended yet; he is probably still alive inside of it!

The players were clamoring loudly in excitement at the sight of the blazing Tornado still engulfing Felix without any signs of stopping.

They believed that the sand barrier that covered him should be melted by now and made things even worse for Felix!

However, since the challenge wasn\'t over yet, they weren\'t so sure about that take.

Thankfully, their curiosity would be sated soon as Manal was starting to exhibit some signs of energy drain.

Her technique was amazing alright but the energy to sustain it for more than 30 seconds was too much for her capacity.

Hence, she swiftly deactivated the triple abilities while huffing in exhaustion.

Regardless, a smug grin was affixed on her lips while looking at her technique breaking into orange and grey particles.

\'How could this be!\' 

Alas, that smug smile didn\'t last for long as the sight that emerged after the disappearance of the tornado had made her heart almost leap out of her throat.

It wasn\'t just her as everyone had stopped talking at once and started staring with widened eyes at a giant sphere that appeared like it got at least 10 times bigger than before!

They could see that it was red due to the sand being heated constantly...But that was it!

It didn\'t melt as they expected nor did the sphere fall apart.

Instead, it had gotten ten times bigger somehow.

The answer to their questions was standing inside that red sphere still pumping sand from both of his palms.

The only difference from before was the fact that those mounds of sand on the ground were finally starting to increase in height while shaping up as The Cat Guardian and The Serpent Guardian!

Felix\'s *Absolute sand Defense* had stopped using the Guardians\' sand to protect him!

It was responsible for enlarging the sphere since each time it was about to collapse and harm Felix; the sand would propel itself and fix things up!

But now that he was safe,  the sphere broke apart into light particles on its own, exposing Felix within it while being accompanied by the newly risen Guardians.

Thud Thud!!

Both of them did their usual greeting while facing Felix.

Then, they switched their sight to Manal, looking at her with their soulless eyes.

Shivers coursed on Manal\'s spine after trading eye contact with them...Well, she wasn\'t able to see the Cat Guardian due to her transparent body but Manal could guess her look based on the other Guardian.

She didn\'t understand how Felix survived and what ability used, but those looks made her forget about everything and focus on her survival!

Ladies, have fun beating her up. Felix placed his hands in his pockets and took a step back.

He had no interest in joining the fight.

In his eyes, two Guardians were already an overkill against Manal, who was already exhibiting signs of energy exhaustion.

He wasn\'t lying in the slightest as the moment those two Guardians were given the order, Manal was placed in a **ty position!

Whoosh Whoosh!

The Cat Guardian couldn\'t be seen while the Serpent Guardian was swinging her long whip constantly at Manal, forcing her to continue evading nonstop.

When she attempts to counterattack by firing off a smaller Tornado from her arms, the Serpent Guardian easily sidestep them and continued on her pressuring whipping, not allowing Manal even the time to breath!

Smach Smach!!

Manal kept trembling each time the whip landed on the white ground near her.

The sound was loud enough she knew that those strikes were carrying a heavy punch!

\'What do I d..\'


Before Manal could rearrange her thoughts and figure a way out to win this hopeless fight, her brain short-circuited for a split second as she saw that her arm was flying right beside her face in a slow animation.

Beside that arm, she noticed a transparent long nail that was tainted with few drops of her blood.

\'How could she be so fast!!\'

Her heartbeats accelerated abruptly, pumping more adrenaline at the horrifying sight and making her feel nothing from her clean sliced shoulder.


Alas, just as she tried to reflexively jump backward away from that nail, she felt a sudden sense of weightlessness like she wasn\'t carrying anything...

Then, came the feeling of flying, making her realize what had happened as she had experienced this sensation many times in the UVR.

\'Sigh, is this the power of mythical bloodline Ah, I want one badly....\'


She didn\'t even manage to finish that last thought as her severed head had touched the ground and rolled two meters away from her body.

Her eyes were still wide open, staring straight at Felix who was gazing at her with a satisfied smile, appearing like he was pleased by his Guardians\' performance.


A fountain of blood had surged from her sliced neck, forcing her standing body to lose balance and fall on its back.

Then, it broke into light particles with the head as well, marking the end of the challenge!

Felix smirked and snapped his fingers, sending the Guardians away.

Just like always, they kneeled before doing so, making the players feel envious by this sight.

Who wouldn\'t want an ability that was strong enough that could f*ck anyone without even lifting a finger


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