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After a couple of hours, Felix had decided to stop his research for now and leave the bathtub.

He was in it for quite a long time already.

He threw a towel on him and went to his bedroom.

After changing to his usual Landlord\'s outfit, he sat on his bed and opened his email inbox.

He went to his Fanclub website and obtained Leader Emma\'s contact details.

Then, he wrote her an email, entailing that he wanted to discuss the club matters with her tomorrow morning.


\'Alright, now we got that over with, let\'s test those Seeker Shoes.\'

The moment Felix saw that his email was sent, he stood up and went outside of his room.


The door automatically closed behind him and wouldn\'t open unless his bracelet was scanned.

Felix looked around the living room as he walked towards the apartment\'s door.

\'It seems like those morons want to keep things natural for now.\' He mused after not seeing any one of them camping outside of his room.

\'Whatever.\' He shrugged his shoulders and went outside of the apartment.



After Felix reached his car, he turned it on and waited a minute or two until he gets assigned a somewhat trafficless destination to the Training Center Mountain.

After all, if there wasn\'t some traffic system in this humble mountain chain, there would be chaos when everyone starts flying whenever they feel like it.

Thankfully, the wait for a preset destination never takes more than five minutes.

\'You are free to fly.\'

The moment Felix received permission, he pressed on the auto-drive without lifting his head from a hologram in front of him.

The hologram was displaying the Seeker Shoes that he bought and their details.

Felix wasn\'t reading them since he already knew what they do.

Instead, he was modifying the shoes to his liking.

The most important modification was changing their size to fit his feet perfectly.

Then, he changed the color scheme to white and black, keeping it simple.

At last, he chose the style of the shoes to be modern-like.

Specifically to appear like sports shoes that he usually wears.

Those modifications were possible since the Dwarf who invented them didn\'t just make a single style of Seeker Shoes and copy-paste them over and over again.

Instead, he created them based on the notion that his buyers would range from Orcs with big legs to goblins with small feet.

He also took the cultural differences of each race.

He created as many unique shoes as possible to make it easier for the buyers to feel comfortable wearing them like they were wearing their homeland clothes.

Those modifications in creations weren\'t really negatively impacting the Seeker Shoes since the Artifact core would always remain the same.

The outer look or size was merely an external change.

Felix didn\'t have trouble finding \'sports shoes\' in stock since clothes, shoes, hats...etc, had been made somewhat universal for anyone to wear due to the UVR connecting everyone.

If it wasn\'t for so, the Dwarven wouldn\'t have made any modern styled artifact with a somewhat human touch.

It\'s already been 2500 years since the Human Race cl.u.s.terf*ck and the Dwarf Race had yet to forget about it or probably never will...After all, they were known for holding grudges and being as stubborn as a rock.

In a short while, Felix had closed down the hologram after picking the right Seeker Shoes and clicking on the confirmation button.

However, instead of sending the serial code to Bodidi, he decided to leave it with him for now since it wasn\'t worth the shipment price.

He preferred waiting until he delivers it with all of the purchased items in the upcoming event at once.


Five minutes later...

Felix had reached the Training Center Mountain and went to park his car.

After so, he walked towards one of the buildings erected on the mountain\'s summit.

All of them were centers for training just like the one in the Androxa Capital.

The only difference would be the strength difference of those training inside.

While in Androxa capital greater purity bloodliner could secure a room or join a club, it was almost impossible for 2nd stage bloodliner to possess a room that belonged to him here.

One needed to have a minimum strength of a peak stage 2 bloodliner to secure it and actually attempt to defend it against challengers.

This was just on the 20 bottom floors of each building.

As for above it Heh, unless one was a platinum player, the elevator wouldn\'t even lift them beyond the 20 floors.

Felix still hadn\'t gotten a room of his own in the past three months since he tried to keep his sand abilities hidden.

If he exposed them before the game, he wouldn\'t have played with the other players that easily, taking advantage of their ignorance about his element and abilities.

He understood the concept of keeping one\'s cards hidden at all costs.

But now He went straight to the 19th floor and voiced the go-to taunt that never failed him, Who want\'s to be a good lad and give me his training room

The noisy floor he was on started to get quieter and quieter by the moment.

Each player began to trade glances between them and Felix who had his hands in his pockets.


Cough, my mom is calling me for dinner.

My dog has died; I need to attend his funeral.

I...I...Forgot to breathe! I need to log out!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dumbfounded, Felix kept staring at the players either log out instantly or give away a half-baked excuse before teleporting.

No one was left behind on the floor beside Felix and a short man whose eyebrows kept twitching in annoyance at the sight.

Am I really that scary Felix pointed a finger at himself speechlessly while addressing the short man.

What do you think The short man shrugged his shoulders carelessly, News of you slaying a nerfed Kraken has already gone viral in the past hours and they were talking about it just now.

Felix facepalmed after hearing so.

He completely forgot about it since he was fully engrossed in other matters.

If he bothered to search on trending news, he would have seen that he was already in the top ten of the Mariana Empire and Top 100 on a galaxywide scale.

Naturally, those ranks were just for SG platform news in the Galaxy.

Sigh, those bastards would probably not log for the entire day to avoid me. Felix smiled wryly and asked, Leader, is there anyone in the training rooms now

The short man chuckled and said, I have already informed them not to show themselves.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched in vexation at the sound of that.

He didn\'t think that the entire floor was filled with just club members.

He understood that this short dude was the club leader that owned this floor and there was no way he would throw one of his members for an outsider.

How about challenging me The short man tempted with an innocent smile, If you win, I will give you the leadership of the Seven Sensations Club and ownership of the entire floor.

If I lose Felix asked.

You will join my club, of course. The short man cleaned his ears and said, Simple right

Felix arched his eyebrows and asked, What\'s your integration level.

COUGH, Peak 4th stage bloodliner; Cough!


Have a nice day. Felix nodded his head and walked back to the elevator.

Wait! You haven\'t heard the rewards of joining my club!

F*ck off.

Felix sprinted towards the elevator after seeing that he was about to get chased.

After getting himself inside the elevator, he closed it shut and wiped his sweaty forehead.

He wasn\'t a retard to fight against that monster when there were other floors and rooms to take.

He knew that the short man didn\'t lie about his integration level since it was a must to tell the truth to the challengers based on the Training Center\'s rules.

After all, deaths were allowed in training centers with the known 24 hours penalty plus paying the revival fees.

So challenges needed to be decided smartly instead of just challenging anyone who moves without repercussion.

Those players bounced the moment they saw Felix and his tags were due to this reason.

They understood that he was tough to win against and they might even get killed in the challenge.

If that happened, they would lose their training rooms, get forced to wait 24 hours, pay the fees and finally attempt to challenge another for a room or join another club if they still had an empty spot, which was quite doubtful.

Hence, escape was the go-to strategy since they just needed to stay logged out until Felix or other challengers leave before logging again.

Felix was retarded enough to give them a chance to escape instead of just picking one quickly.

If that happened, they wouldn\'t be able to refuse the challenge.

He wasn\'t planning on making the same mistake on the 20th floor!


The moment the elevator opened up, Felix dashed inside the packed 20th floor and pointed his finger at a girl who was chatting in enjoyment with two other girls.

I challenge you for your room! He said loudly, making everyone turn around and focus on him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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