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Felix queued obediently just like the others.

No matter how angry he was about their management.

He still needs to play their game if he wants to obtain the loan.

20 minutes later...

His turn had arrived, this time he did not greet anyone and just straightaway put his wrist in the scanning device.

The employee was pleased about this as well, as he preferred customers like those who do not waste his time with meaningless questions and conversations.

I see that you applied for your first loan.

He read the scanned details in his screen and continued, Based on the SGA rules.

Every member of a newly joined planet can apply for a 100.000 SC loan with 3% interest increase monthly. He informed, The next loans will need an explanation and the purpose of use.

As for the interest, it will be 6% monthly.

Is everything understood Mr.



Good, 100.000 SC has been added to your bank account.

You can use it to buy anything within the UVR.

I wish you have a nice day.

Next in line please. The employee excused him.

Felix nodded his head and left the floor.

After a while, he exited the bank and called for a hover cab using his bracelet, heading to the gambling den to place his bet.

10 minutes later....

He was sitting on a couch, drinking coffee while watching tens of holograms, each displaying live a different game from a different rank and tier.

\'The game I remember still has not started.

I guess it will be on tomorrow Saturday since it is a battle royal type.\'

He figured so, as those games extremely popular within the spectators, due to their brutal and simple condition to win them.

One only needs to emerge as the last survivor within hundreds or thousands of players to clutch the championship.

As for others, only death awaits them.

Such a brutal game mode is what delights the commoners\' boring lives.

\'Well no biggy, I will place my bet on the winner now and come watch tomorrow.\'

He tapped on his bracelet, and a large hologram appeared in front of him, that no one else can see.

He entered the Gambling den Official website and clicked on the games happening tomorrow.

Immediately, he was transferred to another tab that had a long list of games.

\'Queen, please find me a 500 player battle royal from this list.\'

Without wasting any effort the Queen quickly highlighted three games based on his requirement.

He pressed on the one at the bottom and details of the game displayed in another side hologram.

//Game Format: Free For All

Game Name: 500 Battle Royal

Players Number: 500

Integration Allowed: From origin purity to peak stage 2 of replacement.

Ranks Allowed: Silver and Gold

Player list: (Please click on it for extended details.)//

He clicked on it and typed Solid Wall in the search bar.

He had no plans to waste time scrolling 500 names for him.

Immediately after doing so, Solid Wall profile was displayed in front of him, with a large button underneath it that said >Bet on this player


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