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\'Hehehe, I am really such a fool for ignoring this method.\' Felix berated himself but he was still grinning in delight.

\'Asna, I need you for a while.\' Felix requested while returning inside the bathtub.

\'Argh, why do you keep asking me only!\' Asna complained after reading what he had in mind, \'Isn\'t that old snake also lazing around, why don\'t you ask him!\'

\'I don\'t mind helping.\' The Jörmungandr smiled faintly while pressing pause on his remote control.

\'Thank you for the offer elder, but please just carry on watching your series.\' Felix smiled gently, \'You still haven\'t finished them all but Asna was already on her 3rd rewatch.\'

\'F*ck you! I am watching them again cause there is nothing to do!\' Asna cursed him hatefully.

\'Didn\'t I just give you something to do\' Felix blinked his eyes innocently, \'How is it my fault that you keep rejecting them\'

\'I want new movies and series!\' She threw the remote control in anger, \'Not work for you!\'

\'How about the usual\'

In the end, Felix didn\'t want to waste time bickering with her and simply offered the perfect solution to motivate her.

\'I want ten new movies!\' Asna didn\'t hesitate to start the bargaining with a stupid amount that was definitely going to be rejected.

\'Ten Heh.\' Felix scoffed, \'You get 5 movies and two of them could be romance or drama.\'

\'Deal!\' Asna instantly agreed as she was too lazy to bargain with him, especially when she knew that Felix had no issue bargaining for hours.

\'Now get to work.\' Felix requested while bringing out an empty hologram, \'Start by searching for ruins that are going to be found out in this year or the next one.\'

Without responding, Asna had closed her eyes and dove inside Felix\'s memories.

This time she remained there for tens of minutes as the search wasn\'t easy in the slightest especially when she was given a big range to look from.

She needed to inspect every memory and moment that Felix in his previous life to not miss the information that he wanted.

Since he gave her two years range without a specific month or day, she needed to see everything that happened from beginning to the end in that range.

She wasn\'t complaining always for no reason as it might look easy it was nothing but that.

The things she had to see while browsing through Felix\'s memories were going to stuck with her for a lifetime.

Sometimes she sees memories of him getting bullied in the clan he was at and sometimes she sees him venting his bottled-up emotions in red districts.

The sights weren\'t pretty or even close to how Felix was currently at.

But, she was already used to the drill thus she merely bypassed those horrible memories and finally spotted the 1st Ancient Ruins information that Felix had.

It wasn\'t like he possessed the information or someone handed it out to him privately but it was on public view for all to see.

It was due to the fact that when Ancient Ruins get fully explored and cleaned from treasures, the first original finders would either sell the information to the Queen or turn the ruins into a tourist spot!!

Those ruins were always a hit for tourism since they belonged to ancient civilizations and sometimes to races who inhabited the galaxy way before humans even existed.

Hence, they were money-printing machines even when fully explored! Especially if there were other entertainment platforms erected near the Ancient Ruins.

Felix wanted Asna to find him the coordinates of those Ancient Ruins which were still unexplored in this lifetime!!

He was planning on auctioning the coordinates of those Ruins that were going to be found in this year or the next one!

He knew that it was impossible for him to take advantage of those Ancient Ruins since he wasn\'t strong enough to explore them alone.

Alone in the sense, he hires a mercenary squad, slaves, or explorers to accompany him.

He had no intentions to hire outsiders to do the job for him since they would be asking for at least 70% of everything found in the Ancient Ruins plus the mindblowing fees of hiring them.

It was within their own rights to ask for an exorbitant price since they would be risking their lives to explore those Ruins as they were extremely dangerous.

Felix knew that with body defenses, he would die without even knowing how.

After all, there were mental affecting traps that could either kill him instantly or put him in an everlasting dream.

Felix had no intentions of exploring Ancient Ruins unless he reached 3rd stage of replacement.

There was no point in seeking death so early.

Hence, He could only sell the coordinations before they get located by the original explorers just like in his previous life.

At least he would earn billions of coins from them without dropping a sweat.

Naturally, he would keep the rest of the information about other Ancient Ruins hidden so he could take advantage of them when he was strong enough.

In a short while...

Asna opened up her eyes and reported with a lazy tone, \'I have found coordinations for 5 Ruins that were found out in this year and next one.\'

\'Hehe, what were they called\' Felix grinned, \'I remember only Fuji Ruins and Sankrir Ruins since I visited them in the UVR.\'

Just like everyone else, Felix also visited some Ancient Ruins for tourism in his previous life.

But he preferred going to visit them in the UVR instead of real-life since that was time-efficient and also cheaper.

Since the UVR had 100% realism, there wasn\'t any difference between the two versions of the Ruins!

Especially when the Queen was the one simulating the Ruins into virtual in the UVR\'s room of the owner.

Just like that, Ancient Ruins were bringing profit three times to the explorers! Hunting for treasures, turning them into a tourist spot, and lastly simulating it in the UVR!

Felix had plans in the future to use this method on Ancient Ruins that he finished exploring.

\'The other three are called, MoonStaff Ruins, Devil\'s Cult Ruins, and lastly Dreamworld Ruins.\' Asna asked, \'Which coordinations do you want to know first\'

Felix cracked his fingers and said, \'Start with Fuji Ruins.\'

\'Latitude-53.27349th, Longitude-7.77832031, 7th Planet in 987AA Solar System, 1978th stellar district, Guardian Empire Territory, in the Milky Way Galaxy.\'

Asna straightaway gave him the full address or in this sense could be considered as the pinpoint coordinations to the Ancient Ruins.

Felix wrote it down in his holographic notepad and requested her to continue with the rest.

A couple of minutes later, Felix had noted them all and double-checked with Asna about every single detail.

He couldn\'t afford to have a mistake in them lest he ends up paying a penalty when the buyers find that nothing in that area.

After all, a single different letter or a number in the solar system or stellar district would send the buyers into a different area that was hundreds to thousands of light-years away from the Ancient Ruins.

\'Good work, lazy head.\'

\'Give me my movies!\'

\'Stop whining, we will watch one tonight.\' Felix offered politely, \'Elder, you are welcomed to join.\'

\'Thank you, child.\'

\'Nooo!! That\'s unfair.

I worked hard for them!\'

The Jörmungandr accepted the offer under the displeased cries of Asna who didn\'t like that one bit.

Alas, neither Felix nor the Jörmungandr bothered to entertain her tantrum.

\'They are probably going to net me 18 billion SC plus.\' Felix grinned widely while glancing at his five treasures that were going to be placed in the upcoming Galactical Auction Event.

He was confident in his pricing since the Ancient Ruins could offer way more than that to the buyers.

It pained him a bit that he would have to let go of them, but he knew that holding into the information was going to bring him nothing.

\'Asna did you check on the Ruins\' tiers\' Felix abruptly asked after remembering such a vital piece of information.

\'Fuji is a tier 3 Ruins, MoonStaff is a tier 4 Ruins, Sankrir is a tier 4 Ruins, Devil Cult and Dreamworld are tier 6 Ruins respectively.\' Asna replied with an annoyed expression.

\'Good, three of them are going to net me quite a lot compared to the others.\' Felix nodded his head in satisfaction.

He knew that the Ancient Ruins with a lower-tier number were actually the ones most wanted by everyone.

That\'s because the lower the tier the less dangerous the Ancient Ruins were going to be.

Meanwhile, those with tier 5 were not as desirable since the dangers inside were assessed to be potentially life-threatening to even peak 6th stage bloodliners!

Since Ancient Ruins weren\'t always filled with treasures, ancient belongings, and things that were worth endangering one\'s life for, not everyone preferred exploring higher-tiered Ancient Ruins

Even if they found treasures inside, who could be certain that those treasures weren\'t going to be just garbage items or broken ones

There were so many uncertainties in Ancient Ruins explorations and the danger/risk wasn\'t always correspondent to rewards in it.

Hence, it was always better to choose one that was assessed to have lower danger.

At least the explorers would keep their lives if they found the Ancient Ruins to be a bust.

In the Ancient Ruins where Felix had found Asna, those weren\'t assessed yet since the clan members decided to explore it themselves instead of informing the clan first.

If they did, the clan would have sent an inspection professional crew who were equipped with gadgets and knowledge to assess the Ancient Ruins Tiers without risking their lives.

Thankfully, they didn\'t make that decision.

Otherwise, Felix wouldn\'t have gotten this 2nd chance to redo his life!

\'Alright, let\'s do a quick research on Ruins maps prices and such.\' Felix created a new hologram and started preparing himself with adequate knowledge about the Ancient Ruins industry as a whole.

It was an entire world on its own but Felix willingly dove to learn more about it just to not get cheated when signing the contracts.

If someone was going to be cheated, it would always be others!


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