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Felix headed towards his room while ignoring the fearful and envy looks of his cousins.

He took the first elevator all by himself, while the other two elevators were used by the rest.

He clicked at the 20th-floor button and stood silently.

30 seconds later the elevator stopped and Felix stepped outside, heading towards his room that was at the end of the floor.

He opened it using his key card and entered, slamming the door shut behind him.

\'Finally, my plans will truly begin.

Getting an AP Bracelet this early is heaven-sent.

I don\'t need to use the family bloodline beast anymore or even rely on their resources.

I can obtain everything I need from the UVR.\'

Elated, he looked at the bracelet in his wrist and went to take a quick shower.

He started to smell as didn\'t take one for over two days now.

10 minutes later...

Let\'s begin.

Felix lifted his wrist that has the bracelet on, and put it in front of his eyes and called under his breath, Queen AI

Suddenly his eyes closed shut and lay on the bed unmoving.

10 seconds later, a voice was heard in his head.

Welcome Sir Felix to the UVR, your AP bracelet has been successfully bounded with your consciousness.

From now on, only you can use the features of your device.

Do you mind me explaining them in detail

No need, I want you to teleport me to Alexander\'s Capital City, Felix replied with familiarity.

This will cost you 1000 Supremacy Coins in normal conditions.

But since this is your first time, it is free.

The next time you will have to pay the ticket price. Queen AI responded.

Noted, teleport me now.

You will be sent to the Alexander Capital City Androxa in three seconds, have a nice journey.

Three seconds later, Felix started to disintegrate.

His body slowly turned into light particles, until nothing was left of him.

Deafening silence engulfed the white room after his departure.


In a humongous city that spans into infinity, borders so far between each other, they can\'t be seen using normal human eyes.

In the center of this city, a building bigger than any other famous structures on planet Earth was standing proudly with its unique spherical design.

At the peak of the building a large signboard was planted arrogantly above all, that said SGA Teleportation Company.

At the bottom floor of this company, multiple circles were continuously flashing, as new people emerged from them and left hurriedly in a rash.

Felix\'s body started to reconstruct inside the white circle.

One second later his body became complete again.

The moment the process was over; Felix opened his eyes and hurriedly exited the white circle.

After doing so, he sighed in relief, \'Not this time you capitalist bastards.

You cheated me out of my money in my previous life, since I had no idea how the teleportation works, but not this time.\'

\'This daddy got scammed multiple times in the UVR.

But now with my memories, no one will bully my naivety again.\'

He smirked as he left the entrance of the company.

Fuck I was slow by one second and got 200 SC deducted from my credit account. said a blue-skinned human while crying in agony.

Brother that\'s nothing; I heard from my cousin that he saw a kid staying in the teleportation circle for over 30 seconds, staring at it in awe.

The poor kid ended up having 6000 SC debt. A human with a long alligator scaled tail replied with sympathy.

The others, who were listening to their conversion, sighed in pity over the fate of those newcomers, who get cheated of their money due to lack of information.

The Teleportation Company took advantage of this and made a rule that each second a person stayed in the teleportation device, will have 200 SC deducted.

Since people get teleported each second constantly, and when a person stands in the circle for an extended duration, they start blocking the path of those teleporting after them, thus stopping the company from making a profit.

This was the official reason and excuse the company used.

However, everyone knows that their reason was complete bull**.

After all, they are in a god damn Virtual Reality.

People can literally teleport in every empty spot there is.

Hell, people can even teleport from the toilet chair circle.

But would the SGA allow that

Absolutely not.

Why would they waste an opportunity to make free money from the commoners, without breaking a sweat or effort

They just drew a couple of circles in the ground and named them teleportation devices, and anyone who wants to use them must pay for a ticket to go to his destination.

The further the destination the more outrageous the ticket price is.

This is one of the main factors why even though the UVR was created as an open space for everyone to travel freely unhindered, turned into a universe with different territories.

And to go where you want to, you must pay for it.

This devious plan that turned something free into gold mine was introduced by the human race the moment they joined the SGA, thus earning them a good spot within the Alliance.


Felix was currently wandering around the city without destination, observing the different types of humans that keep passing by him.

Some had different color skin such as green, purple, and even pink, while some had extra body parts, ranging from having an extra eye in the middle of their forehead to having six arms.

Those mutations are either byproducts during the process of awakening or replacement.

Or they appeared during birth, due to having a low percentage of Origin Realm Ancestor Bloodline.

But still, the majority of people had no mutation like Felix.

This condition meant only two things; either they are commoners who did not awaken or bloodliners who had no mutation during the process of either awakening or replacement.

After traveling around the city for one hour, Felix finally settled his nostalgia, as he did not visit this city for a long time.

\'Alright time to start implementing the plan.\'

He changed directions and trod forward with familiarity.

First, he needed to head towards the bank to obtain his rightful starting pack loan.

Then use it to bet on the games that he still remembers from his previous life.

They were not that many, as he doesn\'t remember much from this period, since he did not get an AP bracelet this early.

He used to watch old games that were being streamed freely on TV and the Internet like a peasant at this period.

15 minutes later…

He reached another towering building that was half the size of the SGA Teleportation Company.

But, the difference between them was that this structure was shaped like a cube and shone with silver light.

In the middle of the building, a signboard that said SGA Bank was hanged on it, shimmering with silver light as well.

Felix queued like everyone else in front of the entrance and waited patiently for his turn.


30 minutes later...

He entered the building and went straight towards the receptionist.

Good afternoon, I want to open a bank account, as well as receive my rightful first-time loan. He said politely.

A beautiful lady that had two small cute horns on the sides of her forehead replied with a smile.

Good afternoon sir.

Can you provide me with your UVR ID I need your privet information to fill your bank account details.

With pleasure.

Felix extended his wrist and put it on a small scanner that was at his right side.

A few moments later...

Alright, I got what I need.

Please head towards the 2nd floor to obtain your bank account details, as well as your loan.

Have a nice day.

The receptionist sent him off with a polite smile.

Felix thanked her and headed towards the elevator.

The moment he reached it, he noticed that there was a line for it as well.

So he changed his direction and went for the stairs.

After a while, he stepped inside the 2nd floor and went to obtain his loan.

Sadly, he had to wait for his turn again, as there was a queue for it as well.

His forehead veins started to pop out from anger, but he held it in and lined up without raising a fart.

\'Fucking capitalists.\'

He could only curse in his mind, not daring to insult out loud the most authoritative bank in the UVR.

However, his rage was quite understandable, as there were more than 60 floors in this building.

Yet they force all the people who want to open a bank account for free to use only the 2nd and 3rd floor, leaving the other floors for those who want to speed up the process using coins.

They really use every method to earn profit just like in real life.

Nothing changed much even if this is the UVR.

Money always does the talking.


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