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In Lisa and the viewers\' eyes, it was tough to escape the encirclement even for the real Felix.

Don\'t even mention his copy.

He would utmost buy 10 or 15 minutes for himself before the ruse gets found out.

At that time, every player would be knowledgeable about his copy ability and its mind-blowing range.

It wouldn\'t be easy to fool them again.

Felix knew this as well.

That\'s why his senses were in the copy as he wanted to manually control the Turtle so he could prolong the chase as long as possible.

So far, he was having an easy time doing so since not everyone had arrived yet.

Only six Turtles were somewhat near him and he was taking them in a wide circle, trying his best to remain inside his ability\'s range.

This chase kept going on like this until Felix noticed that more than 7 Turtles approached him from different directions.

The moment he saw them, he ordered his Turtle to keep traveling in its path then he switched his senses to Blue Whale\'s clone that was left on top of his Turtle shell.

Felix did a quick sweep and frowned his eyebrows after noticing that a Turtle was approaching him fast.

It seemed like it wasn\'t really aiming at his Turtle but he was on its way to reach his real clone.

Naturally, that was bound to happen since his main Turtle was situated in the center.

A bit pained, Felix swiftly destroyed two Blue Whale\'s clones and their boats since they were on the way of that approaching Turtle.

Then, he ordered the rest to hastily stop fishing and paddle away so they wouldn\'t get found out.

\'Let\'s see if my preparations will fool them or not.\' Felix thought to himself while leaning against the feeding bucket.

He just kept watching the Turtle getting closer and closer until it was merely a couple of hundreds of meters away.

He could see that two players were standing on top of the Turtle\'s head while glancing downward at him.

He narrowed his eyes in focus to check who they were, but Blue Whale\'s vision was quite basic, making it impossible to see their faces.

However, the same couldn\'t be applied to those two players as everything appeared as clear as a crystal in their eyes.

Is that Blue Whale A double horned buff man guessed intelligently, It seems like he was left to guard the bucket while his ally went fishing

Should we take advantage of his ally absence and steal his Turtle His partner, who appeared like a gazelle with his long neck, clarified, It has a dark red color which is better than ours.

It\'s just a waste of time and energy. The horned man shook his head and said, Yellow or red, none of them will be enough to defend against the next oceanic wave.

Let\'s kill Landlord as fast as possible and return to the ba...

\'Landlord had abruptly turned south! Anyone in that direction makes sure to intercept him.\'

South The players glanced at each other and suddenly cursed at the same time, F*ck! That\'s us!

The Horned man swiftly ordered his Turtle to go around Felix\'s Turtle and speed in that direction!

Upon seeing so, Felix chuckled in his mind while switching back to his copy being chased.

The moment he opened his eyes, he ordered the Turtle to return to its original course!

The copy obviously didn\'t change paths on its own but it was due to Felix voicing the order to push those players into focusing on their priorities!

The entire Alliance priority was killing Felix not stealing or bothering with the rest of the players!

He understood that coordinations were swapped every second in the messaging system based on his previous life experience.

If he made any drastic move with his clone, those two would hear it and respond to it properly!

Those mind games weren\'t noticeable by anyone but Felix and the tenets in his mind.

Lisa and the rest of the viewers could only believe that luck worked alongside Felix in this game.

All of this due to their ignorance of his passive ability *Sand Senses Sharing*!

When they were ignorant, how could the players figure out that they were being played always to chase the copy and ignore the real deal even when they look right into his Turtle

\'Oh, more are arriving\' 

Immediately after Felix swapped to his clone, he was met with the sight of 6 more additional Turtles approaching him from the front and blocking his path!

This time, he truly was cornered as no matter which direction he chose, there were always two Turtles drawing nearer to him!

The encirclement has finally completed! Lisa shouted in excitement, How would Landlord\'s clone escape it!

KILL IT FAST AND CHASE THE REAL TUMOR!!...F*ck, this is so embarrassing to watch.

The viewers couldn\'t get any more relieved by finally seeing the alliance surrendering the clone.

It was getting more and more embarrassing for them to see their idols getting played by a mere clone.

Thank god it was finally over!

That\'s what they believed in, but Felix had a whole different opinion.

\'It\'s time for the next stage of the plan.\' He merely grinned while watching his clone getting cornered.

Since he knew that his ruse was bound to get found sooner or later, it was only natural that he would be prepared for it!

\'Hehe, I will play you to death.\' He smiled wickedly and decided that shock everyone alike!

He actually didn\'t change paths or even bothered to as he ordered for his Turtle to head straightforward!

In front of its path was another Turtle which was speeding too!

Everyone who saw this sight knew that a collision was bound to happen!

\'Don\'t you dare chicken out and clear the path for him!\' Golden Elixir immediately shouted in his mind, sending this message to the two players on top of that Turtle!

Golden Elixir didn\'t even need to inform them as those two players didn\'t have the intention of retreating!

A collision was quite bad indeed to the Turtles, but they would survive it easily.

Unlike them who had more allies to pick them up, Felix was bound to remain in the water after being propelled due to the forceful collision.

So, they were fully ready for the collision and just kept ordering their Turtle to increase the speed further and further!

1 kilometer!...800meters...400meters...200meters!


The player yelled at his partner while clutching the wrinkles of the Turtle\'s head tightly.

His partner did the same and lowered his head, not bothering anymore to keep his eyes on Felix.

He knew that Felix couldn\'t change directions at such a close distance since his Turtle would always arrive before that happen!


Everyone held their breaths in anticipation and thrill at the scene of the two Turtles merely a couple of meters between them.

The fans who were focusing on Felix saw that he still had his hands in his pockets without intentions of holding into the Turtle\'s wrinkles like the players.

He merely kept smirking faintly, appearing like he had already accepted the fate of losing this clone.


The Turtles reflexively moved their small heads to the side so they wouldn\'t collide.

Alas, the same couldn\'t be said about their thick necks and shells that had smashed into each other like two trucks on a highway!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!!

Felix and the two players were propelled from the heads due to the massive momentum, forcing them to fly into the sky!

Although it seemed like none of them were hurt by the shockwave, their bodies kept spinning randomly without control, making anyone feel sick just by looking at them!

No one was paying attention to the poor Rainbow Turtles who had their necks slightly bruised by the collision, as their eyes were laid only on three projected bodies, which didn\'t seem like they had yet to reach their peak velocity!

Woohooo! They are shooting to the stars! Lisa clapped her hands cutely while zooming the camera on them.

She split the screen into two since they were thrown in opposite directions.

The viewers could see that the two players were scared **less as they kept spinning uncontrollably while Felix\'s copy was still smirking like all of this was part of his plan.

After reaching a hundred meters or so in the sky, the projection force had finally started to weaken until it was brought to an abrupt halt.

Whoosh Whoosh!..

The moment that happened, all of them begin falling into the ocean!

Felix swiftly regained control of his body and straightend his pose, making his legs be the first to meet the water.

Upon seeing that the water was getting nearer and nearer, Felix grinned faintly and shouted, Good luck finding me underwater, losers!


Immediately after Felix\'s body submerged underwater, he broke into brown particles and disappeared out of sight!

This wasn\'t due to the force of contact but a manual deactivation of the ability by Felix!!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52718918430682295 for visiting.


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