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\'Damn, didn\'t think that Mikasa was willing to part with a coupon for me.\' Felix mused while eying the announcement that was drifting into colorful particles.

He always believed that most players were going to start moving from their places immediately after their Turtles finished eating.

After all, it might be 30 minutes of feeding but it didn\'t mean that the Turtle was going to be eating in all of it.

Heck, based on his Turtle\'s speed in gulping fish after fish, Felix didn\'t doubt for a second that it would take them utmost 5 minutes for their Turtles to finish eating.

This meant, 25 minutes were free to roam in the map to hunt for players and steal their feeding buckets if they were still full!

Whether they were hunting him alone or as a Mega Alliance, Felix had already planned countermeasures to avoid getting caught by them, and that was feeding the Turtle until its shell had reached red color!

He believed that the top 10 players would be able to reach this color with all the fish they had.

This meant, his Turtle wouldn\'t attract much attention from afar unlike if he let it eat everything that he fished. 

But still, he didn\'t let down his guard and started immediately calculating if it was safe for him in those next 30 minutes of feeding or not.

\'2 minutes had gone by since the 2nd stage had started.

It\'s fair to assume that the maximum period of eating for their turtles to be just 6 minutes or less.\'

He paused and glanced at the place where the announcement had gone off.

\'If they moved north towards the announcement, it would take the furthest to reach it about 10 minutes while the nearest just 2 minutes or less.

\'Since Mikasa is giving them 20 minutes at max, this left them with only ten minutes before the start of the survival stage.\'

He scratched his chin and carried on pondering, \'The moment the gathering starts, they will waste at least a minute or two to discuss and then another two to sign a contract.

This leaves them with only 5 minutes to hunt me down in the phase.\'

Naturally, Felix knew that was not enough to even reach half the distance separating him and Mikasa.

In other words, Felix didn\'t have to move from his place or worry about the Alliance in this phase.

At most, he would end up meeting with random players or those heading towards Miss.

Misaka\'s position.


>Congratilation! The toughness of the Rainbow Shell had increased by 10%!Plop!

The distance between them and Felix was still almost half a kilometer and they preferred going hidden right now before they get nearer and expose themselves to Felix.

Unfortunately for them, they appeared as clear as crystal in Felix\'s enhanced eyesight which was getting better and better the stronger he got.

All of his primogenitor abilities were limited just to his body and the stronger he got the more he would be able to bring out their potential.

\'Drunken Cat and Blue Whale...Uhmmm.\' Felix scratched his cheek lazily while watching them going off the radar.

They left behind them the Turtles, which were still moving towards him.

\'Asna, what\'s their abilities and bloodlines\' Felix requested.

\'The b*tchy girl is using epic tier 3 bloodline, The Bleak Night Cat.

She can enter stealth and her most famous ability is emerging from the shadows of her foes and slit their throats.\' Asna gave him a quick summary while chewing on a mouthful of popcorn.

She didn\'t mind helping him out since she wanted to participate in the games to have some fun as well.

Plus, Felix had requested her to memorize every player\'s abilities and bloodline which wasn\'t really hard for her.

In comparison, Felix would have forgotten 90% of them with his trashy memory.

He never asked her to do this in his previous games since he always scouted ten players or lower.

As for the rest He never deemed them as a threat to him.

But, it was different in gold games.

Everyone had at minimum epic bloodlines and experience almost equal to him.

So, Felix didn\'t plan on underestimating any one of them.

\'The fish head could hypnotize marine lifeforms and make them do his bids.

His bloodline is Sonaric Brainwasher Dolphin.\' She added.

\'Oh That\'s quite bad.\' Felix\'s lazy expression was no more as he understood that his Rainbow Turtle could be controlled by Blue Whale!

If that happened, he would 100% get thrown in the water!

Although he could breathe without problems, he could never contest against Blue Whale underwater with his poison and sand element abilities.

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Even if he reached the seabed where the sand was plenty, his abilities would be affected heavily since water wouldn\'t let them stay gather as a single shape.

\'He needs to die before getting closer to my Turtle.\'

After making his decision, Felix snapped his finger and created The Eagle Guardian.

He ordered him to remain behind the bucket with him for now.

After so, he closed his eyes and switched his vision with one of the scouting fish that he left around the shell.

Immediately after opening his eyes as a fish, Felix swam rapidly towards Blue Whale\'s Turtle.

Upon getting closer and closer to it, Felix slowed down his speed and started acting like the other fish near him to not appear abnormal.

Soon, he noticed that Blue Whale was swimming rapidly like a merman with his dolphin-like bottom half.

His speed was off the chart, making Felix feel extra pressured to kill him.

\'It\'s going to be quite hard to hit him like the Jellyfish.\'

Felix knew that there was a high chance of him dodging the spear after sensing the incoming danger even though the spear\'s speed was almost instantaneous.

The moment Felix failed his first attack, he would lose the ambushing advantage! He wanted to avoid that at all cost.


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