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After a couple of minutes, light particles began to gather above the podium.

The players all raised their heads and focused on it, wondering just like Felix if they were going to get lucky with a nice MC or a strict one.

A moment later, the process of teleportation had ended, leaving behind a short girl who was dressed in a maid outfit

Awkward silence abruptly descended in the lobby as everyone was staring at their embarrassed Judge fiddling with the corners of her maid dress.

Sorry for appearing like that. The short girl clarified with an annoyed tone, I have lost a bet and was forced to wear this in my game.

Looks cute on you, Miss.

Lisa. Miss Mikasa complemented with a soft laugh.

You really think so

Lisa did a semi-circle on top of the podium and an abrupt shower of praises and complement started raining on her from the rest of the players.

No one dared to laugh at her as they knew that Miss.

Lisa might look like a child but her true age was in the hundreds! 

She was a veteran MC with a thousand games under her belt!

They shouldn\'t mess with her lest she ends up switching her cute child-like persona to the real monster she was!

All of you are so sweet! Delighted, Miss.

Lisa giggled softly with her eyes crinkled.

Just as some players wanted to praise her even more, her expression was changed to cold real quick as she said, I\'m Elizabeth Sansolia, and I am your judge and God in this game. She smiled cutely again and said, But you can refer to me as Miss.


Not waiting for the players to respond, Lisa clapped her hands lightly, and the same large screen descended behind her back.

Felix looked at it and noticed that it was showing a giant white shelled Turtle that was swimming slowly on a peaceful ocean.

It had a long wrinkly neck that was thick from the bottom but thin at the top.

Even the head was extremely small compared to its giant shell.

Tada! Lisa extended her hands at the screen and said in happiness, This is your fishing buddy, your land, your protector, and your only source of survival!

The Rainbow Turtle!

No one seemed surprised or reacted differently as everyone had already done their research on the Rainbow Turtle after reading the details of the game.

As far as they got, the Rainbow Turtle was one of the few pacified beasts who never launch the first attack or attack back if assaulted.

They had only two instincts, one for eating and the other for surviving.

Thus, they spend the majority of their long long lifespan either eating or hiding within their shell.

They weren\'t named Rainbow Turtle just for the fun of it as their shell color truly changes based on its current toughness!

I see that all of you had done your research! Lisa nodded in satisfaction and said, But those are just the real details about the Rainbow Turtle.

In this game, we have changed some things about the Turtle to make the game more fun and fair!

Lisa pointed her tiny finger at the Turtle\'s shell and enlarged it on the screen.

Then, she pointed at a small hole that was in the center of the shell and clarified, You are allowed to enter inside the shell in all three stages of each phase.

Whether during fishing, feeding, and survival.

The only difference is that during the survival stage, the shell entrance will be closed immediately at the last ten seconds before the stage begin.

Meanwhile, in other stages, it will always stay open!

Although this raised some questions in everyone\'s mind, they kept them to themselves until the Q&A segment.

Lisa snapped her finger and the screen started showing a transparent-like glass.

She looked at their confused expression and said, While inside the shell, you will be able to see everything that was happening outside of it.

Everyone sighed in relief at hearing so.

Based on the old games like this one, they thought that everything would be dark inside the shell.

That was a horrifying experience, especially during the Oceanic beastial wave.

So, they were glad that the game\'s rules changed slightly.

Obviously, this change wasn\'t a surprise addition as it wasn\'t really a change that affected the core of the game.

One last thing about the shell. Lisa snapped her finger and the screen started displaying each shell with a different color.

She pointed at them and said, I can\'t share with you the amount of fish needed to change colors or if the current shell color was enough to resist the beastial wave.

Before the players could voice their complaint at such a piece of dastardly news, Lisa said, All I can tell you is that you will be allowed to see the fishing points in other players\' possession after each fishing stage.

I mean the total tally!

\'This is quite bad for me.\' Felix scratched his chin as he thought, \'If my amount was exposed, everyone would paddle towards my turtle and beat me up.\'

\'Oh well.

If they could find me in the first place.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders carelessly and carried on eying the screen which was now displaying a peaceful area of ocean.

Although you will be placed in an ocean, the area is limited to 30 square kilometers.

All of you will be placed randomly in this area.

Although 30 square kilometers wasn\'t even close to the size of an ocean, it was more than enough for players to not meet each other at all!

Everyone was weirded out by this fact as they knew that the Alliance wouldn\'t make such a fatal mistake of putting the players miles and miles away without the ability to bridge the distance and fight.

Well, their assumption wasn\'t wrong in the slightest as Lisa had soon informed them that every player could order their Rainbow Turtle to move!

The speed of the turtle was capped at 100km/h.

However, they could only order it to move during the fishing stage and the feeding stage.

I don\'t have all day long for slow explanations.

So.. Lisa clapped her hands with a cute smile and said, Let\'s jump straight into the Q&A!

Immediately after, players started raising their hands one by one.

Lisa pointed at a  man whose nose bent in a weird shape and said, You with the pig nose, ask away!

Can we fish above the turtle shell or is it a must to use the wooden boat Irritated, the man asked with his eyebrows twitching.

You can fish wherever you want. Lisa answered with a silly smile.

Thank you. Although he was confused by the smile, the man still showed his appreciation while placing his hand down.


Is it going to take forever to get one fish

Don\'t worry, the bait is special as it can attract a lot of fish for it. Lisa added, So if you can\'t fish anything, you should consider changing the spot.


What if our fishing rod or boat broke apart

They are tough to withstand a physical force equivalent to 3500 BF.

So anything unrelated to fights will not break them apart or sink them. She shrugged her shoulders and said, If they end up getting broken.

Well, think of a solution by yourselves.


Are GP bundles and rare fish species depend on luck to get or the area of fishing

Find out by yourselves! Next!

Can we steal other players\' Turtles and control them like ours

Yes! Next!

How many fishing points each rank gives

50 for common, 100 for uncommon, 300 for rare, 1000 for epic, 5000 for legendary!


What happens to dead Turtles Do their corpses remain throughout the game

No! The moment a Turtle dies, it breaks into light particles! So protect them at all cost!


Can we know the strength of the beastial wave

You don\'t need to know it as even 4th stage bloodliner wouldn\'t escape it. Lisa advised them, So focus on fishing and don\'t even entertain the thought of trying to survive against them without the Turtle.


Can we know what this game\'s unique title will be

Lisa\'s eyes instantly brightened up after hearing so.

I was waiting forever to get this question!

\'What kind of impossible mission is she going to put this time\'

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sight of Lisa\'s excited expression.

He knew that she had a weird habit of placing impossible missions to complete for the unique title since she had already given out her MVP title in one of her thousand games.

Alas, no matter what guess he had in mind, it never came close to what Lisa had just shown everyone on the large screen.

Did you like it Lisa clapped her hands in pure thrill and exhilaration at the sight of everyone\'s stunned and horrified expressions.


They ought to feel horrified as the Great Eight-Tentacled Kraken had emerged from underwater and let out an ear-piercing screech at the sky!

This Game Unique Title is!!! Lisa extended both of her tiny arms at the screen and shouted cutely, THE KRAKEN SLAYER!!


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