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Three months later...

Peep! Peep!...

The annoying noise of the alarm abruptly went off in a darkened bedroom.

It kept resounding for a couple of seconds until an annoyed mumble was heard from the bed, Queeeen, please turn it off.

\'Sorry Sir.

Felix, you told me to keep it on until you wake up.\'

Felix could only curse himself under his breath and open his muddled red eyes like he didn\'t sleep for a decade.

The moment he stood up, his bracelet quietened down, bringing tranquility to the room again.

However, Felix didn\'t return to the bed but just waved his hands at the windows\' curtains.

Just like they got commanded, they parted to the sides, letting the warm sunlight of the morning brighten up the room.

On his way to the bathroom for a morning shower, Felix kept yawning his sleep away while scratching his ass.

He was truly dead tired as he barely slept two hours in the previous days.

Today was a bit better since he slept an extra hour.

All of this was due to his busy schedule caused by...

Ring Ring! 

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive, as the moment Felix stepped into the shower his bracelet started ringing yet again.

Doesn\'t he sleep! Is he a f*cking vampire Felix cried in despair at the sight of the caller.

However, he still got hold of himself and accepted the call.

Why are you calling again Felix asked again in fatigue.

Boss, Mr.

Gomiga had specifically requested to have dinner with you to speak in detail about the acquisition of his VR Game Studio. Mr.

Igris went straight to the point.

Don\'t wanna! Felix turned the shower on and complained, I told you that my schedule is already busy and I can\'t be dealing with any of those matters.

Just tell them that I entered a coma or something and you are now the chairman of the company.

Your jokes always delight my day boss. Although Mr.

Igris said so, he didn\'t seem laughing at all.  So when should Mr.

Gomiga expect you tonight He asked again.

He added after not receiving a response, Come on Boss, it\'s just a dinner to conclude the deal.

I have already gotten 16% shares and we desperately need his shares to obtain the managing right of his company.

Upon hearing so, Felix massaged his temples from those pain-in-the-ass meetings that seemed like they would never end.

When his Primo Investment Company was successfully established two months ago, he didn\'t expect that it would eat up most of his time like this.

But what did he expect would happen when he gave out many companies\' names for Mr.

Igris to invest in or acquire at all cost Those companies\' names were all extracted with the help of Asna from his memories.

Naturally, for such a laborious task, Asna had to be \'motivated\'.

Thus, Felix had named the First Film studio that he acquired by using Asna\'s name.

That film studio was merely one of the 6 companies that his Primo Hedge Fund currently owned.

As for minor investments They were placed in 13 different companies.

All of them were going to make a breakthrough that would propel their companies to the spotlight.

By Felix owning shares in all of them, the revenue gotten would be too much even in his perspective.

However, some of them were going to make the breakthrough in months while some would take years.

So it wasn\'t going to be instant gain.

Obviously, to place so many investments at once, Felix\'s previous capital wasn\'t even close.

Thankfully, the series had turned to be more than a bomb in the empire as the viewers had embraced the 1st season tightly and were begging for more!

Since we are speaking Empirewide release in the best streaming platform for Films, the revenue obtained was more than mindblowing!

Felix had earned 12 billion SC just him alone with 20% shares! Don\'t even mention the rest!

Felix asked Mr.

Igris to invest what he finds appropriate in the 2nd season and use 5 billion SC as their Investment Hedge Fund.

However, by branching all at once in so many industries, Felix was left spending at least 8 hours a day helping out Mr.

Igris since it was indeed too much for him to handle.

They didn\'t trust to leave important matters in the hands of the recruits in the company.

Plus, it would be disrespectful to send a recruit to business meetings with other higher-ups.

Felix didn\'t have time for any of that as his daily training routine was eating up all of it already.

He needed to train with the team, his tail techniques, his poison manipulation, and also his unlocked sand abilities.

Now, he barely had sleep in time and this was slowly affecting his mental state negatively which would impact his bloodline path.

After all, no one could integrate without being fully ready to go for war with his body.

Felix had no intentions of f*cking up his bloodline path due to overworking himself to death for money.

In his eyes, money was just one of the means to serve one\'s ends.

Felix didn\'t want to fall in the pitfall of obtaining money for the sake getting more and more.

Hence, this time he had no intentions to mess with his sleep by heading to a late dinner.

Sorry, but I am not going anywhere tonight.

Before Mr.

Igris could argue back, Felix informed him, From here on, I want myself to be isolated from any investment matters.

If someone asked for me, tell them that I had an incident and went into coma.

Felix thought about it for a second and added, Since you will be taking care of everything, I will push your shares from 5% to 8%.

Don\'t worry.

I won\'t be giving you any more investment targets.

Focus on the ones we currently have.

I...Sigh, as you wish boss.

In the end, Mr.

Igris just swallowed what he had to say and agreed.

He could hear that Felix was dead tired and serious.

Talk to you later. Felix added before ha hung up, Don\'t forget to send me weekly reports of each company.

I still want to know their progress.

Of course boss.

Have a nice day.


The call was disconnected to the relief of Felix.

He truly hated the business world due to being time-consuming and energy-draining.

He was a bloodliner first and foremost, not a businessman.

He might have memories that other investors would die to possess, but Felix still had no intentions of fully committing to the business route.

Queen, please play the morning news in the US. He requested while shampooing his hair.

Immediately after, a grim voice of a woman resounded in the bathroom, I am afraid to announce that Huston city was completely turned dark after the power stations in the city had been raided and bombed by the Green Scuttle Criminal Organization.

New York is about to be completely overrun by gangs and criminal Organizations after their latest victory against the marine forces.

Boston is still struggling to get rid of the Misfits Criminal Organization that was planting bombs in historic buildings.

I will be damned. Felix frowned his eyebrows at the news while still cleaning his hair.

Yet, the news didn\'t get better but just worse and worse in every American state.

In some of them, drones were broadcasting an active war zone between US marines and gangs.

Bullets were being fired ceaselessly and surprisingly the gangs had the advantage!

How could they not when the zone they were fighting at was a populated residential area

The marines would obviously hold back lest they end up killing innocent civilians.

But the same couldn\'t be applied to the criminals who had no issue doing it.

Felix merely kept skipping one tragic news after the other.

He was already numb to the tragedies that had been occurring since the moment the Gama\'s announcement had reached the public.

It had happened two weeks after the 1st training session of the Earthling Team.

At that time, the kidnapping attempts had exploded in every continent to the point that even a retard could see that something was off.

It didn\'t take long before the Gama Organization\'s Announcement hit the streets, making everyone understand the Criminals\' actions who were doing anything in their power to kidnap a bloodliner.

After seeing the mindblowing rewards in the list and understanding that the Gama Organization\'s offers were as real as they could get, the commoners were affected one way or another.

While some decided to hurdle in their rooms, scared **less to even peek outside of the window, others saw the announcement as an opportunity.

However, seeing it was one thing but growing the balls to go for it was another.

Thus, only the desperate, greedy, mad, and ambitious commoners carried their weapons and participated in the hunt for bloodliners as well!!

Since awakening was an achievement on its own, who didn\'t brag about it to their peers, friends, relatives, and circles

Besides few exceptions who didn\'t like attention, every other awakened junior had shown off either directly to his peers or just bragged about it online.

This meant every one of them had placed a fat target on their heads after the announcement went live! Unless they lied about their awakening to earn praises and attention!

Since almost two years had gone by, the 1st awakeners had already been sent outside of the public camps to make use of their abilities.

Some joined the authorities while some went for civil work.

For example, Fire elementalists and water elementalists could potentially be trained firefighters in those ten years of service which they signed with the country.

This meant they weren\'t really hidden or protected but just out there like every other commoner!

So, it wasn\'t really that hard to kidnap them unlike the newly awakened juniors who were still in public camps.

However, some attempts worked and some were stopped by the authorities who were active 24/7 in every town and city.

Alas, even when Council had placed a worldwide curfew, banning everyone from stepping outside of their houses, the kidnapping attempts were still happening nonstop.

This pushed the Council to take a drastic move and place most of their marines in the cities and towns!

Even a declaration was made stating that anyone spotted outside of their homes would be shot without warning!

The world was in an emergency state and the Council had to make drastic moves like those to save the situation.

Obviously, the Karens and Kevins of the world were displeased by this decision since no one had the right to take their freedom even if there was a worldwide war against bloodliners.

Too bad, the Council had no intentions to use words to address their protests as they couldn\'t spare even a second of their time with those kinds of people.

Thus, when one of them stepped outside of their homes, they get shot dead without hesitation!

The Marines were given orders and they were fulfilling them.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #.-(2-in-1)_52225787180413057 for visiting.

After seeing through the news that the Council was truly executing anyone who disobeyed the curfew whether they had weapons or not, most desperate commoners hurdled up in their homes, not daring to have any thoughts about going against their country.

But the same couldn\'t be applied to the underground forces armed to the teeth and were rearing to take full advantage of this opportunity!

They knew that it was impossible to take down the well-trained marines so they did what they know best.

Play Dirty! 

Some of them chose to drag marines squads to populated residential areas and turn them into warzones.

Meanwhile, some gangs and Big Criminal Organizations went full terrorists and started bombing buildings, starting a fire in forests, hitting the countries\' borders and unprotected important areas due to marines moving into the cities.

All of this to force the authorities to split up and give them a chance to kidnap their targets.

If it were any other time, they wouldn\'t have the guts to do this.

But when the rewards were as good as Mild Longevity Potions that could give them 300 extra years to live, greed took the best of them and made them use any method to get some.

The Gama Organization made it even easier for them as the moment they participate in their first trade.

They get offered cheap Genome Specifier Needles to make them extract the abilities by themselves!

This meant they could straightway trade abilities with resources instead of a bloodliner! It was much easier like this.

For the biggest Criminal Organizations around the world, they were given plenty of needles at once so when they attempt to make a trade.

It would be a big one, ranging from tens of abilities to hundreds!

They didn\'t need to worry about crossing the borders since they were weak due to the chaos.

Even if they couldn\'t make it to the US, the Gama Organization would send one of the contracted native middle-men on a hovercar that could fly with supersonic speed.

This way, they could meet up mid-way, get the trade over with and then separate.

Since the Gama Organization was doing this for a long time in previous planets, they knew that anti-surveillance was the key to carrying on the operations smoothly.

Thus, the hovercars were installed with one of the best anti-surveillance systems that made it almost impossible for the Council to follow one and find the spaceship\'s coordination.

Almost three months had passed, yet they were coming up empty-handed.

The chaos happening in every town and city wasn\'t giving them a break to focus fully on the Organization.

Heck, in some places in the cities there was no running electricity as the street poles and cables were brought down either due to the aftermath of the fights or it was done intentionally by the criminals to put their territory of the city in utter darkness.

Unlike the citizens who were quivering in fear and worry inside their darkened homes, the gangs and criminals thrived inside the darkness like devils raising to reclaim what they deserve!

The world had truly crumbled in merely three months due to a single announcement.

The Council and ESG Organization also had a part of the blame as the massive capital gotten from selling their planet\'s data weren\'t spent wholly on the citizen.

Almost two years had passed by and 99.9% of the citizen still didn\'t have AP bracelets.

It was understandable not to afford to give everyone bracelets but at least 2% of the citizens worldwide should be doable by now, right

Or how about treating the millions of sick patients in the hospital with the cheap resources from the UVR

The citizen didn\'t see any of this.

However, the youthful faces of their leaders were always planted on their TV screens.

Neither the citizen nor the criminal organizations were stupid.

If there was 195 leader, and each of them embezzled 1 million for mild longevity potion, didn\'t that mean they had taken a total of 195 million SC

The things that could be done with that sum were too many to count.

It was used for presidents that would change terms in four years to f*cking eight years max!

That\'s only the obvious embezzlement which couldn\'t be hidden.

God knows how many millions each president had taken.

This had already set off an outrage before but it didn\'t do much.

However, it did show that everyone was frustrated and tired of waiting for the promised AP bracelets and other resources for more than two years.

Thus, immediately after the announcement was published, it wasn\'t abnormal that some citizens would act out of their shells and fight for a piece of the fat rewards.

While the citizen could be controlled by force and scare tactics, the gangs and criminal Organizations had no intentions of stopping until they get what they deserve!

They were done waiting for the Council to give it to them.

They had no qualms if the world burned for it!


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