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Asna pressed play on the remote control and laid back on the side, not interested in watching the memory again.

Meanwhile, Felix was engrossed in watching what happened in his previous life when The Council had finally requested assistance from the Alexander Kingdom\'s Fleet to take care of the Gama Organization!

They already utilized everything in their pockets yet they didn\'t manage to get rid of the Organization.

Even when the spaceship coordination was found, they were still unable to damage their spaceship with nuclear weapons or even the purchased ones in the UVR.

Not to mention that the Gama Organization was merely one of the six invaders at that point in time.

While the other five didn\'t send their full forces, the Council still couldn\'t take care of them all at once.

After seeing that the situation was deteriorating each day and fighting each other akin to wolf packs, the Council couldn\'t wait anymore for the earthling\'s team to reach a good rank.

They hoped that it would happen soon, allowing them to wish for some mass destruction weapons that were strong enough to take care of the invaders, but the team was always losing three games than winning one.

Thus, they voiced their plea to the Alexander Kingdom!

Since Earth was an independent planet in the Kingdom\'s territory, The Alexandrians weren\'t obliged to help them at all.

That\'s why when the Alexander Kingdom\'s scouting crew arrived at the planet in the beginning, they informed them that if they swore eternal loyalty to the royal family, they would be protected from those who harbor ill intentions to their planet.

But Earthlings chose the 3rd choice, putting their protection in the hands of the Alliance.

Too bad, the Alliance\'s protection was based on rules and rules always had loopholes that could be taken advantage of.

Only after the indirect and civilized invasion of the six Organizations did Earthlings realized this fact.

However, the Kingdom didn\'t leave them hopeless as it provided them with another chance to come under their wing.

At that time the Council didn\'t reject the proposal again.

However, since Earth was a member of the Alliance, the Council couldn\'t just snap their fingers and they would leave it.

It didn\'t work that way.

There were only two ways to leave the Supremacy Games Alliance.

First one, having five losses in a row result in immediate expulsion!

The second one, getting kicked out of the ranking ladder after the two years rank update.

In each update, the last 100 members in the ranking ladder of PSG get eliminated from the games, which kick them out from the Alliance once and for all!!

It was called Supremacy Games Alliance for a reason.

If a member in the SGAlliance weren\'t useful like the Wormhole Race, The Metal Race, The Witch Race, The Dwarf Race, etc., they would be required to continuously participate in the games so the  SGAlliance would earn profit from the viewersh.i.p.s.

If they couldn\'t do so, they could at least win enough games to avoid being part of the last 100 members on the ladder!

Obviously, the last 100 members were always either newcomer\'s planets like Earth who couldn\'t win enough games in two years or destroyed planets, kingdoms, and even empires due to wars.

Just like this, the Alliance was getting rid of useless leeches every year from its behemoth body.

This process of elimination was required since the Alliance was always getting new members like Earth.

For Earth to accept getting under the Kingdom\'s wing, they were requested by the Alexandrians to lose five games in a row since it was the fastest method than waiting for the rank update.

The Council didn\'t hesitate to order the team to do so!

While the team was getting their asses whooped intentionally, only a few citizens complained about it since the Council had shared their reason and everyone just wished for the chaos to end.

Now, the chaos was raging for about a year or so.

No one cared anymore about the games, the pride, and making the Earth\'s name resound wide in the PSG Platform.

The pictures of the First Earthling team were thrown in the garbage with the citizens\' hearts who wanted to keep their independence and raise as a planet.

Now They just wanted peace and to go out in the cities without worrying about getting gunned down.

The Kingdom provided that peace, protection, and safety which the Council had failed to deliver.

Felix still remembered the cheers vividly resounding in midtown Boston after the Kingdom had streamed their hundreds of spacesh.i.p.s fleets arriving on the planet and taking care of those six tumors.

Currently, Felix was spectating this exact memory of him watching the Kingdom\'s stream.

After asking Asna to speed up for a bit, the fleet responsible for taking care of the Gama Organization had finally managed to pull them out from their hiding spot.

It wasn\'t really that difficult since while Gama wasn\'t able to rely on their surveillance resources, the Kingdom had full permission to do so because Earth was officially part of their Kingdom.

After the Gama Organization was found out, there was no point in maintaining their camouflage.

Thus, the disk-like spaceship was revealed in its glory to Felix.

Unlike the grey uniformed spacesh.i.p.s surrounding it, the Gama\'s spaceship was completely pitch-black, appearing like a creature instead of a spaceship made of alloys.

Honestly, that shouldn\'t be a farfetched analogy as that pitch-black material was from the dead skin of a void Creature called, The Symbiote!

This Void Creature wasn\'t a race or an intelligent lifeform like the rest.

Heck, it had only one single desire since its birth to death...Gluttony!

The Symbiotes were born just like a parasite or a leech that needed a host to be active.

However, unlike parasites that needed the host to be alive, the symbiotes devour their host until not a single particle was left!

After devouring it, they grew bigger in size allowing them to take over bigger hosts than them!

The most frightful thing about them was the fact that hosts didn\'t actually need to be lifeforms! They could be rocks, alloys, or even an active star!

Anything and everything could be consumed and will be consumed!

Since Gluttony was their only desire, they live to serve it fully by eating anything that came up in their path.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52098209488622633 for visiting.

Due to this, some unfortunate civilized planets had met their doom after getting in the way of passing Symbiote who was bigger than their planet.

If they were technologically advanced, they could make a great escape in time before the devour sequence began.

But in the case of planets like Earth It was truly the apocalypse! 

They couldn\'t even kill it or ask for help from other stronger civilizations to do it for them as it was known knowledge that nothing could kill a Symbiote but itself!

That\'s right!

They were unkillable by any method used on them.

It was already tested millions of times and the results were in the UVR for all to see.

However, since the Universe accepts nothing but balance in its body, those Symbiotes couldn\'t just eat and grow to infinity.

Instead, after reaching a certain size, their skin would be having difficulties containing the consumed energy.

After all, the Symbiotes never released even a single particle of the energy that was devoured.

It wouldn\'t be possible to grow even more and since Gluttony was their only desire, they couldn\'t stop even if they wanted...Thus BOOOM!

They could only explode akin to supernova releasing all of the energy they devoured throughout their entire lives!

The only survivor from this explosion was bits and pieces of their pitch-black skin, getting hurled in every direction and spreading throughout the cosmos.

If it wasn\'t for the Metal Race\'s research spirit, that would never die down unless they discover the truth of the Universe, those pieces of skin would have been utterly useless.

However, in their magical hands, those pieces of skin have been revived yet again and connected, creating an artificial Symbiote!

The only difference between the real ones and the Metal Race created version was the mind!

While a single desire controlled symbiotes, the artificial ones had an AI as their controlling brain!

This meant those symbiotes gluttonous nature which was their bane was wholly uprooted! This turned them into a pacified controllable creatures that could be of great assistance.

Alas, since they were made from dead skin, they weren\'t really as good as the real thing when it comes to devouring matter or absorbing energy.

Heck, they weren\'t even 2% as good as the Universe\'s creation.

This downplayed their potential to the minimum in the eyes of the Metal Race.

Hence, just like always, they sold the technology to anyone interested in buying it after playing enough with it.

Unlike the Metal Race with inspiring goals, races like humans took advantage of the technology and discovered ways to utilize the artificial Symbiotes!

The first one was using it to coat the outside and inside of vehicles!

They realized that it could add an extra layer of defense as it could absorb laser and plasma attacks!

That\'s wasn\'t all as the energy absorbed could be used effectively by the vehicle! This wasn\'t just applicable to vehicles but even lifeform hosts!!

The moment this discovery was uncovered, everyone wanted to own their artificial Symbiote!

Who could blame them

They could be used to coat everything even themselves! Since they were artificial, they could be controlled just by the Queen!

The possibilities were limitless!

Alas, dead skin was required to create them, and the real Symboiates weren\'t really exploding all the time.

This led to having a new market that was packed with customers but not enough goods to satisfy everyone.

Naturally, this translated into having the prices of Symbiotes\' dead skin rise through the roof!

Heck, it got so bad some individuals started searching for dead-skin like they were searching for gold nuggets!

They actually did manage to find some since those dead skins were unkillable!

They could be destroyed but they would be able always to recover again.

If they were near each other, they would attach back together.

Meanwhile, some even decided to buy tiny pieces of Artificial Symbiotes and cultivate them like farms, feeding them with trash and waste to grow bigger and be sold for profit.

Although the absorption rate was just 2% from the real Symbiotes, it was still good enough for a small piece to grow as big as the Gama\'s Spaceship!

That\'s how they probably got their own artificial Symbiote that was currently blocking most of the laser and plasma attacks aiming at them from the Kingdom\'s fleet in the stream!

The more Felix watched, the more his desire grew for the artificial Symbiote of the Gama Organization.

Even though his 11th Generation AP Bracelet was created by an artificial Symbiote, it couldn\'t devour and grow since it was locked into an AP bracelet.

The moment an artificial Symbiote gets locked, they would always devour to reach that state but never overeat to surpass it and grow bigger.

That\'s because the moment a symbiote got bigger than one desired, it was impossible to shrink it back again unless they were willing to destroy some of it.

That wasn\'t an easy endeaver.

Felix knew that it would be impossible for him to grow his own symbiote to be as big as the Gama\'s spaceship.

It was an expensive and time-consuming job that might take years and years of neverending work until it finally reached the state Felix wanted to be at.

If it was so easy to achieve it, the Alexender Kingdom would have coated all of their fleet and spacesh.i.p.s instead of being selective in their choices.

Like coating the Chief of the scouting crew Killa\'s spaceship that visited Earth a year and a half before.

Felix knew that he had only one opportunity to get his own massive artificial Symbiote from the Gama Organization.

\'Keep it safe for me as I will be retrieving it for my spaceship soon!\' He grinned widely as he carried on watching the Gama\'s spaceship getting forced into retreating from the fleet\'s salvo.


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