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A delicate girl who was wearing thin glasses and light makeup approached Felix and bowed her head respectfully.

She then gestured with her hand at the entrance of the airport terminal, Captain Felix, please this way.

I will be taking you to the Drop where some of your teammates are currently gathered.

Thank you.

Felix stopped glancing around and went with her to the semi-empty terminal.

It was packed only with staff members and bots doing their thing.

After Felix got checked out for security reasons, they got out of the airport and went to a hovercar that was already waiting for them.

The moment Felix got comfortable in the backseat, he was asked by the guide, Do you want a slow ride to look around

Felix nodded his head and opened the window slightly.

Felix immediately smiled with a pleased expression after seeing that the  gentle atmosphere and fresh air of the island still remained intact even though half of the island had buildings on it.

He always loved nature, open spaces, and fresh air.

This island was delivering on all of them due to the advanced technologies used which didn\'t rely on polluting resources.

Felix believed that everything was using electricity as an energy source and electricity was probably being harnessed from the Miniaturization Nuclear Batteries.

Each battery could potentially power up the entire island for tens of years if the consumption was centering around providing energy to light up the buildings, charge the vehicles...etc.

Those batteries might sound astonishing and expensive but in reality, the technology of relying on nuclear energy as a source was outdated by at least hundreds of thousands of years.

Don\'t even mention the Metal Race, who god knows what kind of energy source they were relying on, just advanced planets in the Alexander Kingdom were using those batteries only as a backup measure.

This meant the technology to create those batteries and even nuclear power stations weren\'t actually restricted like the majority of them.

If the ESG Organization was willing to pay, they could easily buy the technology and solve the planet\'s climate warning and other issues which were threatening the livelihood of citizens.

However, Felix knew that the ESG Organization wasn\'t aiming at pulling their entire resources and focus on outdated technology since they would be forced to change it again with a better one.

They wanted to straightaway start right as closely as possible to the top of the technological tree so they wouldn\'t need to be chasing behind the other civilizations all the time.

That\'s why even though a year and a half had gone by since the invitation, the planet wasn\'t really showing in technological advancement.

Felix knew that the ESG Organization was betting on doing so by relying on the Earthling\'s team!

Why Because the reward from winning a Planetary Game was a wish that could affect the entire planet!!

While in individual games, a player could wish for something that he needed with a clear limitation based on his rank, the PSG had the same concept but the planet was the actual target of the wish.

For example, if the earthling\'s team won the first game, the wish requested could be; asking for a large discount to buy either medical substances, potions, vehicles, spacesh.i.p.s, UVR Tower Signals...etc.

On the other hand, they could totally ask to get access to the Alliance\'s restricted technologies.

Whether in the military industry, medical industry, mining industry, space exploration industry, and many more industries.

Felix still remembered the 1st wish the Council had chosen when they barely won their 3rd game.

It was getting access to the blueprint of Moon\'s Surveillance Tower.

If it wasn\'t for the Gama Organization still rampaging on the planet in that period of time, the Council would have wished for something else more useful.

However, they were left with no choice but to wish for that tower since it would allow them to scan for a large-sized spaceship on their planet\'s soil.

They were that desperate to find the coordination of the Gama\'s Spaceship.

Since it was their first game, the wish was quite limited.

Thus, they only got an average generation blueprint and they still needed to purchase the materials and hire the working hand to build it.

However, no one was complaining since if it wasn\'t for the PSG platform, the earthling\'s wouldn\'t have obtained it in probably even hundreds of years.

The best part about all of this was the fact that there were no limits!

Like, they wouldn\'t be able to wish for some technology that was on the Alliance restricted database even though their wish was enough to get it.

That\'s due to Earth being a member of the Alliance and subjected to its rules just like every other member.

This meant it\'s impossible for another member to interfere in their wish and stop it from happening.

Especially with the existence of the unbiased Queen AI!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52098190966576011 for visiting.

Those bullying situations were not utterly uprooted but they were lowered to the bare minimum with the Queen\'s supervision.

In other words, Earth might be currently just a particle of dust within the behemoth body of the Alliance that encompassed the majority of races in the Universe.

But, it had its own rights just like every member of the Alliance! Whether at the peak or at the bottom just like them!

However, the Alliance didn\'t send the invitation to join them since they were in desperate need of members or something like that.

They did so to give them a proper chance of fighting for their lives instead of getting invaded and bullied straightway due to their lack of technological advancement and such.

The Planetary Supremacy Games was obviously the platform where they would be fighting to prove their worth and rise above the rest of the Alliance members!

The ESG Organization and The Council didn\'t just invest everything in the team for no reason!

They did so because they knew that the planet\'s existence and their citizen\'s freedom was relying on the results of their representing team!

If it wasn\'t for so, Felix and the rest of the team all around the world, wouldn\'t have been given those Nanosuits or get transported straightaway to the island right after the attack on Felix.

The ESG Organization knew that they couldn\'t afford to lose any of their strongest members just a few months before their first game.

Currently, those team members who were living in countries near the island had already reached it hours ago and were waiting for everyone to group up.


20 minutes later...

The hovercar had slowed its speed even lower after reaching the transparent sealed building.

So this is the Drop Felix wondered while sizing up the colossal building upclose.

He was informed on their way that this building was called the Drop and it had been designed by a somewhat famous non-native in the UVR.

The design was actually marvelous since the transparent material was allowing those on the outside to see within and those on the inside to see out.

This was controllable!

All it took was a simple request from the AI, and the transparent material would turn milky white on the outside blocking everyone from looking at the inside.

This way, everyone in the headquarter would be enjoying the natural sunlight and beauty of the forest surrounding them while at the same time having full control to block others from spying on them.

Plus, the materials used to build it were strong enough to defend against laser weapons and even diffuse nuclear drops!

So, it served as a 2nd defensive barrier for the team.

Follow me, Captain. The delicate girl smiled politely at Felix while opening the door.

After stepping outside, the delicate girl didn\'t walk straight to the building, which was still further away but went to step on a square-like platform that was black in color compared to the white ground.

\'Oh They even added hover platforms\'

Without being told what to do, Felix straightaway went to another black square and stood on it.

Then, he turned to the delicate girl and asked, What\'s the activation sequence

The captain is really knowledgable. The delicate girl praised with a charming smile while tapping her heel five times quickly on the center of the platform.

Immediately, the black platform rose half a meter above the surface and kept hovering like that silently.

Felix swiftly did the same and his platform rose to equal height.

Upon seeing so, the delicate girl tapped once in the front, and a folded black bar rose slowly from the same place of her tap.

It kept unfolding as it got longer until it reached the waist of the girl.

Then at the top of it, it unfolded on both sides, leaving behind scooter-like handle grips.

The girl pressed on a green button and her bracelet got connected with the platform.

By connecting it, the Queen could now control the platform which translates to giving the girl the ability to control it with her mind.

Felix did the same and asked the Queen to take him to the building at a moderate speed.

As he was moving, he couldn\'t help but notice that most staff members near the building or even inside the building were using those platforms instead of walking.

They were quite fast as they had reached the transparent wall of the building in merely a couple of seconds.

The girl swiftly went ahead of Felix and faced her bracelet\'s screen at the wall.

Immediately after, a sky blue light beamed into her bracelet\'s screen for a split second before withdrawing.

Then, a portion of the wall slid to the side providing access to both of them.

However, the girl didn\'t move as she gestured with her hand for Felix to do the same.

Captain Felix, you can\'t enter the building with me unless you had been given permission. Before Felix could ask about it, the delicate girl clarified, Mr.

Rodrigas had already linked your UVR ID with the building AI.

Since you are the captain you actually possess control over the building only lower than the AI and Mr.


Oh Not bad at all. Pleased, Felix smiled faintly while extending his bracelet to the wall.

After it got scanned by the same blue light, Felix was informed by the Queen that his bracelet had been connected to the building and he had obtained Level 5 clearance.

\'Do you want an explanation on your level of control in the building\' The Queen asked.

\'Just give me the important ones.\' Felix replied and chased after the girl who went through the entrance.

\'You are allowed to enter 99% of the buildings, you can give access to non-authorized individuals, and lastly, you can control the transparency of the walls.\'

\'Sweet.\' Felix grinned widely after hearing the last clearance.


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