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Felix easily managed to figure it out since the truth was already laid bare in front of him.

If he couldn\'t see the Grand Elder\'s hidden scheme from his proposal, he should honestly hand himself to the Organization.

Elder, you are flattering me more than necessary. Felix abruptly stood up while fixing his tie.

He smiled politely while looking at the clear anticipation written all over the Hiltons\' faces and the rest.

However, while others anticipated a toast, the Hiltons were waiting for him to drink the poisoned glass!

Felix didn\'t tease them or anything like that as he lifted his glass slowly and said, I have not prepared a speech for this moment, but it will be rude of me just to make an empty toast.

He smiled warmly while staring deeply into the eyes of Adam, the Grand Elder, and the rest of the Hiltons, So, I promise here and now that I will always be on the side of planet Earth through thick and thin.

Before the Hiltons could feel something wrong about his words, Felix added, No matter how many offers I receive from other planets, I will always remain as an Earthling and compete against the outsiders as an Earthling! Cheers!

The moment Felix ended his short speech he drunk two large gulps from his glass under the thrilled and delighted looks of the Hiltons.

\'F*ck me! this tastes amazing!\' Felix\'s eyes brightened up in delight as he carried on emptying every drop from the glass.


Seeing him doing so, the rest touched their glasses and took either big gulps like Felix or just small elegant sips.

The only thing that mattered was that everyone drunk from the content of the poisoned bottles!

\'Black! It\'s a go.

Make sure to stick to the plan!\' The Grand Elder sent out a message while toasting in delight with the other elders.

Each member clicked their glasses as well and drunk a small sip of the wine.

They never had intentions of watching the operation as they were required to be poisoned just like everyone else to avoid suspension completely.

This meant all of them would be out for 24h without a single clue if it was successful or not!

Soon, everyone in the banquet placed their glasses on the table and started either chatting or eating their dishes.

\'Holy **, what kind of poison did they use This taste heavenly!\' Felix\'s eyes were about to get watery at the steak\'s deliciousness.

\'I was really missing on life when I didn\'t season my food with poisons like this.\'

Alas, Felix\'s enjoyment had to be stopped as he noticed that Olivia and the rest near him were starting to react weirdly.

All of them began shaking their heads while trying to keep their eyes wide open.

Alas, no matter how much they tried, a tide of exhaustion washed over them like they didn\'t sleep for days.

Why am I so sleepy...


Before long, Robert was the first to give in as his face fell right into the steak.

One by one, Noah and the rest followed him.

Felix sighed in relief after seeing that they were sleeping.

He swiftly looked around and was met with the sight of everyone having their heads slam into the table and remaining like that motionlessly.

While the waiters, maids, and guards were watching this horrifying sight with their hearts about to leap from their throat, Felix merely glanced in the Hiltons\' direction and looked at Adam who was staring at him coldly for the first time!

\'As expected, the apple doesn\'t fall far from the tree.\' Felix sneered in his mind while yawning with a tired expression.

Soon, he also closed his eyes shut and laid his head next to the plate!

Immediately after he did so, he received a message from the Queen, \'Sir Felix, you have been registered as an emergency contact for Olivia and Robert.

Thus, I am required to inform you that currently, both of them had lost consciousness in this address XXXX.\' She added, \'Due to the rules placed against me, I could not tell you the cause of their situation.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix was left speechless.

It wasn\'t due to what the Queen had said since he already knew it was allowed to make emergency protocol to ask for help.

It was because he got only 2 requests for help from 11! Neither his team nor the rest of the elders sent him a request!

\'Am I really that unreliable\'



While Felix was questioning his character, chaos had risen in the hall as the maids were screaming in utter mortification while the guards were touching the pulses of the guest with an unsightly expression.

Although they noticed that no one was harmed, they were still edgy and worried about coming next.


The sound of gunfire suddenly invaded the hall from the outside, forcing the guards to pull out their guns and stand in front of the glass entrance.

Soon, their eyes widened in shock after seeing a black van speeding in their direction while firing at the four bloodliners, who were guarding the entrance before.

WHERE IS EVERYONE! A guard shouted in his radio at the sight since he didn\'t notice guards from the garden.

Alas, the response he received chilled his heart, They were already put down, and if you don\'t want to end up in the same manner, you better get out of our way.


Before the guard could reply, the van did a sharp brake and stood on its side facing the entrance.

Then, its backdoor was pulled open from within, exposing five members from that mercenary squad.

They had silver guns with a blue shade on them, appearing like laser guns from sci-movies.

Alas, they didn\'t just appear like it but were The Lazer Guns!!

Those poor four bloodliners were the first ones on the planet to taste a tiny bit of the extraterrestrial weapons!!

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew...

All it took were four laser beams to open up a hole in those bloodliners\' chests!

\'What\'s in god\'s name is that\' The guards behind them trembled in fear while pointing their handguns at the assailants.

Upon seeing that the assailants were aiming at them this time, the guards all took cover behind a wall and fired off from the handgun.

Pow Pow Pow!

Unfortunately for them, the assailants just sprinted through the gunfire unworried about getting hurt.

Some bullets did manage to land on them but their outfits somehow stopped the bullets and their bodies didn\'t recoil from the shock!

They just kept sprinting unhindered, scaring the ** out of the guards who peeked.

Before long, they made it to the entrance and took care of any close guard to them using the laser gun.

They didn\'t rely on firearms much since they were told that the governor had given skin hardening potions to his guards.

This meant, they would be bulletproof temporary.

\'Stick to the plan, take the target and leave.\' Red sent a message while speeding towards Maxwell\'s table.

His squad-mates stopped firing at the guards after hearing so, they just left one to cover for them and went to help him lift Felix.


F*ck! he is heavy! One of them exclaimed after dropping Felix on the ground, failing to lift him from his seat.

\'Excuse you, bastard!\' Felix might be fuming on the inside but he was as unmoving as a rock on the outside.

He utterly relaxed his body like he was truly asleep.

Together! A squadmate held Felix\'s legs and another held his hands.

Then, they lifted him and started walking towards the van with quick short steps.

Pew! Pew!...

The rest kept firing only at the guards, trying their best to avoid harming any guest.

They received strict orders to bring Felix out only.


After reaching the van, the driver went to the back and helped them bring Felix inside.

The moment his body laid on the van\'s floor, it sank a little.

Go! go! go! go! The driver went to his seat while gesturing for the last two members to rush inside the van.

The moment they jumped inside, the driver accelerated away from the mansion under the remaining guards\' gunfire.

F****ckk!! A guard punched the wall in fury and agitation at the consequences that awaited him for failing to do his duty.

Although he felt thankful that no one was harmed in the raid, he was still scared **less about the governor\'s reaction after he hears that the captain of the earthling\'s team was kidnapped under his roof!

Someone update the police, FBI, CIA, Homeland security, and National security about the situation.

Everyone is needed on this operation! The guard pointed his finger at the guests and voiced his 2nd order, Call the hospital and tell them about the guests\' situation.

They might look asleep but we have no idea what poison they took and its full effect.

Everyone started running back and forth like a headless chicken.

The maids and servants took care of the guests by placing them gently on the ground and checking on their well-being.

Meanwhile, the guards were on multiple phone calls with the mentioned agencies, updating them about this unexpected and ballsy operation.

Although those agencies had received the same emergency message from the Queen, they were given only the address.

As for details As she said, the rules of the SGA forbid her from taking part in those matters.

Before long, the news reached the white house and then to the Council.

Their reaction was more or like the same.

Lividness, absolute lividness at the kidnappers!

They didn\'t know who was responsible for such a clear display of disrespect and disregard to the Council\'s existence, but they were planning on using all resources to find them out!

The Council\'s integrity was in the line here!

However, just as the authorities tried to follow the red dot representing Felix\'s bracelet, it disappeared from their holograms!

They realized what happened and they didn\'t think that the kidnappers would do it so fast!


Meanwhile on the van, Felix was listening to the kidnappers\' chatter.

He couldn\'t help but feel like a deja vu since his situation was the same as in his previous life.

Getting kidnapped in a van while drugged.

Then to luckily be rescued by the government task force.

However, he doubted whether the agencies could even find him as his silver bracelet had just gotten destroyed by a laser torch!

He anticipated as much since it was common knowledge to always go for the bracelet in those situations.

In the UVR, it didn\'t matter if the AP bracelet was destroyed or not since it was just virtual and they were still connected to the Queen regardless if they didn\'t have it.

But it was a different story in the real world as the moment a bracelet was destroyed, the connection with Queen would cut off and lose all of the features.

That\'s why even the cheapest bracelet was made with a strong material that had good resistance to elements and physical damage.

If it wasn\'t for so, most juniors in the World Competition would have lost their bracelet from the battles.

However, it wasn\'t completely indestructible.

Thus, a laser torch was enough to melt it off Felix\'s hand.

But Felix wasn\'t bothered by losing it since his Spatial card was safe in the other black bracelet and his data was in the clouds.

The only reason, he didn\'t wear the 12th generation Bracelet, knowingly that it would be impossible to destroy was because he knew that they could always cut his wrist instead.

If they did so, his body would react to the pain and expose that he wasn\'t asleep.

Not that he cared about getting found out as he could easily extract the information about their extraction spot.

But Felix was too lazy to miss out on such a free ride to the extraction point.

Thus, he just kept his closed shut and waited patiently for the moment to correct one of his mistakes that were caused by his weakness in his previous life.

As he always said, he wouldn\'t seek those who wronged him in his previous life willingly, but the moment those f*ckers showed themselves before him, Felix wouldn\'t hesitate to seek his revenge!



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