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Meanwhile, on top of a pine tree, Felix was humming a tune while brushing his tail from dirt.

After getting it all clean and fluffy, he ordered it to shake and remove the dust.

Unexpectedly, the tail did so obediently!

Felix had already taken control of his tail now, and he didn\'t need to worry anymore about it causing trouble.

However, he was still having difficulty taking advantage of the monstrous strength it was hiding.

He knew that only by learning proper tail techniques, would he be able to bring its full potential.

The same concept applied to fists or legs.

A punch delivered by a professional boxer wasn\'t the same as a punch delivered by a layman.

Even if they had the same weight.

\'I should probably take some courses in the UVR.\' Felix thought deeply while scratching his chin.

He believed that spending a couple of hours a day in a UVR school founded specifically to teach tail techniques would be the best option to him now.

He could totally buy techniques and learn them on his own.

But the experience would never be the same as being taught personally by a professional.

Felix had tasted the benefits of those courses in his previous life when he had the serpent tail.

That\'s when his tail was useful only for making rattling noises.

Don\'t even mention his golden tail, which was currently the strongest part of his body.

\'Should I pick a school in the Ivy league Ci..\'


F*cking hell! Felix cursed as he tightened his grip on the shaking branch like the tree was experiencing an earthquake.

Soon, the shaking stop and the peacefulness had returned. 

Annoyed, Felix looked down and noticed a burning crater next to his tree.

It was still emitting smoke.

Which bastard threw that Felix asked loudly while narrowing his eyes at the ongoing battle.

It\'s him! Olivia, who was the nearest to Felix\'s tree, didn\'t hesitate to point her finger at a man with a rainbow mohawk haircut.

Cough, you better take care of him! Seeing that he was quite far away and even was protected by a barrier, Felix\'s rage was pacified by his laziness.

He just wanted to chill until the last 30 minutes of the competition pass over already.

Alas, that seemed like too much to ask as the moment Felix turned on his infrared vision to the limit for quick scouting, he saw ten humanoid auras sprinting in his direction like their lives was depended on it.

They were only half a kilometer away and still bridging the distance.

\'Can\'t one even brush his tail in peace these days\' Felix sighed while jumping down the tree.

He then went to Olivia who had her hands folded as she healed Nathan.

He stood next to her and watched the battle for a second.

After noticing that they were doing more than okey although they were missing him, He nodded his head and opened Olivia\'s backpack from behind.

Felix Olivia titled her head in confusion after seeing him rummaging through her stuff.

Just focus on your battle. Felix said as he took out the tracker.

Upon understanding what he wanted to do, Olivia stopped concerning herself with him.

\'That many\' The moment Felix turned on the tracker, his eyebrows rose in surprise at the sight of eight red dots approaching his team from the back.

\'Well, I will be damned.\' Felix chuckled as he placed the tracker back in Olivia\'s backpack.

He then started walking towards the approaching red auras with his hands in his pockets.

He preferred meeting up with them mid-way to avoid getting Olivia and the rest affected by their abilities.

After hearing Felix\'s footsteps getting further away, Olivia turned around and saw him toggling deep in the bushes.

She curled her lips and turned around, thinking that he was going for a nature call.

After turning his head and seeing that he toggled quite far from his team, Felix climbed up a tree while entering his semi-morphing.

His eyes were fixated on the ten red auras, which were not that far from him.

When he saw that they were in his line of sight, he turned it off.

\'Russians As expected.\' He wasn\'t that surprised by the sight of Slyvia, leading her teammates forward.

The eight flags in their possession made him assume that he would end up either seeing her team or the Chinese team.

Yet, he merely grinned slightly and thought, \'Let\'s test the capabilities of my future vice-captain.\'


Without further ado, Felix snapped both of his fingers and materialized two bloodish red bombs.

He swiftly made one absorb the other and repeated this process five times in two seconds.

The end result A bomb that was double the size of a basketball!

Felix made it hover in one hand while peeking at the approaching Slyvia and her team, getting closer and closer to his optimal range.

In the eyes of the world, it was only 30 meters but in reality, Felix could smack someone with a bomb from hundreds of meters due to his massive strength.


Felix waited until they got a bit closer before hurling his oversized bomb with half his strength.


Yet still, the bomb moved so fast, it didn\'t even appear spherical in shape but like a frisbee disk!

Slyvia, who noticed only the sound of the bomb wasn\'t given even the time to reflexively dodge!

She merely kept sprinting while staring at the trail of the bomb passing by her cheek and smacking the face of her teammate in the backline.


Picking up the sound of the explosion behind her, Slyvia\'s reflexes were back in motion as she unfolded her wings in a split second.

However, that was all she managed to pull off before the bloodish red mist reached her!

Yet, unexpectedly those wings were large enough to act just like a barrier for the mist as it collided with them first before spreading around her.

Feeling the cold sensation of the mist instead of the burning flame of an explosion, Slyvia held her breaths instantly before fluttering her wings!

She flew upward swiftly, leaving the bomb\'s strike zone.

Felix couldn\'t help but smile in satisfaction at how honed her reflexes were.

Normally, Felix would have straightaway smacked her face with a bomb and get it over with.

But, he wasn\'t looking for a quick victory that served no purpose or benefit.

Instead, he was trying to see if Slyvia was as good as he remembered her from the games.

If she was affected by the red inducement even though he wasn\'t aiming at her, he would truly be disappointed.

After all, she was 99% going to be chosen as his vice-captain.

Felix didn\'t want to dump his responsibilities as the team captain on someone incompetent.

He couldn\'t have that!

\'You really need a beat down.\' Asna couldn\'t help but snort at his messed-up thoughts.

As always, Felix utterly ignored her remark and jumped from the tree branch to another in direction of Sylvia\'s passed out teammates.

That\'s right!

The bomb\'s area of effect was large enough, it managed to engulf the entire team at once!

Only Slyvia managed to escape the strike zone.

However, Felix didn\'t focus on her yet as he planned on dealing with her teammates first to not interrupt his test.

Thus, after reaching 15 meters he jumped from a tree while snapping both of his fingers, leading to the emergence of ten bloodish pillars underneath each of them.

However, he kept them active this time.


By the time his feet touched the ground, those pillars had already reached their maximum height.

Felix lifted his head and his eyes immediately made contact with Slyvia\'s ocean-blue eyes.

However, there wasn\'t a hint of the ocean\'s peacefulness in them.

Instead, she was gazing at the morphed Felix with a tingle of shock, not daring to believe that her entire team had been taken down in a split second and by a single person.

Neither she wanted to believe it nor the Russian viewers, who were putting their entire faith in this ambush.

Not bad Slyvi.

Truly not bad. Felix nodded his head in approval while smiling at Slyvia.

\'So this is the true strength of a legendary bloodline\' Upon hearing his messed-up complement, Slyvia regained her composure while fluttering tens of meters above Felix.

She always believed that Felix\'s bloodline was underpowered compared to others she witnessed in the UVR.

However, only now did she realize that Felix merely never bothered to expose more than he needs. 

Alas, if only she knew that Felix rarely used more than 10% of his strength against them, her composure wouldn\'t have returned that quick.

Slyvia didn\'t bother to respond as she simply dove down while holding her breaths.

The distance between them was too far and she knew that Felix would be able to dodge all of her abilities.

She wasn\'t worried about having merely tens of meters separating them since Felix\'s poisonous abilities had no effect on her if she didn\'t inhale them.

\'Let\'s see how you deal with those.\'

The moment she reached an optimal range, Slyvia gazed at Felix indifferently and snapped her finger once.

Simultaneously, blue particles escaped from the pores of her body and surrounded her.

Then, they started converging into tiny Icy Bolts!

They were so small that Felix was able to notice them only due to his enhanced vision.

However, Felix didn\'t make fun of Slyvia about them.

He simply kept watching those Icy Bolts increase in numbers from tens to hundreds! The process of creating such a massive number barely took two seconds.

If you value your life, I advise you to surrender. Slyvia said calmly while having those Icy bolts aiming at Felix.


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