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Noah might be the one who made him put his friend on the verge of death, but the Argentinian Captain understood that this was a competition.

And he would have done the same if he ended in Noah\'s situation.

So he neither blamed the US team nor felt any goodwill towards them.

But after receiving their timely help, his respect for them had increased tenfolds.

He understood that by surrendering, his team was out of the competition.

Thus, even if he knew that the Package had healing substances, he wasn\'t allowed to get them.

Hence, he was extremely grateful that the US team didn\'t just stand there and watch their teammate die, just to hold into those healing substances, which were extremely important in this competition.

Juan\'s stabilizing situation was more than enough proof.

Alas, what he didn\'t know was that Felix had helped them not out of his kindness and goodwill but simply because he didn\'t want to see Olivia\'s guilty expression.

He knew that if Jaun ended up dead, she would blame it on herself and he didn\'t want to hear her moping about it for the next six days.

Plus, his assistance was going to make him and his team get extra points from the supervisors, who were watching everything in the competition!

Felix knew that getting the flag was merely a requirement that was put in the open to gaslight everyone.

The real requirement for making it in the earthling\'s team were the actions, behaviors, interactions, and everything a bloodliner did before getting the flag and was going to do after getting it!!

Those were the real hidden requirements, which weren\'t told to the bloodliners in order to stay true to their personality instead of faking it to fool the supervisors for points.

Since Felix was aiming for the captainship of the earthling\'s team, everything that he did was going to count in the final result.

Don\'t thank me. Kenny shrugged his shoulders while pointing at Felix, I am just following orders.

Upon hearing so, the Argentinian Captain turned in direction of Felix, wanting to show him his appreciation.

But he noticed that Felix was not even looking at them.

Instead, he was staring at the empty woods behind him.

\'So annoying, they just keep coming and coming.\' Felix scratched his chin in irritation at the sight of ten humanoid red auras approaching them rapidly.

Before, he did notice that eleven teams had made it to the fog.

However, only ten entered it and the remaining one stood outside.

Felix believed that they were going to retreat since it was pretty normal that not everyone was going to get baited inside the fog.

However, it turned out that the team was merely waiting for the perfect chance to make their move.

Upon noticing that they were about to arrive under 30 seconds, Felix ordered Noah to bring the package next to Nathan.

As long as the cocoon was active, he shouldn\'t be touched in the slightest.

If someone did so, the green energy would spread and turn him into a cocoon as well.

That would further increase the energy consumption of Olivia.

Felix preferred fighting the next battle with both Nathan and the package next to each other.

Without questions asked, Noah went and lifted the silver metallic package, which was probably weighing half a ton at a bare minimum, making it seem quite easy.


After Noah placed it down, Felix looked with his infrared vision at the Canadian team and the Philippines team, who were fighting quite a far distance from them.

They were still moving further and further due to the Philippines team\'s strategy of retreating back while using elemental salvo as their main firepower.

Thus, none of them knew what happened here, and the neverending noise of the Philippines team\'s elemental barrage made it almost impossible for them to hear anything else.

\'Guess it\'s just us.\' Felix sighed while looking at his teammates.

Nathan was in nowhere shape to fight, Johnson was as useless as Nathan without energy.

This meant, they were already down by two without adding the fact that everyone\'s energy was probably at 50% or so.

They couldn\'t even use the energy stones to recover it even if they found some stones related to their element in the package.

That\'s due to their low-affinity rating!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51672305230736729 for visiting.

With Felix\'s 100% affinity rating, the absorption is almost instantaneous.

However, for them, it will take a couple of seconds to minutes based on their affinity rating.

For example, Johnson had a 48% affinity rating, which meant he would take at minimum a full minute to absorb fully just one medium-grade stone.

This would utmost give him an extra 5% energy.

Felix didn\'t bother ordering them to check the package for energy stones as he could see that the ten humanoid auras were already here!

They were merely hiding 30 meters or so away from his team.

Just like he saw them, the American viewers also did, and they couldn\'t help but curse at their screen after seeing that the England team was the one sneaking up to their team!


Meanwhile, behind A medium-sized rock that growing green moss on it, Sandra was lying on her stomach while glancing from the corner of the rock at the sight of the US team gathering around Nathan, waiting for him to heal up.

Just as she tried to look at her teammates, who were each hiding in a different position near him, she quivered in fright after her eye landed straight on Felix\'s golden triangle-pupil.

She gulped a mouthful as she swiftly withdrew her head back, not daring to peek again.

\'Sandra, what\'s wrong\' William asked telepathically after noticing her peculiar behavior.

\'I think that I have just made eye contact with the US captain.\' She informed him with her chest beating wildly.

\'That\'s impossible.\' The stout man interjected in their conversation, \'We are hiding pretty skillfully and outside of even a legendary tier 1 vision ability range.\'

Alas by the time his mind message was sent to everyone, he saw that Felix was walking in their direction with a wary expression.

After Willian noticed this, he swiftly ordered them to withdraw their heads and avoid getting found.

Too bad, the noise Felix kept making as he walked on burnt down trees, cracked branches and leaves, kept resounding in their ears thunderously.

Especially William who was sensitive to sounds.

Step by step, meter by meter, he was getting nearer.

They didn\'t know what to do else besides hiding and hope that his wariness towards this place get seethed soon and leave them alone.

Unfortunately, he didn\'t stop...

\'Captain, what do we do Our ambush chance is going to get ruined.\' The stout man asked in agitation.

\'New plan.\' William closed his eyes, making his ash-grey eyelashes quiver slightly.

He listened to the sound of Felix\'s footsteps carefully and soon informed, \'He is 20 meters away from us, if he stepped into 10 meters, we will take him down and force out a surrender.

By then, both the tracker and the package will be ours.\'

After hearing so, his teammates\' eyes brightened up as they realized that they were looking through things with tunnel vision.

They planned for a while now to make their ambush as perfect as possible, which led them to forget that as long as Felix walked up to them by himself, they didn\'t even need to make an elaborated plan.

They could just collapse on him as ten and overpower him!

In their minds, he was literally handing them a free win without putting in an effort! 

Felix where are you going! Olivia asked out loud with a hint of worry in her tone.

I think I saw something here. Felix knitted his eyebrows in wariness and shouted back, It might be just an animal.

But it won\'t hurt to check.

Although he was speaking, his feet never stopped advancing towards the rock where Sandra was hiding behind.

\'You deserve an Oscar for this crappy act you trying to pull.\' Asna suddenly chuckled in his mind.

\'Well, it\'s not like I can tell everyone that I saw a team hiding 30 meters from us.\'

Felix chuckled in his mind while looking at the ten humanoid\'s auras crouching akin to panthers, rearing to prey on him.

\'Let\'s bully them for a bit.\' Felix smirked faintly at the sight just when his feet finally landed on the ten meters mark.

Immediately after, Felix backrolled instinctively, evading a water whip that emerged from the dirt and wanted to latch into his feet.

Alas, that whip was merely one of the tens of abilities thrown in his direction simultaneously!

Whoosh! Boom, Boom!...

Lighting spears, Icy bullets, water wh.i.p.s, flaming weapons, and to top it all, grey soundwaves in the shape of bats!

Everything assaulted Felix at the same time, ending up raising a humongous cloud of dirt and dust.

The viewers held their breath with their eyes widened, feeling a bit difficult to process the sight before them.

Their tremulous emotions were understandable as Felix was literally bombarded with an elemental salvo without Lena\'s water bubble on him!!!


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