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The Canadian captain guessed that his team\'s position was already compromised while they were still within the fog.

After all, he understood that it was impossible to know, which country they were representing without seeing the flag on their chest or know someone in their team.

They were hidden almost perfectly on the trees, giving off only bits of their clothes.

Thus, it was impossible to rely on that and figure out their identity.

Now their plan of waiting until the tracker lands in others\' hands wasn\'t even an available option since they were requested help from their country\'s ally.

If they rejected the request under the world\'s eyes, it would look neither pretty for them nor for their country.

He didn\'t have the thought of acting deaf to Felix\'s request since they were bound to show themselves sooner or later.

Left with no options, the Canadian captain jumped from the tree followed by his teammates.

They immediately gathered and entered a battle formation.

Everyone\'s eyes were on the Canadian captain, wondering what would be his response.

Even the two teams withdrew their abilities at once since they already lost most of the advantage.

If they attacked now, Felix and the rest would be able to dodge the abilities salvo while letting a few hit the water spheres that were protecting them.

20 meters distance or so was more than enough for even a bloodliner with trash reflexes to react in time.

Plus, they had no intention of helping the Canadian captain out of his plight.

They were happy enough to have their embarrassing scene replaced with another unrelated to them.

After a couple of seconds of silence, the Canadian captain coughed and replied in dejection, As much as I want to offer my assistance to my dear American friends, I am afraid that we can\'t. He swiftly clarified, The competition rules forbid the teams from helping each other, and I don\'t want my team and my country to be punished by the Organization.

Alas, his excuse didn\'t even take root in the mind of the listeners before Felix exposed him nonchalantly, We are banned from assisting each other in collecting flags or sharing the tracker, not fighting.

If you don\'t want to help, just say so. Felix shook his head in disappointment as he placed down the tracker back on the package and closed it again.

He didn\'t want the items inside to be damaged by the upcoming battle.

He turned to his teammates and ordered, Prepare for battle, it\'s going to be just us.

Johnson, who was acting dead for a while, immediately stood up and scoffed, If we knew that our countries relationship meant so little to you, we wouldn\'t have stopped ambushing you in the fog earlier.

Forget it, Johnson. Kenny smiled bitterly as his body turned invisible, It is what it is.

The more the Canadian team heard the uglier their expression got.

Their country\'s image was literally getting ruined live, especially after what johnson had just mentioned.

They didn\'t know if that was true or not, but they were inclining to believe it as they discerned that the US team wouldn\'t dare to lie to them.

After all, they might not know but the viewers sure did.

This meant, the US team truly showed them mercy when they could have ambushed them.

From the end result of Felix\'s ambush on the Angola team, they knew that the outcome of their team wouldn\'t be any different.

In the eyes of both countries, it would seem that the US team had honored their close alliance while the Canadian team didn\'t.

That was the last thing that the Canadian captain wanted to see.

\'F*cking politics ruining everything as always.\' He cursed in his mind while showing a different attitude on the outside, You got it all wrong! My team will gladly support our dear friends if it was just about battles.

He walked forward with his chest pushed out, Let us handle the Philippine team.

They are all yours. Felix smiled faintly while turning his head back in front.

Then, he started sizing up the other team who was wearing a white outfit stripped with blue lines.

He looked at their flag and noticed that it belonged to the Argentinian team!

Not that it matters much to him as even with five teams ganging up on him, he would be able to demolish them all at once.

However, he didn\'t want to use any abnormal brute force in this competition unless he was pushed into doing so.

\'F*cking prick.\' The Canadian cursed Felix in his mind while giving him a polite head nod.

He then focused on the Philippine team, who were also facing them with a solemn expression.

The situation turned into two against two, which was to the liking of everyone except for the Canadian team, who were forced into this.

\'Captain, we need to be careful of those red pillars.\' A lanky man with long thin arms reaching his knees warned with a nervous expression.

His teammates flinched after remembering the video they watched of those red pillars destroying the Hilton team that was close to their strength back then.

However, their captain merely cracked his knuckles and ordered, \'The moment you notice that your barrier was broken, hold your breaths and withdrew at the back of the formation until Santiago shield you again.\'

Upon seeing that his teammates nodded their heads in resolution, he smirked one last time before snapping both of his fingers, activating his morphing ability.

Two abrupt huge lumps started to emerge from both sides of his waist.

Alas, those lumps didn\'t come out peacefully as the pain of having his skin wrapped like that, made the Argentian team take quick and short breaths like a woman having contractions before birth.

The pain he was experiencing was understandable as those two huge lamps continued to extend forward slowly while shaping up into two beastial arms!

They appeared like they belonged to reptile species with their thick blue skin and white bent claws.

The instant the transformation was over, the Argentinian captain loosened up his tightened fists and started opening and closing his beastial hands until he was doing it at a faster speed than his real hands.

\'Look and behold at those two bad boys.\' The Argentinian straightened up his back in pride as he kept lowkey flaunting those two arms by moving them around.

His teammates completely ignored this sight as they simply focused on activating their abilities as well.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51628713997040057 for visiting.

Two of them morphed like their captain and another disappeared out of sight after leaning against a tree.

Meanwhile, the rest either had elemental abilities fully prepared for launch or were buffing out the front-liners.

Yet, they still didn\'t attack as they were waiting for the captain\'s order.

Currently, their captain was paying close attention to Noah\'s and Nathan\'s transformation that was on the verge of finishing.

For Noah, his arms morphed into Yeti\'s giant arms, which were laced with a thick white fur.

On the other hand, Nathan\'s morphing ability which he got after reaching the greater purity, turned his legs into a furless brown Kangaroo\'s ones!

He was hopping on his place while having his hands situated in front of him in a boxing posture.

With his bronze metallic shimmer on his entire skin, it was clear that his fighting style was going to be up close.

\'Tsk, not bad.\' A bit salty by the dashing appearance of his foes\' morphing abilities, the Argentinian captain clicked his tongue while stepping forward with his team as one, advancing in a slow and careful manner.

They had their shields up, their abilities up, they were set for battle!

\'Walton, where are you at\' Unworried about the approaching team, Felix asked while snapping both of his fingers creating two bloodish red bombs inside his jacket\'s pockets.

His teammates were already ready and waiting simply for his order to move.

\'I am already here.\' Walton responded while lying between bushes 30 meters or so away from the team, peeking at the current situation with only one eye.

Before the fog cleared out, he was given orders by Felix to head straight for the Package area.

But since his vision was hindered by the fog, he was going even slower than the others.

Thankfully, after the fog went away, he was able to cast *Upsurge* and fly here, making it just in time.

\'Good, go flank them with Kenny.

We will be holding them dow..\'

Booom! Whoosh!! Phew!...

Before Felix could finish up his orders, the sound of abilities clashing against each other or landing on the pitiful trees, rumbled from behind him!

He took a quick glance and noticed that the Canadian team was using abilities as cover for their four front-liners to close up the distance while the Philippine team was doing its best to foil their advancement by barraging them with tens of abilities at once!

As they fired those abilities they kept retreating one step at a time in a single formation like an ordered army.

Fire, one step back! Fire, one step back! Rinse and repeat.

Since the elemental abilities fired were just fireballs, ice lances, wind blades, and those kinds of low tied abilities, they were able to keep spamming them without worrying too much about their energy consumption!

They might be small and low-tiered but those abilities sure pack a punch if they directly landed on a bloodliner.

This led the Canadian front-liners to struggle into advancing as their entire focus was put on dodging those abilities.

They might be shielded and protected but they knew that if the shield took too much damage, it would end up breaking and they would be required to return next to their buffer to get shielded again!

Upon seeing their struggle, Felix chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt as he thought, \'I should be nice and give them 5% of the Package\'s content.\'

Felix! Focus!


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