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Olivia stopped hesitating at once and placed her hands above Felix\'s hands.

However, Felix removed his hands and let her be the one clutching the toggles.

He then placed his hands above hers and started instructing her, To turn left or right, simply pull the corespondent control with your hand.

He showed her by pulling the left control, making them steer away from their teammates.

He then told her, Alright, you carry on from here on.

I will try!

Focused, Olivia pulled the right control and steered back into their original path.

After seeing how easy it was, her eyes brightened in delight as she kept chasing her teammates from behind.

If they went left, she goes left, they went right, she goes right.

She was too engrossed in steering; she didn\'t notice that Felix had already removed his hands above hers and started taking selfies with her again.

Alas, fun times always had a time limit as they were getting closer and closer to the trees.

Felix wasn\'t going to leave Olivia to carry on such a difficult task of landing.

Thus, he took control over the parachute and narrowed his eyes in focus, looking for a smoother landing spot.

Unfortunately, no matter where he looked, there were only trees and trees blocking his sight.

In the end, he just sighed and warned Olivia, Brace for impact.

Whoosh! Cluck cluck!..

Being placed in front of Felix, Olivia kept getting smacked first by the branches and leaves after they collided with a tree.

However, she didn\'t wince in pain as her skydiving suit was more of a protection suit than just an outfit.

Plus, with her defenses being at origin purity, she wouldn\'t be hurt even without it.

The experience itself was annoying, mostly when both were stuck in the tree after their parachute got entangled with its branches.

You good Felix asked while glancing underneath him.

Yes. Olivia nodded her head before asking, How are we getting down, though

Like this.

Felix smiled playfully as he detached both of them from the parachute, making Olivia scream reflexively as she fell from on top of the tree.

Thankfully, Felix had no intentions of letting her take the brunt of this, too, as he turned over, making his back face the ground first and Olivia faces the sky.

Thud! Argh!

The moment Felix\'s back hit the ground, Olivia was the one who groaned at the feeling of discomfort of falling.

Felix didn\'t feel even an itch.

Wasn\'t that fun Felix asked with an honest look.

Alas, the only response he got was Olivia holding her puffed out cheeks, trying her best to stop herself from vomiting her breakfast!

The sight scared Felix **less as she was lying right on top of him! And if she was going to vomit, she would reflexively turn around and do it on him!

Horrified by the idea of it, Felix swiftly removed the straps and rolled away from Olivia, who looked like she was going to vomit at any moment.

However, he waited and waited, yet Olivia just kept looking at him with her cheeks puffed out akin to a blowfish.

They kept staring at each other for a few seconds before Olivia exploded into laughter while pointing her finger at him.

By now, Felix knew that she was faking it to prank him as well!

Nevertheless, Felix just chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt as he stood on his feet.

\'Captain, where are we grouping\' Soon, Walton\'s message stopped the two from fooling around and paying attention to their current state.

\'Gather on Johnson.

Then, we will head together to the package\'s landing spot.\' Felix said while looking at the package gliding hundreds of meters above him, heading east.

Understanding what he wanted, Johnson lifted his head and started spewing a stream of fog from his mouth into the sky!

Most of it spread around him but still, it had done its purpose by displaying his position for the rest of the team.

Since they were too close to each other, it wasn\'t hard to notice the fog source.

Shortly after...

The entire team was grouped again inside a fog cloud that was breaking down into particles, exposing them in the open.

Let\'s get our stuff.

Not wasting time with needless chatter, Felix ordered while starting to sprint with a moderate speed.

He didn\'t want to leave them behind.

All of them chased after him while glancing from time to time at the package approaching the ground.

Since they skydived in the heart of the competition zone, they didn\'t worry about meeting up with other teams so soon.

After all, those transported by vehicles would mostly be left at the edges of the forest, while those in helicopters would toggle slightly inside.

This led to having the teams be spread far from each other in the forest.

We are being streamed live already Walton grinned at the sight of two silver drones, one coming from the left and the back.

Both of them flew high above in the sky, appearing just like birds for those without a good vision.

However, even those without vision wouldn\'t be able to notice them as the drones had gone invisible!

Yet, Felix and the rest didn\'t show any signs of surprise as everything about the competition was fed to them by the instructor after the gathering.

They were told that each team was going to be streamed-live 24/7 by two invisible drones.

Obviously, the ESG Orignazation wasn\'t wasting time or resources by not purchasing some low-end blueprints from the UVR.

Those blueprints might be old-dated and cheap, but they were still a hundred times more advanced than the earthling\'s counterparts.

For example, those drones were designed to 99% resemble birds by flying with wings instead of rotor blades.

The battery they had was able to last up to three months without charging it again.

The resolution was at a minimum of 26k and could be adjusted to a lower resolution for the earthling\'s outdated Tv screens.

Though, for those with AP bracelets would have no problems with it.

Not to mention the ability to be invisible, making it impossible for the forest teams to use them for their own advantage.

Like being able to spot a team hundreds of meters away just by seeing the drones above them.

Although the ESG Organization implemented those drones to monitor the competition first and foremost, they still decided to program them into streaming the live feed in each country and internet streaming platforms.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51557834134963326 for visiting.

They did so to avoid the broadcasting companies from flooding the competition zone with their own drones.

However, since there was no commentary, most TV channels and streamers decided to take advantage of such a freebie and start doing their own commentary on the streams!

This led to having streaming platforms like Twitch to be flooding with wannabe MCs, who knew absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

That being said, some streams belong to former national tournament participants, who had enough knowledge and speaking skills to entertain the viewers and give them proper explanations.

Currently, a stream cohosted by Micheal, the vice-captain of the Walton team, and Janna, the Hilton team\'s vice-captain, was at the lead when it comes to the number of concurrent viewers!

Their views tally had already surpassed 20 million concurrent viewers while the competition had just begun!

This number might seem small as this was the stream for world competition, but one shouldn\'t forget the time difference between the US and Germany, which was 6 hours!

This meant it might be in the early morning for Felix and the rest, but the stream was in the middle of the night for the US citizen.

The majority of interested viewers didn\'t want to ruin their sleep schedule to watch the competition\'s start as they knew that it would last for 7 days.

In this marathon, they were bound to miss some good moments by their team.

This applied to the rest of the teams and their countrymen supporters.

The team has secured their camping gear without hiccups.

A good start, I would say. Janna offered a charming smile to Micheal before asking, Is there any teams near them

Micheal was sitting right next to her while having tens of mini-holograms linked together akin to a honeycomb.

Every screen was showing a different team and the position they were placed at in the forest.

In this way, Micheal noticed that the nearest teams were still at least three kilometers away from them.

So far, they are in the clear. Micheal gave out his own opinion, I doubt any fights will break out today as no one would seek to provoke others and waste their limited elemental energy for needless fights. He coughed, I think that the smartest move to do currently is to locate a good camping spot and secure it at all cost.

I guess captain Felix shares the same views as you.

Janna nodded her head in agreement as the stream showed Felix, giving off instructions for Walton, Kenny, and johnson to check for a good camping spot up north.

That\'s where one of the many lakes was located.

At least skydiving wasn\'t that bad as it gave Felix and his team a good overview of the premise they were landing on.

However, since they were actually the last ones to be sent down, some of the first skydivers must have already scouted the lake or even placed down their camps and created a territory that belonged to them.

Thus, Felix sent those three all at once, as they had the best abilities for survival.

If ** hit the fan, they could always retreat to safety.

After a while...

Those three came back with good news, entailing that they found an empty area a hundred meters away from the lake.

As for other teams They didn\'t see anyone on their way there.

To do a double-check, Felix turned on his infrared vision to the limit for a second before turning it off.

In that second, he saw only humanoid wildlife, like birds, deers, boars, and such.

Alright, let\'s place our camp there. Felix jumped down from a branch he was sitting on and reminded them, Keep your eyes open for flags.

They might be placed in your plain sight, and you wouldn\'t even notice it.

They nodded their heads and wore their camping backpacks.

Then, they started marching in a well-paced manner, not too slow and not too fast.

Just enough to reach their destination while still having the ability to survey the trees, rocks, and even the dirt.

Alas, even with Felix\'s enhanced vision added to the mix, they didn\'t see any flag in their journey.

They didn\'t know if they were just hidden too deeply or this area didn\'t have one.

Whatever it was, finding flags without trackers was the same as finding a needle in a haystack.

Making the task almost impossible was probably intended by the ESG Organization to force the teams to meet and fight for the trackers.

They created the problem and also the solution for it.


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