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She swiftly teleported next to them still in her furry pajamas and glared at Felix, Why are you taking his side!

How can I take his side when I don\'t even know what\'s up between you two He said while stealing some mist from Asna\'s palace and created a chair for himself.

He sat on it and asked Asna, Mind telling me what\'s the problem

The problem is that you invited him and he immediately created a palace that reached the soul barrier. She jerked her head away with an upset expression, He even started humble bragging about it.

She told me to create a house. The Jörmungandr stroked his long purplish goati with an honest look, And I did.


Felix immediately figured out the crux of the issue after hearing them out.

It was clear in his mind that Asna wasn\'t going to accept having the Jörmungandr\'s palace towering over her.

Especially when she was living in this space for years now, considering it as her temporary home.

She was definitely not going to stay quiet about it.

Alright, I am not going to interfere in your matters.

But, I do hope that you downsize your palaces to a reasonable height and size. Felix requested.

Although he understood the issue, that didn\'t mean that he was going to start lecturing them on what\'s right and wrong.

They were mature enough to handle their own relationship.

In his mind, as long as he had a good relationship with both of them separately, he honestly wouldn\'t give a ** how they spend their time in his consciousness.

Though, he hoped that he wouldn\'t need to have shattered bones each time he entered his consciousness. 

I never had an issue with that. The Jörmungandr smiled faintly as he snapped his finger, turning his palace into a two-story modern building.

It seemed like he was curious about living in homes with earthling\'s design.

If it wasn\'t for you starting it, I wouldn\'t have bothered to change my mansion. Annoyed, Asna humphed as she replaced the palace with her previous mansion, returning the balance to the consciousness space.

Seeing the lake getting filled back up, Felix sighed in relief.

Not wanting for the atmosphere to turn awkward and silent, Felix asked the Jörmungandr, Elder, did you check the human bloodline system and the previous plan that I had in mind

Of course I did.

I wanted to understand how did you manage to gather a piece of my consciousness and awaken it. He soon chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt, I didn\'t expect that you will gather my thinned bloodline in beasts.

Why so Felix asked in confusion.

I assumed that you have hunted my descendants and used little Asna to extract my bloodline. He answered calmly.

Elder, you jest. Felix waved his hand, I didn\'t even know before that the primogenitors were the sole reason why the universe was populated with many races and species with elemental affinities.

If it wasn\'t for the Jörmungandr information about the universe\'s past, Felix would still be under the notion that beasts were the direct descendants of the primogenitors.

After all, Asna told him that the beasts inherited those abilities from their parents, who inherited them from the primogenitors.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/potentially-the-only-candidate!_%!d(string=51239734629954686) for visiting.

But now He already worked the matter in his mind and understood that beasts were merely one of the many races and species with the primogenitors\' thinned bloodline.

The only difference was that other races received a somewhat limited manipulation that could only take them to the 2nd stage of the primogenitors\' system, while the beasts around the universe straightaway obtained the created abilities of the primogenitors.

That being said, not every race had a relation to the primogenitors as most of the current races were newly born ones, like the human race which popped on the Milky Way Galaxy two million years ago.

If it wasn\'t for so, the humans should have by logic also gotten abilities unlocked like beasts at least.

Now that you know about it, what are you going to do The Jörmungandr asked with a playful smile.

I will carry on collecting the bloodline essence from beasts. Felix said while smiling wryly.

He understood that the Jörmungandr was implying whether he was going to aim his gun at races with sand manipulation in order to extract the primogenitor\'s bloodline from them or not.

It was obviously going to be faster than just buying bloodline bottles and hoping to luck out on a few percentages of the primogenitor.

But Felix also understood that by doing so, he would probably offend the primogenitor of sand after he reached origin purity and have him awakened.

Ultimately, Felix had no clue about the sand primogenitor\'s personality.

He might look at Felix\'s memories and not get bothered by him slaying his descendants or he could totally snap at him and kill him in an instant.

Elder, but first I need to know if I am even able to actually obtain more elemental manipulations or not. Felix smiled bitterly, If it wasn\'t possible, I will not risk myself using more primogenitors bloodlines.

I frankly don\'t know. The Jörmungandr shook his head and clarified, Your case is quite unique.

First, you have little Asna at your service, helping you extract the primogenitors\' bloodline, which can\'t be seen or extracted by races lower than us in the social status pyramid.

This meant you will have the opportunity to meet up with quite a few primogenitors, unlike the others.

Oh, no wonder! Felix exclaimed in surprise.

He always was thinking why did no one actually manage to extract the primogenitors\' bloodlines all of those years.

If human professional extractors failed to achieve so due to not being that good, why didn\'t other races managed to do the same

Heck, Felix knew that the witches should be able to notice and extract the essence due to their innate ability, which made them the only potioneers in the universe.

Yet, they also failed to notice the primogenitors\' bloodline!

He didn\'t think that it would be related to the hidden hierarchy in the universe, but it also made sense.

In addition, little Asna can also help you reach 100% affinity rating, which is the bare minimum to be able to accept the elemental manipulation. The Jörmungandr said, If you didn\'t have 100% poison affinity, the ritual transfer would have ended in failure, and failure meant death.

Yet most importantly, you are a human! The Jörmungandr teleported next to Felix and gazed at him in wonder, making Felix sweat a little by how close he was.

Soon, the Jörmungandr teleported back and said in befuddlement, Your race might be new in the universe and still at the bottom of the social ladder with beasts and such, but in your situation, this actually turned beneficial.

Already numbed to being looked down upon like this, Felix simply focused on the Jörmungandr explanation, For other races and species which are related to us, it is impossible for them to have more than two elemental manipulations. He paused and dropped a bombshell, Even us the primogenitors weren\'t able to achieve so.

We were locked with the gift bestowed upon us and couldn\'t obtain even the limited manipulation from races lower than us.

It was only common sense for the primogenitors to attempt and obtain other elemental manipulation to further enhance their strength.

They might not be able to achieve 3rd stage with them as their main element, but at least they would have them.

Yet, it appeared that was quite impossible.

The Jörmungandr looked at Felix oddly and said, But your human race had absolutely no relation to us.

Meaning you are an empty page that could potentially have more than one elemental manipulation.

Felix got quite excited at hearing so, as it meant that he could still carry on with his plan.

The only change that occurred would be instead of etching an ability in his 1% human bloodline, he would be trying to convince the primogenitors into handing him their elemental manipulation.

However, his excitement soon was snuffed out after hearing the Jörmungandr say, I said potentially! It isn\'t certain yet, and if I am mistaken in my deduction, you can probably die the moment you attempt doing so.

As long as my chances aren\'t null, I will manage to find a way. Felix said, smiling confidently.

That\'s good, I am also anticipating that day. The Jörmungandr nodded his head in approval.

Just as Felix was planning on asking about the species of the sand primogenitor, he felt like someone was tugging his shoulder.

He quickly realized that it was Noah, trying to wake him up.

Elder, the helicopter has reached the airport, I will come back after I take the plane. Felix said while bowing respectfully.

Then, he broke into mist particles, leaving the Jörmungandr and Asna to have a staring contest that lasted for an entire minute before both of them proposed at the same time, Truce

The Jörmungandr smiled gently as he created a table and two chairs.

He teleported into one and offered for Asna to sit on the other.

Seeing that she accepted his offer, he created a chess-like board with tens of pieces on it, each resembled a different race, Let\'s play a game of Royalty.

Oh, I always wanted to play it with Felix, but that moron doesn\'t want to learn it. Asna clapped lightly in excitement.

Let\'s have some fun those first matches. The Jörmungandr suggested, After so, we can put some bets to enliven the game.

Deal! Asna agreed with a confident smirk.

Alas, her confidence was shattered in only three minutes after receiving a soul-crushing defeat.


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