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After hearing Meliodas and the spectators cheers, Dale and the rest knew that the video was taken from an SG game instead of an action film!

Holy crap! That was awesome! Amazed, Dale had his eyes fixated on the video that was replaying the same 20-second scene again.

Look at the views and at the comment section. Nathan pointed his finger enviously at the booming views, which had 500 million in barely half an hour since the video was posted.

Meanwhile, the comment section was exploding with people commenting on every millisecond, expressing their disbelief at such a daredevil stunt.

20 seconds bit didn\'t show much. Johnson shook his head and requested, Give me the game\'s link, I will watch it in my room.

Can I also have the link Adam requested politely.

Me too! Olivia lifted her hand.

How about this Instead of sending the link, Nathan enlarged the hologram until it was bigger than the dusty data show screen.

He then clicked on the link that was posted below the video and proposed with a smile, Let\'s watch it together.

We have plenty of time today since the training is probably going to be canceled. He added, Plus, it will be more fun.

Johnson gave it a quick thought before agreeing, I am down.


Don\'t have much to do anymore.

Hopefully, the game will be just as epic as that scene.

Soon, everyone was back in their seat while having their attention on the game\'s replay that was on pause.

Noah, you are not going to watch Kenny asked after seeing Noah heading to the classroom\'s door.

Without turning his head, Noah shook it slightly before exiting and closing the door behind him.

They give him a single glance before having their focus back on the screen.

However, they were suddenly reminded of the other suspect, who never bothered to stick for such events.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._50933950423557605 for visiting.

They all turned their heads and surprisingly, only wind breeze was blowing on Felix\'s desk!

He was gone!

Typical behavior.

Damn, he is getting better at leaving early.

No one felt surprised by Felix\'s depart without saying anything.

Heck, they would be startled if he actually decided to stick in and watch with them.

They already guessed that he left unnoticed when they were discussing the video.

Play it, play it.

It\'s their loss. Dale said.

Without further delay, Nathan pressed play and sat back in his seat.

The video started with an introduction to the game\'s rules, objective, player number, rank, and such, giving the viewers a complete understanding of the game before starting.

After a minute or so, the game truly began with showing the players getting teleported and Meliodas interviewing them.

Nathan skipped the interview segment, jumping straight into the action, showing the players falling into the island.

Unfortunately for Felix, the video was a recorded version of what Meliodas was showing on the large screen for the spectators.

This meant, he was the primary focus since the beginning of the game!

This made Olivia and the rest watch in confusion, Landlord use poison bombs while having the ability to switch inducements just like Felix.

Not to mention his superstrength and poison immunity.

if it wasn\'t for Landlord displaying way too many inducements and different abilities than Felix\'s throughout the game, doubts would have started to rise in their minds that Landlord was Felix in disguise!

Though, they were still weirded out by the uncanny resemblance between the two.

Especially for Olivia, who spent her childhood \'playing\' with Felix.

She was the most familiar with Felix, thus she felt a sense of familiarity with the way Landlord acts and talks.

\'It can\'t be Felix.\' Olivia shook those thoughts away as no matter what her feelings were telling her, the sight of Landlord using three different abilities than Felix was a solid evidence that it was merely an uncanny coincidence.

After a while, the game reached its conclusion with Felix\'s sitting on the green teleportation circle akin to a king with that Crown secured on his head.

Although the game was beyond epic, making Olivia and the rest to enjoy every last second of it, the resemblance between Felix and Landlord was still in their minds.

Before, Felix was only safe from getting mentioned in the same breath as Landlord was for three reasons.

First, the Maxwell elders and Noah, who had bracelets early on, weren\'t interested in individual Supremacy Games news at all, as they were more focused on the business side of the UVR.

Meanwhile, Noah\'s mind was a total mystery, as no one knows what\'s going in it.

Second, when Felix got viral in the Mariana empire, it happened one-month or so before he exposed his abilities in the national team battle.

Thus, by the time, those with AP bracelet could notice the similarity, the news about Felix\'s 2nd game had already gone obsolete.

Third, Olivia and the rest didn\'t possess AP bracelets, making them miss Felix\'s first games and the viral sensation he caused in the empire.

However, now with their bracelets on, it was easier for virals\' videos, photos, scandals, and such to flash by in their media feed.

With this, nothing about Felix\'s persona could ever go unnoticed anymore.

Brother Nathan, mind giving me access to do a quick research on Landlord Adam asked politely.

Go ahead. Nathan gestured with his hand.

After getting his permission, Adam started typing on an invisible hologram, making everything that he was typing in the search bar get displayed in the large hologram.

>Important information about Unpaid_Landlord\'s existence.enterAnaylize and thoughts on Landlord\'s bloodline.Does anyone knows the name of Landlord\'s bloodlineDoes Landlord\'s bloodline really belong to legendary rankSlam!

After hearing the door getting closed shut, Adam\'s polite smile withdrew back as a frigid expression took over.

Amelia was unbeknownst to it as she was standing behind him.

Please don\'t defend me again sister Amelia. His expression was cold but his tone was as warm as the morning sunlight.

Before Amelie could reply, he stood up and turned around, displaying his usual charming smile, I appreciate the effort, but I can take care of myself.

I will see you later.

The moment he passed by her, he narrowed his reddish eyes in irritation as he thought, \'What an annoying b*tch.

How can I get rid of her already\'

Alas, Amelia\'s heated ears as she gazed at his back were more than enough to show that he wasn\'t going to get rid of her anytime soon.


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