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Why are you alive Biohunter had to ask, as from everything he heard, it seemed like Mr.

Frosty\'s team was the only survivor in the entire volcano zone, besides the wounded players from the chaos, who went into hiding.

We escaped the labyrinth before Landlord found us. He said with his hands trembling.

When Mr.

Frosty and his team heard Valkyrie\'s cry for help, they forwarded it to the rest of the teams with the latest position sent by Chronomania.

However, instead of going to check by themselves, they let the other teams do it.

Till this moment Mr.

Frosty was thanking his nine stars that he made that decision, as it didn\'t take even 10 minutes before he heard Cyber Fly\'s cry for help that lasted for merely two seconds before he stopped receiving anything from him.

When that happened, he decided to leave the Labyrinth, as he wasn\'t confident in his strength to pull off what Cyber Fly and Valkyrie couldn\'t.

Thus, instead of throwing his life away for no reason, he gave up on the chase, not having any more thoughts about snatching the Crown from Felix.

Thankfully, he marked the position of the labyrinth entrance.

Hence, it wasn\'t hard for him to escape.

So no one is currently inside the labyrinth besides Landlord Rosanna threw a question of her own.


Frosty nodded his head slightly.

You heard him. Rosanna coiled a hair lock on her finger as she asked Biohunter, How are we going to play this out

Since Landlord can handle five bloodliners at once, we should ally and split our forces ten bloodliners in each team. He lifted a finger as he added, And each team will have one mental type bloodliner.

Chatter immediately broke down between players, as each was discussing Biohunter\'s proposal with their own teammates.

They knew that the only way for them to have a shot at the Crown was by dropping their ego and zerg Felix with numbers.

I will be the first to agree! Rosanna threw her hair behind her back as she said to the rest of the players, Stop wasting our time.

The Crown\'s location transmission is about to start in a few minutes.

We need to be in the labyrinth when that happens!

After hearing so, the players stopped mumbling pointlessly and raised their hands in the air displaying their agreement to the alliance.

A few moments later, everyone signed the contract and separated into three teams, each having ten players and one mental type bloodliner.


Frosty and his allies joined the 3rd team and took leadership of it.

Those bastards truly have no pride!

This is making me pissed!

Damn it! They are even protecting mental type players.

Concerned, Felix\'s fans had their hands before their mouths as they booed out loud, making their displeasure resound in the stadium.

It was clear that they weren\'t confident in Felix\'s chances of defeating those teams, as they knew that his only weakness was mental type abilities.

Before, he was either ambushing or taking out the players in a couple of seconds by his corruption inducement, not letting the mental type bloodliners to activate their abilities.

But now Those players would be protected at all costs!

Move out! Biohunter shouted as he charged into the tunnel, followed by Rosanna and the rest.

The 2nd round of the hunt has begun! Melidoas switched the camera to Felix as he yelled passionately, Does Landlord have enough energy to repeat the same feat and recreate another massacre He smiled widely, I for one can\'t wait to see!


Meanwhile, inside the labyrinth, Felix was sitting on a flat-surfaced rock with arms resting on his knees.

\'one minute more and another 1k GP in the bag.\' He smiled faintly as he noticed that only a minute remained before 15 minutes mark to complete again.

He glanced at his total game points and a wide grin couldn\'t help but affix on his lips.

7550 GP!

\'Hehe, after I hunt down the forest players, I can make it past 10k!\' He rubbed his hands together in eagerness at the thought of it.

Peep Peep!

After hearing his bracelet vibrating, Felix stood up while asking in his mind, \'Asna, how much purified energy you still have\'

\'If I give you everything, you will have at most an extra 40%.\' She replied while yawning.

\'That\'s it\' His eyes widened in disbelief as he honestly thought that he still had enough to fill his tank to 100%.

\'Heh, why are you surprised\' She snickered, \'You were asking after every fight to give you more and more energy.\'

Stunned, Felix froze in his position as memories of his fights started to resurface in his mind, showing him how irresponsible his energy management was.

He realized that he was using his corruption inducement numerous times when he didn\'t even have to!

This made his energy kept plummeting rapidly.

But since he had Asna\'s purified energy, he never bothered to think for a second that another cost-efficient inducement was a better option than corruption inducement.

\'Sigh, I was really drunk on the feeling of turning others to dust effortlessly.\' He smiled bitterly, acknowledging his mistake, \'I was getting corrupted by it unknowingly.\'

He always scolded Olivia for not conserving energy properly, but here he was practicing exactly what he preached.

The worst part The purified energy wasn\'t free! He literally was wasting needed coins just to hasten the battles by a few minutes!

The purified energy was supposed to be left behind as backup energy when he was left with nothing to use, not be counted as part of his energy tank.

That\'s what he was doing now, and what needed to be changed!

Just as he was about to slap his cheeks to wake himself up, the golden beam was projected into the sky from the Crown.

After Asna saw the beam, she transferred all of the remaining purified energy to Felix, fill his energy tank to 50%.

He previously had 10%.

\'Change of plans.\' Felix stopped having any thoughts about hunting the rain forest players, as now his main priority was to survive until the game ends.

If he played it smart and didn\'t waste his entire energy on corruption inducement, he might have had enough to continue eliminating other players.

But now He could only turn on his infrared vision and start toggling deep within the labyrinth, escaping at his fastest speed.

Sadly, no matter what tunnel he took, the golden beam was giving him off to the three mega teams.

He isn\'t far from us! Biohunter shouted while pointing his finger at the golden beam, which was appearing as clear as crystal to everyone, even though they were in the underground.

The SGA might want to make the games appear as real as possible, but it would never affect the fairness and integrity of the games to achieve so.

Split up! After seeing three tunnels before them, Mr.

Frosty went for the right tunnel, while being followed by his team.

Meanwhile, Biohunter\'s team and Rosanna\'s team each took a tunnel.

The spectators kept cheering with flushed cheeks at the sight of Felix weaving through the tunnels while being chased by 35 players at once!

The distance between them was getting nearer and nearer since Felix was taking tunnels randomly, and sometimes those tunnels had curvy paths, making Felix\'s effort gone to waste.

Meanwhile, Biohunter and the rest rarely ended up with this problem as the golden beam was making it easier for them to see which tunnel was going to bridge the gap closer.

Minutes passed by and the distance kept getting bridged closer and closer until Felix\'s ears started to pick up the loud echoing sound of footsteps behind him.

\'Oi Felix, that doesn\'t sound like five players at all.\' Asna said.

Startled, Felix stopped running and went to a wall, putting his eyes near the surface.

He took a deep breath and pushed his infrared vision to the limit, making him get assaulted by a headache a second after.

However, instead of wincing in pain, his eyes widened in shock at what he saw.

An army of humanoid auras coming from all directions towards his position.

Ten arriving from the south, another ten from the east, and finally fifteen coming from the west.

\'Dear god!\'

Scared **less, Felix turned around and continued his escape in the opposite direction, not daring to entertain the thought of getting surrounded by them.

He never expected that the forest players were going to chase him in tens!

He always believed that they were going to make teams made of five players like the ones\' he dealt with.

In his mind, It was only logical to believe that five players were enough to kill a single player.

Sadly, Felix didn\'t know that Mr.

Frosty had ratted on him to the forest players!

Landlord! Where are you at...Running is pointless!...

We can see you....Do you feel tired yet...

Taunts kept echoing in the tunnels, making Felix frown his eyebrows in annoyance.

Though he didn\'t respond or bothered to pay attention to them, he simply carried on running and running until the last second of the transmission ended.

The moment the golden light disappeared, Felix exhaled a long sigh of relief.

Nevertheless, he didn\'t slow down his speed as the players were going to aim for his latest position.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, as the moment Felix looked to his left, he noticed ten red auras running diagonally with him, probably seeking a tunnel that would help them reach the path that he was on.

Unworried, Felix merely smirked and entered a tunnel that was in the opposite direction, making their efforts absolutely pointless.

After running for a while, he saw again ten humanoid auras behind a wall, running in totally a different route than his.

A few seconds later, they disappeared from his vision, entailing that they were a hundred meters away from Felix.

This kept going on and on, making the spectators not know whether to laugh or cry.

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The scene resembled a hide and seek game but the hider had a cheat that allowed him to spot the seekers before getting too close to him.

It was a totally unfair game!

The livid expressions of the players throughout all of this were enough to show that they weren\'t enjoying this in the slightest!


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