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After Felix noticed that they were approaching the tunnel, he closed his mouth shut and tightened his grip on the rugged rocks, worried that they might give in and drop him at the worse possible timing.

Pitter Patter...

Meanwhile, Valkyrie\'s team footsteps kept resounding in the silent tunnel as they walked while having their eyes surveying every single area.

The tunnel wasn\'t really long as it was merely connecting the two paths together.

Thus, it didn\'t take even a couple of minutes before they reached the other entrance, where Felix was hanging above it.

Only 15 meters were separating them.

\'Chronomania please scout the entrance for us.\' Solemn, Valkyrie sent her request by the Queen.

She knew that in this deafening silence a soft whisper would echo far and wide.

Chronomania nodded his head and stepped in front of them.

He was resembling a two-meter white tiger with long fangs protruding down his jaw.

His senses were sharpened after he morphed, thus each step he took forward, made his gut feeling scream at him to back off.

By the time he reached the mouth of the tunnel, his fur was standing upright without his control.

\'Lady Valkyrie, I can\'t walk any further.\' He sent a message with a grave expression.

Without waiting to receive her response, he took a step back, planning to retreat.

He might agree to be a scout due to his heightened senses, but he would never put himself in danger for strangers.


\'Hmm\' Cronomania\'s furry ears suddenly picked up a slight movement coming from above him.

Alerted, He raised his head, wanting to inspect the origin of the sound.

\'What the f*ck!\'

The moment his eyes landed on the ceiling, he saw Felix grinning at him devilishly while dropping mid-air with his foot aiming at his face!

He swiftly put furry thick arms in a guard position while holding his breath.


Felix\'s foot landed on Chronomania\'s arms, making him step back three times before he stabilized himself.


Felix used Chronomania\'s thick arms to do a backflip, landing inside the tunnel where Valkyrie\'s team was at.

The moment his feet touched the ground, he snapped his finger, engulfing himself in corruption inducement!


Felix didn\'t need to turn his head as Chronomania\'s pained groan was enough to let him know that he was dealt with properly.

Let\'s dance. Playful, Felix licked his lips while dashing rapidly towards the terrified Valkyrie\'s team, who reflexively used whatever they had while escaping backward, hoping to put as much distance as possible.

They knew that one single touch by the corruption inducement and their fate would be sealed!

Boom thud!...

Unfortunately for them, Felix wasn\'t hindered in the slightest by their last attempts at saving their lives, as he kept evading left and right the abilities, which he deemed a threat to him.

\'WHY IS HE NOT BLINDED! Valkyrie\'s proud and stoic expression was nowhere to be seen as she was screaming in her mind while hurling bombs, resembling flash grenades behind her back.

It was clear that she was a light Elementalist, whose abilities were oriented for utility.

Even the shield of light\'s purpose seemed to be for blinding her enemies instead of blocking abilities.

Sadly for her, Felix\'s infrared vision allowed him to adjust the degrees of light he should see just like he could adjust the distance.

Thus, her abilities were thoroughly countered! 

Poof Poof!

Annoyed by their escape, Felix turned off his aura and threw two corruption bombs instead, making them explode exactly amidst their disarrayed escaping formation.

NOOO..!...F*ck You Landlo..!...I don\'t want to d...!

The three players were all touched one way or another by the black mist, making them each shriek what came up at the top of their minds before everything darkened for them, just like their bodies.

\'Shit! Shit! FROSTY WHERE ARE YOU!!\' Scared **less by the ash of her allies touching her face, Valkyrie kept screaming in her mind for Mr.

Frosty\'s help.

Though, the message that was sent by the Queen showed not a single hint of the distress that she was experiencing.


Unfortunately for her, this time she wasn\'t lucky enough to have others block the mist from reaching her, as the bomb exploded right in her back with a speed almost breaking the sound barrier!

The distance separating her and Felix made his bombs almost undodgeable!

The only way she could have survived was by having abilities that either create solid objects, like Mr.

Frosty\'s ice dome, or ones that could at least evaporate the bombs before reaching her.

Alas, her light element possessed a lot of qualities and effects, even having healing abilities.

But those mentioned options weren\'t part of them.

Cluck! Cluck!

Her swords, which dropped into the ground, were the last things that proved her existence, minus the ash mound near them.

\'What a stupid girl.\' Asna insulted her without care, \'She is clearly a melee form fighter.

So, why the hell she bothered to approach you\'

\'She was counting on her abilities to blind me, then cleave my head with her swords.

That\'s her famous combo, which I saw in the network.\' Felix shook his head while leaving the fight area, \'Too bad, my infrared vision allows me to adjust the light intensity.\' He suddenly chuckled, \'Well, even without it, my corruption inducement is enough to block her from approaching me.\'

\'Tsk, doesn\'t that mean she is still stupid\' Asna clicked her tongue in criticism.

\'You are wrong.\' Felix shook his head with a devilish grin, \'Everyone who willingly decided to chase me in this labyrinth is stupid!\'

The spectators didn\'t know why he was grinning to himself, but that didn\'t stop them from cheering him after showing them such a one-sided fight.

It seemed to them that his corruption inducement was truly too strong even for a legendary bloodline.

Especially when he was using it from the beginning of the game without any clear limit or weaknesses.

If only they knew that Felix\'s energy tank was getting emptied by 10% each time he threw a corruption bomb, they wouldn\'t have had those thoughts.

And with that, Landlord\'s personal current elimination tally is 17!! Meliodas exclaimed in enthusiasm, That\'s 3400 GP without counting the huge fatalities he assisted in causing by his hallucination inducement!

Markus, Felix\'s true number one fan, who was responsible for doc.u.menting everything about him, already had calculated the total game points, that Felix currently earned from the instant his foot landed on the island.

5550 GP!

1000 GP from holding the Crown for 15 minutes straight, 1150 GP from the chaos he caused with his hallucination inducement, and finally 3400 GP from his direct eliminations.

Holy, he gathered this much under one hour

Leader Emma and the fans near Markus all exclaimed in shock after glimpsing at the amount in Markus\'s hologram.

The 2nd player in the game with the most points didn\'t even reach 600 GP! Such a wide disparity just further emphasized for those fans that Felix their idol was a league apart from everyone in this game!

He is about to meet up with another team.

Let me type in peace. Irked, Markus shooed them away without glancing in their direction.

Leader Emma and the rest all reseated themselves and started cheering Felix on his upcoming battle.


30 minutes later...

Felix was humming a soft tone while clutching the neck of Miss Dusk, who was gazing at him with a pleading look.


Detached, Felix snapped her neck and threw her corpse next to her four teammates, who were lying on the ground with either their neck snapped or having bullet-hole in their foreheads.

At least those were complete corpse as some were just a black mound of ash.

After dealing with Miss Dusk\'s team, Felix stretched his arms behind his back for a second before glancing at his bracelet.

\'Hmm, the players from the forest should have reached and entered the labyrinth by now.\' He pondered as he kept looking at the time.

Only 35 minutes were left before the end of the game!

\'Hopefully, everyone will be here.\' Felix withdrew his hands back in his pockets and started striding with big steps aimlessly like he owned the place.

Does he even have limits Why does it seem like he has an endless stream of energy! Melidoas just like the rest of the spectators was about to lose his ** at the way Felix kept eliminating the players effortlessly like he wasn\'t fighting 1vs5 in each battle.

During the previous 30 minutes, Felix had taken care of two more teams, each having 5 players.

One belonged to Cyber Fly and the other was Miss Dusk\'s one.

Adding this to Valkyrie\'s team, and totally tall would reach a whopping 15 players eliminated in merely 45 minutes!

A bona fide massacre in individual games!

The spectators weren\'t shocked anymore by Felix\'s overwhelming feats but terrified by his existence that was breaking the balance of the game.

The f*cked up part about all of this was the fact Felix was known in the network for not being even a 1st stage bloodliner!

He was bullying peak 1st stage bloodliners left and right, causing them to stop telling apart, who was a veteran player or a hardcore one, as he was demolishing every player the same as the last one!

At this point, Felix in their eyes didn\'t appear as the underdog or newbie, who was still in his placement games, but a high leveled player coming down to terrorize the poor silver players!

The rain forest players are here! Meliodas switched the camera from Felix to the entrance of the first tunnel, which was near the red circle.

As he said, Biohunter, Rosanna, Bloodriod, and the rest of the forest players, were approaching the tunnel while keeping a large distance between each other.

When Felix\'s first location transmission went off, the forest players realized that they were duped after seeing that he was in the volcano instead of toggling south as they assumed.

After all, it was only logical to escape in the other direction of the players, not go straight to them!

Sadly, by the time the transmission went off they were already too deep in the southern area behind the green beacon.

This delayed their journey to the volcano by half an hour.

Though, it seemed that none of them were worried, as there was still enough time in the clock for them to regain the Crown.

Is that Mr.


Why is he outside of the volcano

The moment they reached the tunnel, they saw Mr.

Frosty and his party sitting on the large rock with their heads lowered, gazing at their feet like they gave up on life.


Frosty, what\'s up with you Bewildered, Biohunter asked what was on everyone\'s minds.

Uhm Startled awake, Mr.

Frosty looked beneath him and was shocked to see 30 players or so were spread in the area into multiple groups.

Color regained in his face at the sight.

He immediately started informing them about what happened here since the moment Felix\'s foot landed on the volcanic zone.

Rosanna and the rest kept listening to him retelling the events with chills coursing on their spine.

Getting rid of 28 players by traps

Killing team after team being led personally by a hardcore player

They didn\'t want to believe him nor dare to.

However, they knew that Mr.

Frosty had no reason to lie to them as it brought him zero benefits.

By the time Mr.

Frosty finished retelling everything, the players\' backs were drenched with cold sweat and began to have thoughts of withdrawing from the chase!

In their eyes, the tunnel\'s mouth appeared the same as the gate to hell! 


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