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Meanwhile, 500 meters away from the previous position of the Crown, Felix was lying on the ground with his limbs all pointing in different directions, resembling a broken doll.

Especially his legs, which were clearly beyond shattered.

If it wasn\'t for his chest rising and falling ever so slightly, Meliodas and the spectators, who were watching this on the large screen, would have assumed that he messed up his calculation.

It was clear that the fall might not have taken his life but it left him in truly unenviable shape.

Though, Felix already planned for such an end result when he jumped from the tree.

\'Revitalization!\' With his eyes closed shut, Felix activated his 4th passive after engulfing himself with a mustard yellow aura.


He groaned in pain after his shattered bones were starting to get affixed back to their original shape.

Since he didn\'t use the corruption inducement, the revitalization process took a full minute instead of ten seconds.

The potency of two inducements wasn\'t the same as twenty stacked at once.

Never doing that ** again! Felix mumbled to himself while trying to stand up on his feet.

His legs kept trembling as he was feeling numbness all over his legs.

Felix knew that he could have avoided all of this by simply waiting until the final battle starts 1 hour later and snatch the Crown during the chaos. 

However, he never was focusing on the win only, but on getting as many points as possible while doing so!

In other words, securing the Crown as early as possible was a must in order to start gaining 1000 GP each 15 minutes that passed!

After the pain withdrew completely, Felix stretched his limbs, cracking his joints.

Oh As he cracked his neck, he noticed that the Golden Crown was slightly hovering above his head.

He didn\'t notice it before, as its bright light was reduced to the bare minimum as well as its size, making it fit perfectly in his head.

Not bad. Satisfied, he smiled while touching the smooth gems decorating it.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50722624594042802 for visiting.

Unfortunately, he didn\'t get even a second to enjoy the Crown before it got ruined by the sight of two humanoid red auras approaching him from the front.

They were extremely close to him as he noticed them without pushing his infrared vision to the limit.

Felix looked behind them and saw that the path they came from was leading to the humongous volcano.

\'It seems like they are part of the other half.\' He thought to himself while climbing up a tree.

He didn\'t go to the top as he hid merely on the first branch.

He was planning on ambushing them since they weren\'t part of the rain forest players.

If they were, Felix would have escaped in a heartbeat.

After all, who knows if they were sent as scouts by an alliance to locate him

If that was true, they would easily send Felix\'s coordination by using the Queen.

A couple of seconds later...

Thud! Thud!

Felix took out his fingers from those two players\' foreheads and wiped them clean from the blood.

The ambush went smoothly without a single hiccup, not taking Felix even two seconds before ending those two poor players\' lives.

After dealing with the obstacles, Felix pushed his infrared vision to the limit while turning his head all around.

Immediately, he spotted four players rushing in his direction while having the green beacon behind their backs.

The rain forest\'s players were here!

Not planning to meet up with them, Felix turned off his vision and started sprinting in direction of the volcano at his top speed.

His destination

Clearly, the tunnel leading to the labyrinth, as he understood that if he wanted to survive the entire duration, he could only pull it off inside the volcano.

The island was merely medium-sized, and no matter where Felix run in the forest, he would eventually get found out by the majority, and worse of all get surrounded from all sides!

Even the volcanic zone players would take part in!

The only reason, they didn\'t bother to aim for the Crown this early was due to seeing its location being static two times in a row while being in close proximity to the green teleportation circle.

However, when the next transmission goes off and they notice that Felix was on the move, those players wouldn\'t hesitate to ditch camping the teleportation circle!

At that point, Felix would be dealing with everyone on the island chasing him in such an open area.

But, if he entered the labyrinth The story would be narrated in a completely different manner.

In the labyrinth, Felix knew that he would be the hunter and they would be his prey!

He licked his lips in anticipation at the thought of it, sending chills down the spine of the spectators who saw it.

It\'s clear that Landlord is putting his faith of survival on the volcano\'s tunnel! Melidoas looked at the time and wondered, But will he be able to reach them before his location starts getting transmitted

Felix\'s fans were also worried about so, as they could see that Felix might have gotten rid of most players in the forest area after getting teleported randomly, but the players in the volcanic zone were gathered near the red teleportation circle that was on Felix\'s path to enter the tunnel.

If the transmission went off before entering the tunnel, he would be literally delivering the Crown right in their hands, saving them the trouble.


12 minutes later...

Felix was hiding on top of one of the last trees, which were separating the two zones from each other.

After those trees, there was only a flat black ground stretching for a kilometer or so, leading to the humongous black volcano.

Felix narrowed his eyes in concentration at the humongous tunnel, which had a giant red circle engraved right next to it.

He looked at it for a second before switching his vision to the parties of players, which were spread around the circle.

Some of them were sitting on large black boulders near it while others were standing further back, keeping their distance.

The alliances had zero trust in each other to remain that close.

They might be certain that no one was going to make a move, as it was simply stupid to battle without a purpose.

But, they still preferred keeping their distance.

This led to the tunnel having only a couple of players beside it.

No one bothered with the tunnel as the Crown in their eyes was still in the forest, especially when the next transmission was about to start in two minutes.

Due to the constraint on time, Felix spent only one minute to come up with a somewhat unreliable plan, which could help him bypass the players and rush into the tunnel before his location gets transmitted.

Hopefully this works. He sighed and snapped his finger, engulfing himself in a milky white aura.

Then, he jumped down into the ground and sprinted in direction of the tunnel.

He was still far from the red circle and the players.

Thus, everyone, who was looking in front of them, managed to notice only a tiny white sphere advancing towards them.

What is that They raised their eyebrows in surprise as they pointed their fingers at it.

Is that an aura ability

I believe so as well.

Before long, everyone was staring at the approaching white sphere, guessing what it was, and unsurprisingly a lot of them managed to land on the right answer.

What the hell is Landlord up to! Meliodas facepalmed as he said, Did he forget that other players have an infrared vision just like him He shook his head with a hint of disappointment in his eyes, They will notice the Crown on top of his head and inform the rest, by then he won\'t escape even if he has eight legs.

The spectators couldn\'t help but agree with him on this one.

They didn\'t know if Felix was simply getting c.o.c.ky and believing that his existence by itself would deter all of those players, or he had another plan in mind.

Whatever it is, they were about to find out, as Felix was getting closer and closer to the tunnel, which had a six players alliance standing on a giant black rock right next to its entrance.

I think that\'s Landlord!

The hell Why is he wasting his energy like that

By now, the players already figured that Felix was the one approaching them, as his white aura was iconic to him.

Yet, from what they saw about Felix in his previous games, he didn\'t have the habit of wasting energy for fun.

They weren\'t retards to not see that Felix was hiding something.

And in this game, what was there to hide beside the Crown

Visionary, please check if he has the Crown or not! A stunning blue-haired man with an icy cold stare ordered one of his five allies, who were standing right behind him on top of that giant rock.

Nonchalant, Visionary walked in front while removing his glasses, exposing reptile-like eyes.

Though, he didn\'t turn on his ability yet, as Felix was still 40 meters away from him.

He had only an *Intermediate Infrared Vision* that allows him to see infrared objects within 20 meters.

Such an abyssal radius was even from an epic tier 2 bloodline! A huge contrast to Felix\'s infrared vision.

After Felix saw that he was about to reach 20 meters from Visionary, he snapped his finger, creating a pitch-black bomb on top of his head.

Immediately after, he made it explode, engulfing him and the Crown!

Meliodas and the spectators all tilted their heads in confusion over his play.

They had no idea what he was aiming to achieve, as they were still able to see him with the Crown.

However, after seeing the clear confusion on Visionary\'s face, they were reminded of something...The large screen was displaying everything with an omnipotent vision!!

Meliodas turned it off in split second, and changed it to infrared vision, making the large screen display exactly what was appearing in Visionary\'s eyes.


The crowd immediately drew a deep breath in shock and awe at the sight before them.



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